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These are just a few of my thoughts...

good or bad..

They are things that are in my head..
The poems written were all
created out of
true feelings and heart-felt desires...
It is my sincere will,
to display them here to
allow anyone freely observe
and understand
the delicate nature of true emotions...

If there is a Poem That is One of Your Own,
And Would like to see it on My Site,
And Share it with others
Please feel free to Email it to Me
Along with Your Name
And I would gladly show it on My Site.

Please Enjoy!

Please can You be kind enough to sign My guest book?
I would like to know,
All Your thoughts about the Poetry on My Site.

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Personal Profile

Poem 1: Silent screams..Written By Me (Natalie)

Poem 2: Dieing Flame..Written By Me ( Natalie)

Poem 3: Whispers..WrittenBy Me (Natalie)

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Funny Quotes...Writen By Various People

Funny Quotes..2Written by Various People

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