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Market Trend Forecast hot
10 October,2017

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Sunday July 05, 2004 3pm:
A new Market Trend in the making ....

Having been trading mixed and sideways approaching 2 months within the chart's rising wedge pattern, what is next?

16.May'04: Market Near To Bottom, Accumulate.

18.Apr'04: Medium Term turned BEARISH    11.Apr'04: BEWARE! Major Down Move soon.    11.Apr'04: Short Term BEARISH
21.Mar'04: SELL On Rally    13.Feb'04: Watch For Breakout Rally

4 Oct'03: Clear And Sharp Market Move Likely    28 Sept: Still sideways, but major market move in a week or two.    21 Sept: Market turned positive.    14 Sept: Not yet out of the wood.    7 Sept: BEWARE! Market Reversal Soon.    3 Sept: Market may rebound, but..    30 Aug: Sell on rally    28 Aug: Caution. Market selling prevails.    27 Aug: Market may rebound    24 Aug: Further upside, but..    17 Aug: The new BULL emerging    10 Aug: Major move soon. Bull or Bear?    19 July: Market In Consolidation.    16 July: Market Alert: More downside.    13 July: Rebound insight?    3 July: Take profit    29 June: Set to cross 700    22 June: Market May Rebound    16 June: Short Term Market Reversal    11 June: Sell On Rally    5 June: Breakout!    30 May: Take Profit    25 May'03: Accumulate On Dip

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MyKLSE Technical Analysis pick
Update: 9 MAY '04, 10pm Sun

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Maximising Stock Market Profit Through Technical Analysis, by Fred K. H. Tam P i c k
Investing in KLSE stocks and futures with Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, by Fred K. H. Tam P i c k

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