Hello and Welcome to...

My Reading Room!

Here you will find four web sites
that I have enjoyed building just
pick one of the titles below to
begin your journey

I hope you will find something to
share with others and a memory or
two for yourself
God bless you.
With love, Shirley Busby
aka SJ15 and Happy-Dancin

My Place In The Sun

This is my first Web site where I share
my love for the oceans, lighthouses,
all things of the lake and sea and
My own personal writings

You can also enjoy the poetry of a
friend of mine, Dan Crenshaw, aka...

Happy Dancin's Place

I had a lot of fun doing this web site!
It's full of Midi sites, Great
backgrounds and graphic links.
Check out the Dance Floor and
how about checking out Happy
Dancin's F-Keys?

Don't miss,
Top Of The Chart where you can
visit some of my friends websites!

"Then Came The Light"

This site has Inspirational pages from my
personal prayer journal and holds my
testimony and some of the paths
I walked.

Some good, some not so good,
yet it has been a journey that lead me to
where I am today and who I am today.

I hope you will visit this one and meet
the Man that saved my life!

God bless you and yours,
SJ Busby

You can e-mail me at: