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The Book of Hope

   Do you ever drive by a cemetery and want to pray for the deceased and especially for those close to you?   And are there so many that you can't remember them all or just don't have time to pray for them all?  Well, what I and all of my Catechism Students have done since 1989, is to write all the names of our deceased loved ones in a book I keep, and we call this book "The Book of Hope".  Then whenever we want to pray for our loved ones, we simply pray for all those in the Book of Hope.  The added benefit is that we are also praying for everyone else's loved ones at the same time.   So my loved ones and their loved ones can get many times the prayers they would normally get.

    Well I've decided to bring that concept to the Computer Age.   My Book of Hope is now on the internet and I invite you to add your loved ones to the list and maybe we'll have hundreds or maybe even thousands of people praying for our loved ones daily.
Simply scroll down to the submission form and enter your names in....

The Book of Hope


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Our Lady's Prayers for Souls Prayer of St Gertrude the Great
My First Christmas in Heaven And God Said....
Its in the Valleys I Grow Coping with a Loved Ones Suicide

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Aunt Marie & Aunt Azelie Matt Leroy Angelle's Daughter
Agnes' Son Amy Tangy Louviere Amos 8/27/1995
Ted Ardoin 11/04/1999 Mr & Mrs Robert Arnaud Hilda Adamy 9/6/99
Don Adamy 07/06/99 Earl Adams Marc Adams
Aborted Babies of a Family Member Holly Lea Adams 12/18/02 Eves Autin 7/31/02
All Deceased in the Family Ronald Curtis Achee (31) 5/28/63 "Daddy" Julie Altazan Achee (60) 6/19/93 "Mama"
Ronald Achee Darrell Lee Anderson 2/21/99 Obia Amsden (44) 7/26/02
Wilbur Ardoin All Souls in Purgatory Joseph Amrein
Louis Altazan, Sr James Arceneaux Helena Aksienow
Aleksander Aksienow Rosa Bell Breaux Abshire William C Archer (70) 3/13/03
Jeannette Ackerson Myrtle Ackerson C.C. Taddy Aycock
Hanna Anderson Ramona R Ambrose (Dardar) 1/15/03 Matthew Arnold (26) 6/08
Lewanna Artman (50) 10/11/08 Nola Gilbert Arsement (66) 04/02/82 Michael "Mike" Blaise Arsement (44) 12/03/03
Blaise Arsement (85) 02/22/00 Willis Jean (Willie) Arsement (53) 08/13/87 Donna Marie Arsement (Infant)
Robert Marlon (Shag) Anthony (72) 01/07/08 All Arsement & Arcement & Arsemont Family Members Leona Vaughn Daigle Arsement
Volcar & Selma Gros Arsement Hayden Alleman Vinton "Pete" & Louise Leger Arsement
Anthony "Tony" & Hazel Arsement Clyde & Ezide Roberts Arsement Susie Ann & Lisa (infant) Arsement
Gerald Arsement Pavie "Bim" & Mela Broussard Arsement Claude & Alfredia Falcon Arsement
Clairville Sr & Loula Arceneaux Arsement Alfred & Beulah Guidry Arsement Walter & Mela Arsement Arceneaux
Volcar Jr "June" & Rosalie Richard Arsement George Artigue L.J. Arsement
Eula Matte Artigue Nick Arsement Leroy Arsement
Clairville Cyprien Arsement Jr Lionel Arsement Leo Arsement
Doris Arsement Nedra Arsement Bertha Arsement
Wilmer Arsement Eron & Bernice Bernard Arceneaux Pearly Chassion Arsement
Raoul Paul Arsement Sr Raoul Paul Arsement Jr Hilton Paul Arcement
Donald Auzeene Dolly Arsement Nadine Kaupu Arabie (30) 08/10/10
John Ancona 09/29/09 James Arceneaux 05/13/99 Lorrie Drozin Ardoin Sr 07/09/75
Dorothy Mary Hebert Ardoin 05/22/2000 Harold Angelle Rusty Angelle
Danielle Deah Hebert Allen 05/25/08 Ryan Paul Aymond Jr  07/16/11 Hazel Bourque Alleman
Curlis Alleman Arsement "4 Baby Angels" Richard Abshire
Lorrie D Ardoin Sr Dorothy M Ardoin Clemence Alphonse
Ronald Curtis Atchee 1963 Lennis Joseph Allemand (86) 10/16/17 Kenneth Lee Abshire
David Abshire    

