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Here's a list of some notorious manic-depressives, and the "dirt" on some composers and musicians

Poets such as:

1. William Blake

2. John Keats

3. Percy Bysshe Shelley

4. Edgar Allen Poe

5. Emily Dickenson

6. Anne Sexton

7. Sylvia Plath

8. Virginia Woolf


9. Emile Zola

10. Mary Shelley

11. Leo Tolstoy

11. Maxim Gorky

12. Robert Louis Stevenson

Visual Artists

13. Michelangelo

14. Theodore Gericault

15. Edvard Munch

16. Paul Gaughin

17. Vincent van Gogh

18. Mark Rothco


19. Robert Schumann- Career ended in his mid-twenties; an invention which was to improve the flexibility of his hands instead ruined them. His unstable nature combined with a frenetic life resulted in his admittance to a privated asylum about two years before his death.

20. Maurice Ravel- emotional disorder, serious auto accident initialized a decline in his condition

21. Sergei Rachmaninoff- due to lack of inspiration, he produced his second piano concerto under hypnosis

22. Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky- his death was caused by self-induced arsenic, to avoid a homosexually related scandal

23. Gaetano Donizetti- Brain tumor leading to depression, paralysis, and periods of extreme insanity

24. Ludwig van Beethoven- arrested for being a peeping tom, when arrested he would yell, "You can't arrest me for I am the Immortal Beethoven." Upon searching his house police found feces spread all over the walls. Frequent alcoholism due to anxiety caused by deafness.

25. Niccolo Paganini- his music was so difficult that it was claimed he had entered into a pact with the devil deformity of the hand allowing him to stretch virtually anywhere on the violin without moving his hand

26. Eric Satie- Obsession with umbrellas (0ver two-hundred) superstition kept him from washing with soap, ostracized from army for standing outside naked in mid-winter

27. Gustav Mahler- driven from country due to anti-semitism, attitude of resignation and turning inward

28. Arturo Toscanini- legendary tantrums thrown in rehearsals

29. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- While being harrassed by Salieri, notorious alcoholism and anxiety

30. Carl Maria von Beethoven- attempted suicide

31. Percy Grainger- liked to write music, naked

32. Antonio Salieri- insane jealousy of Mozart, thought to have caused his death


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