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About the Author

Hello, My name is Melissa D. Maccarelli. I've been working on this topic for about five years. I love to hear about the real lives of people. I'm tired of hearing about our heroes in the history books. Do you know that Paul Revere was too drunk to finish his famous ride and a woman finished it for him? You get to learn the real truth in college.

Anyway, I'm a student at Florida Southern College where I am a music performance major. I play the piano and the violin and am a devout advocate of music. I believe that the inherently good properties of music should be shared and celebrated. This site was purely for entertainment and enlightenment, not to destroy the reputations of my favorite people. If you have any interesting stories to share or some suggestions for my site, don't hesitate to put them in my guestbook, or to e-mail them to me.'s been a year since I've visited my sight. I realize that my research is pretty far-fetched, and my argument is a little ridiculous. I will fix this soon and make this much more scholarly and legitimate. I promise. :) Thanks for visiting my site.