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Hello and welcome to Happy Dancin's Place!
I love having company. You will find fresh
coffee, iced tea, or your favorite
soft drink

There is always plenty to snack on
while you are here, and lots of ice cream for
kids of all ages, so help yourselves!

If we run out of something drop me a note and
I will be sure to have it on hand the next time
you drop by!

There's always something going
on at Happy's! So sit back and enjoy your visit.

On "Top Of The Charts" you will find some
wonderful LINKS to sites that have won my Awards!

On the "Dance Floor" you will find some
cool links to some of my favorite sites for
midis and Real Audio,and most of all you will
enjoy the music!

Most of the pages that you will find here
are my personal writings. I hope you will find
one or two to your liking.

I write what is in
my heart, some are prayers, or sharing part of my
childhood memories. Most are given to me during
my quite time with God.

I would love to hear from you. It is always
nice to hear from people around the world. I
hope you will enjoy your visit at Happy Dancin's
and please come back often.

"Life is a special gift,
unwrap it with loving care"

Have a wonderful time and I hope to see your
footprints on the path that leads back to
Happy~Dancin's again, and next time bring
a friend! Now, come join me! If you are
ready then let's do a little..."Happy
Dance" and be on our way!

Oh, I almost forgot!

There are two things that I ask of you
Have fun and remember this address so you
can come back again!

Finding peace through God's
Word is what I enjoy the most. Among these
pages you will find some inspirational pages
I wrote. I hope you will share them with your
family and friends

I have met many who are not a shame to share
God's Word. We are scattered throughout
the world, each doing what we can, to share
His love, joy and hope for all mankind.

You may feel that what you do is not important
but the talents and spiritual gifts He has
given you, "fits You like a glove!" And only

you can help others with what He has given
and by passing on your gifts, you are blessing
others by sharing His grace, peace, hope,
joy and most of all His love and in return,
you are the one that get blessed.

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I was adopted at the age of 7 and I have
searched many years for my birth parents
and my brother.

I'm happy to add this ribbon to my home
pages. Please take a few minutes to
visit the site and if you would like to
display one of these ribbons on your
E-mail page or homepage you can
get that information there.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


I have found my birth family!
With the help of my youngest daughter,
Sandra, my son Robert and a very dear
friend, Bonnie! I have talked with two
of my cousins in IL and plan a trip
there later this Summer! It has been,
52 years since I have seen any of my
birth family, but I never gave up! I
believe that God would bring us back
together when the time was right. Faith
is the key, never doubt the power of faith!

Trust in our Lord and He will never fail
you! God bless you and yours.


Just to let my online friends know what
has been going on since I met my birth
family, I made the trip to IL and met with
four of my cousins! What an awesome meeting
that was for all of us! I now am in touch by
phone at least twice a month with them.

Around the end of October 2006 I heard from
my brother Cecil, and also able to speak
with a second brother, Steve, that I knew
nothing about! I have another brother,
David, but as of now I have been unable to
get him on the phone. Lord, thank You
for the many blessings I have received from You
during my life!


My brother, Steve passed away in 2011 and just a few
months ago, this year, my youngest brother, Cecil died.
I miss both of them very much. Cecil and I were close and
it is very hard on his wife, Alice. We do keep in
touch, and I do know that Cecil thinks I should call
her more often. And I have started doing that. At first,
it was hard for both of us. But, we still have our cries
together and know that he is in a better place.

Our time upon this Earth is short, compared to all Eternity
Spend as much time with your loved ones as you can. And with
your friends, don't let little disagreements come between you.
Remember, it is okay to agree to disagree and still be friends.

Always be true to your family, and friends...never use them, or
manipulate them. They are not your puppets, or carbon copies of
you. Like you, each of them, are one of a kind, and God created each
of us that way. Each is Special, with gifts that are given by God
to help all people in this World. No one person is to be used by
another, ever.

This website and all writings are by Shirley J. Busby, (AKA Happy~Dancin
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Aug. 2001 and last updated, September 30 2012

Shirley Busby

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