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Practical Counselling Skills

There are very few sites offering information on the skills required for counselling. This could be due to the fact that training is needed.I would not advise attempting to counsel anyone without knowledge of the skills needed

Re-evaluation Counseling - Home Page
The Anxiety Panic internet resource (tAPir)
Topical Information:Peer Counselling Skills

Links to Counselling Sites(including theories)

Client Centred Counselling
Considerations When Responding to Questions and Requests In Client-Centered Therapy
Instructions for Beginning to Practice Client-Centered Therapy
From behaviorism to humanism
Client-Centered Therapy -What Is It? What Is It Not?
Short Description of Client-Centered Therapy
Rogers'Outline on Core of Personality
Matthew Ryan's index of papers on Client-Centered Therapy
Brief History of Carl Rogers
Barbara Brodley: A Client-Centered Psychotherapy
Jo Cohen's Paper on CCT
Nathaniel J. Raskin: The Development of Nondirective Therapy
Rogerian Rhetoric: An Alternative to Traditional Rhetoric
Carl Rogers:Where No Psychologist Went Before

Jungian Therapy
The Carl Jung Lecture:Introductory Psychology II
Lee H. Coleman's Jung Page
Carl Gustav Jung(1875-1961)
AstroWeb's Carl Gustav Jung Page
Archetypes As Defined By Carl Jung
Three major themes of Jungian Psychology
Jung on the Net
Explore Jungian Psychology
C. G.Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture
Jung's Theory on Dreams
The C.G. Jung Index
Carl Jung: Anthology

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Albert Ellis Institute
What is REBT?
Using REBT to Control Anger
Cognitive Therapy FAQ
The CBT Web Site
Basics of Cognitive Therapy(MindStreet)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Priniciples of Treatment
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy(Sommers)
The Center for Cognitive Therapy
Depression - Treatment
Psychosocial & Cognitive Therapy Research

Transactional Analysis Therapy
Transactional Analysis in Ireland
Integrated Transactional Analysis
The International Transactional Analysis Association
History of Eric Berne

Personal Construct Therapy
PCP research group at the University of Wollongong
PCP research at the University of Barcelona (Spanish)
Psychotherapy Section at St.George's Hospital, University of London
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences
Oikos, Italian PCP Site
Enquire Within

Links to Hypnosis & Meditation Sites

Hypnosis sites
Hypnosis in the U.K:A great site . It contains a lot of useful information about hypnosis in U.K
The hypnosis in the media page:
Hypnosis homepage:
Szele's World Wide Hypnosis Links:
The national Guild of hypnotist
NBCCH main page:
ABCs of self hypnosis
Hypnosis and self hypnosis de-mystifyed:
Hypnosis,health and happiness:
Mid state hypnosis:
Betty Erickson's self hypnosis techniques
Hypnosis Headquaters:
Self Hypnosis First:
Self Hypnosis:

Meditation sites
Meditation For Beginners
Meditation Biography
Meditation FAQs
The Mystery of Meditation
Perception on Subtle Realms
Unstructured Meditation
Inspiration is the In Breath of Spirit
Institute for the Scientific Study of Meditation
Mind Empowerment Technique
Shambhala- Buddhist meditation
Surat Shabd Yoga - Sant Mat Inner Light and Sound Meditation
Vipassana Meditationtaught by S.N. Goenka.
Usenet - alt.meditationA discussion of meditation.
Buddist Sites
Madhyamaka Centre
The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Yahoo's Buddhism links

I practice both Counselling & Hypnotherapy as well as teaching.I also have an interest in meditation and the Buddhist way of life. I do not do Counselling on the net,but I will guide anyone seeking help to appropriate organisations. I practice counselling and hypnotherapy here in Leeds,the first interview is free.If interested email me at the address below. This is a new page under construction.
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