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Danny Blanchard (35)  03/20/1992 Lou Ella Blanchard (66) 11/02/1999 David "Hanks" Blanchard (4610/09/01
Katherine Blanchard Samuel Roy Blanchard (89) 05/28/2017 Alberie Blanchard
Uncle Joe Boudreaux Mary Bonner Mable Boudreaux
Byron B. All Bishops in Purgatory Octavie "Mimmit" Blanchard (89) 08/21/1992
Kenneth Broussard Ernest "Red" Blanchard Ricky Begnaud
Ernie Blanchard Johnny Burleigh Brooke & Brother
Baby Brittany John Beasley Inez Bourque
Mrs Arthur Broussard 40 Jerry Bucher Joseph Broussard
Ladaodis Broussard Ralph Bradsseaux Keltner Bradsseaux
Chris Babin Claude Blakely Sr. Cornelia Blakely
John Bordeaux 42 (04/18/51) Mabel Bacque Bordeaux (78) 1/12/92 Leonce Bordeaux
Robert Bordeaux Pressley Bordeaux Laura Bordeaux
Eli Richard Bordeaux Nannette Bordeaux Louis Ferdinand Bordeaux
Louve Bordeaux Laura Mire Bordeaux Wilson Bordeaux
Mr & Mrs Challie Bacque Henry Bacque Emelie Broussard Bacque
Mrs Bill Blackburn Kerney P Broussard 64 (10/4/84) Evelyn Broussard
Clea B Broussard Simeon Broussard 89 (2/9/85) Constance B Broussard
Loyce Broussard 49 (08/24/81) Sosthene & Melicia Broussard Errol Brent Broussard
Desire & Elizabeth Broussard Elza & Lena Bertrand Emily R. Boudreaux (2/9/01)
Edmond P Babin (1990) Bill Daisy Blanchard (69) 10/31/01
Dr Ferdie Bordeaux Rome Bordeaux Estelle Bordeaux
Baby Bordeaux Dickie Bordeaux Lala Bacque
TGus Bacque Odon Bacque Msgr. Tibert Bacque
Treville Bacque Baby Bacque Eiza Bertrand
Lena Bertrand Olinie L Brazen Joseph Richard Becnel
Steven Randall Becnel (18) 08/74 Lucuis Babineaux Keith Boatwright 4/17/96
Christina Boatwright 01/01 Glen Boatwright Jillian Boudreaux (18) 2/12/02
Mable Bacque Bordeaux Delma Gaffney Bacque Marie Antoinette Bacque
Brandt Broussard (18) Joshua Adam Billiot (15) 11/29/02 Joseph E Breaux (71) 11/23/02
Norman Breaux Brandt J Broussard Tony Bonnell
Brandon Blanchard (17) 07/27/03 George Beucher Michael Baird
Herb Brooks Steven James Billiot (02/03) Wendy Ann Billiot (02/03)
Cyntha Bushnell Vanderbelt Bushnell Bill H.
Bill L. Bob L. Fr Biller
Chad Bellanger (19) 09/09/84 Ulysse Buck Broussard (87) 3/5/73 Bill Brogan 5/2/92
Althea Provost Broussard 08/26/83 Richard Brickley Betty
Stephen P Broussard 04/24/04 Trisha Bellanger (13) 5/3/04 Bert & Lula Broussard
Travis, John, Tina Broussard Travis & Lillian Broussard Francis W Broussard (53) 6/13/04
Boe Bernadet Bourgois Ronnie Brazan 1/16/02
Ida LeBlanc Broussard Francis Broussard Marie Breaux
Richard "Tootie" Breaux Louis F Brazan Jr 12/7/81 Brian Brock
Courtney Bowers 12/07/03 Charles Anthony "Zeke" Brazan (72) 3/4/2005 John Irvin Beall Sr
Elza and Lena Bertrand Billie Buryachka 3/1/05 Courtney Bowers
Alfred Blakely Jr II 03/05/92 Alfred Blakely Jr III 3/5/92 Darrell "Black" Blanchard (76) 08/27/05
