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New Year Message by PP Dadaji Maharaj on January 1, 1999

Dadaji Maharaj

Change is inevitable in this physical and material world. The year 1998 has passed and the new year has set in today. In this changing world, Hazur Maharaj Radhasoami Data Dayal appeared and provided solace and established the eternal current of love and devotion that has not changed; rather it has become more intensified in the year 1998. We have participated in Centenary Celebrations at Hazuri Bhawan, Pipal Mandi, Agra and observed the beacon of love, light and the sound current developed through devotion in the Holy Feet of Sant Satguru. Radhasoami Satsang was established in 1861 by PPPD Soamiji Maharaj at the request of PPPD Hazur Maharaj. We have found a new path to exercise control over the mind and desires through the practice of love and devotion towards the Holy Feet of Sant Satguru.

PP Dadaji Maharaj gave the message of the New Year to all Satsangis today, on January 1st 1999 at the Holy Samadh of PPPD Hazur Maharaj. All Satsangis are required to love PPPD Hazur Maharaj; to read and study the books on PPPD Hazur Maharaj; to understand the values discussed by Him and practice the behaviour of a true Satsangi which is clearly enunciated in the Holy Books of Radhasoami Faith and recently described and discussed again in the last two months during Phase I and II of the Centenary Celebration. Hazuri Love and Mercy showered upon Satsangis is a permanent treasure and must be preserved in the hearts of every Satsangi. The glimpses, the Swaroop, Leela and Bilaas, in Hazuri Bhawan during the last year were unique and unparalleled. The memory of the same is enough to provide Satsangis with protection and security from the bad company of materialistic individuals and worldly sorrow and grief. PPPD Hazur Maharaj has created a caste less community based on love and affection to which we have and we must adhere and maintain the bond with attention and care. A Satsangi has no other wish but to regularly experience the bliss that was bestowed upon him.

There are lots of problems in this world and new problems keep arising. Individuals face them and experience grief and sorrow as they are not able to find solutions. PPPD Hazur Maharaj has provided solutions to all the problems that were raised and even to the problems that we face today and expect in future. He founded the doctrine and philosophy of Radhasoami Faith which is full and final and most relevant even in today's materialistic world. Radhasoami Mat Darshan is a philosophy of love and devotion. Life styles of individuals must change and should be based on Hazur's philosophy.

The scientists, sociologists, politicians and leaders are worried today about the mankind and future of the world in 21st Century as the development of material knowledge and science during the present century has failed to provide solutions for the sufferings and distress of humanity. Sant Satguru, Hazur Radhasoami Dayal was also worried and provided Radhasoami Mat for bringing-in the changes to the life style. The knowledge and science must come second to love and devotion. He nurtured dependence on Radhasoami Naam. It was His weapon for general safety and security. He emphasized on regular practice of Surat-Shabd-Yog for internal upliftment. Radhasoami is thus the companion, the technique and the mission (mitra, mantra aur siddh).

Although the great strides have been made in the development, diversification and decentralisation in all forms of sciences during twentieth century, a lot of stress has generated in everyday life. The present generation is finding it almost impossible to meet the present and future challenges.

PP Dadaji Saheb Maharaj emphasizes that the memories of grace, mercy and benevolence must prevail in the hearts of Satsangis and appear in their behaviour particularly during this year. We have lots of challenges and therefore we must prepare ourselves to welcome and greet Radhasoami Data Dayal in the form of Emperor of the Emperors (Shahenshahi Chola) in the coming century. The Bhakti dhar (current of love and devotion) initiated in the nineteenth century has grown tremendously and is more intense now and is the beacon of light for the suffering humanity. The devotees have to practice seriously for cultivating eternal love. It will be possible through the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yog and dependence on Prema-Bhakti to meet the challenges. Only the philosophy of love can be the guiding force in the next millennium.

The Prem dhar and the Bhakti dhar is uninterrupted and blooming at Hazuri Bhawan. The Sant Satguru has shown the path, practised it and established the flame in hearts of the satsangis which will ever bloom and provide solace and bliss to the mankind in general and satsangis in particular. The beauty of this flame is that it does not burn and sacrifice the beholder but strengthens the love current and spreads the bliss and mercy of Hazur Data Dayal. In the closing words of His Excellency, "I wish all of you fond memories of Hazur Maharaj and lots of uninterrupted love."

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