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My Pages

Buddhism & Meditation page
NEW! This site has links to Buddhism worldwide as well as the NKT
Gender Issues Page
This page has both academic and fun content.Links to feminism,girl power,masculinity,gender issues.Under construction.More links added for masculinities 5/6/98
Counselling,Hypnotherapy & Meditation
Links to theories of counselling,hypnosis,meditation and counselling practice tips
The Psychology Page
Links to pages on general psychology,work-based psychology,personality and social psychology
The Mental Illness Page
Links to pages on Prozac,antipsychiatry,psychiatry and disorders
The Sociology Page
Links to general sociology,cultural theory,postmodernity,Marx and some articles.
The Cyberspace Page
Links to general cyberspace,cyber identity,cyber culture and censorship
The Mindstuff Page
Links to consciousness,altered states,IQ and an article by Chris Brand
My Personal stuff
Music,film,tv,literature,Yorkshire and art
Pat's Irish Page
Ireland,Irish history,travel,literature and music
My Social History Dissertation
Feedback is welcome.New 22/5/98

Useful Links to the Social Sciences

The Dead Sociologist Society

Social Sciences Virtual Library
Sociological Research Online
Sociosite Going Dutch
Journal of Postmodern Culture
Bad Subjects Magazine A Journal of "left" thinking
Funny Science From Going Dutch

Other Links!!!

The Leeds Rhinos Homepage!!
Make your own hompage here

Hi everyone.My name is Patrick Macartney and I am a lecturer at the University of Leeds in Yorkshire in the UK. My interests include Rugby League,Im a Leeds RL fan ,the net ,reading and of course socialising. I had a homepage here before but it was lost due to a system crash,i didnt back it up!! There are now pages on Psychology,Sociology,Mindstuff and Cyberspace. I have added a page dedicated to the sociology of cyberspace which has links to other cyber sociologists and articles. A report should be online soon on attitudes towards censorship of webmasters.

The site will be having a total upgrade soon due to the changes in social media in the past few years so please check back January 2011 I have recieved a few comments that links are outdated or down,i plan to check and do an update of the site next month please email me the url of any down or problem sites.I have started to upgrade the pages and links (Oct 2003)

These pages was last updated on January 2011.

NEWS January 2011 Many changes in recent times so heres some updates My Social Media

My Facebook page

My Facebook Page.

NEWS October 2003

Heres links to some good websites

Silent Screams Poetry.
Poetry site run by my friend Natalie
Psychology papers Website.
an excellent resource for students.

Hi there folks, Sorry that the links have not being updated or refreshed recently, this is due to a very heavy work load. However the site will be updated in the next month so come back soon. New October 03. New images are on each page scroll down to see links etc. Thanks Patrick

If any links on these pages are outdated or "down"please email me.

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