Diana Bowden (18) 10/13/05 Beatrice Lucille Brawley (77) 1/28/02 Noland Bordelon (60) 9/7/89
Melonie Broussard Camille Broussard Clarence Broussard
George Broussard Artimese Broussard Amelia Broussard
CharlesBroussard Curtis Joseph Breaux, Jr. 4/24/67 Leslie J Bellanger (65) 1/19/06
Francis W Broussard Trey Burge (18) 10/7/90 Paul Bourque
Chad Byrd Ricky Lee Bourque (17) 2/26/00 Bobby Lee Blanchard
Merlyn Broussard Junior (Pop Pop) Bourgeois Rachael Broussard
Brad Baudoin II Calvin Boudreaux Alex Bernhardt (25) 10/19/76
Witold Bernhardt Maria Bernhardt Mark Broussard (49) 7/3/06
Pat Brown 2004 Earl Brown Jr. 1996 Dudley Boullion
Theodore Broussard Lorena Broussard Fanny Baydien
Joey Balfa Francis W Broussard Brayden Breaux (5) 12/29/06
Jillian Boudreaux Ralph Lee Biby 11/20/05 Eleanor Chaisson Boudreaux (1916-1997)
Sidney J Boudreaux (1911 - 1977) Evelyn Bergeron Wayne Bingham
Milton Breaux Michael Byers Broussard Baby
Harris J Broussard (87) 02/02/08 Clifton P Broussard (42) 2/13/05 J.O. Broussard
Jules Broussard Uncle Bob Burke (62) Aug 19th Gary Miles Bordelon (47) 1/26/08
William J Broussard Curley Bernard (78) 3/16/09 Michelle Bernard (42)
Patricia Burns Becnel Ronnie Brazan Shannon Babineaux
Joseph Dane Bananno (21) 08/13/09 Harris J Broussard Marcel Baudoin
Nora Borel Claude Bienvenu Lilly Boullion
Wilmer Boullion Alvin "White" Blanchard (77) 11/21/09 Phillip Joseph Bertucci
Stacie Lynn Boudreaux (20) 05/22/98 Clint Blanchard Phil Joseph Baer 2001
Phil Roy Baer 08/09/04 Shirley Broussard Broussard (62) 07/31/04 Saundra Jean (Sandie) Broussard (59) 04/18/04
Karen Broussard Brasseaux Mr. & Mrs. Dupre Broussard Leonie Richard Babineaux
Steven J Broussard Judge Allen Maurice Babineaux Effie Mae Benoit
Adolph Babineaux Debbie Smith Boudreaux 09/24/06 Eunice Breaux
May Breaux Benton Breaux Clefford Noah Barlett
All Boudreaux Family members All Babineaux Family members Brad Bellot
All Breaux Family members Patrick Broussard Donald Boute
Mr & Mrs Sterling Boutte Steven & Hazel Boutte Boudreaux Paula "Poonie" Broussard
Howard & Sybil Gilbert Broussard Louis Boutte Dolores F Bex 2008
Kerney P Broussard  10/04/85 Simeon Broussard 02/09/97 Evelyn D Broussard 03/30/96
Clea B Broussard 01/08/90 Betty Broussard Zulma & Batson Boudreaux
Karen Boudreaux Olinie Brazan Norris & Annette Boquet
Florence Olivia Broussard (91) 12/20/10 Streeter (Coonie) Broussard Trisha Ann Bellanger
Willard Anthony Briggs Jr. (78) 06/22/11 Lillie Mae Arceneaux Broussard (85) 12/19/10 John Howard Broussard
Conrad Breaux (81) 04/20/11 Camille Robert Borne Marie Myers Borne
Camille Alyse "Punkie" Begnaud (3) 06/26/11 Alfred Blakely (3) 03/05/92 Dave Besse
Raymond  Besse Lee Boudreaux Lydia Boudreaux
Elma Bergeron Hazel Breaux Eddie Breaux
Wiltz Broussard Linda (Cookie) Carlin Boudreaux Brady Brignac
Joseph Milton (Joe) Brignac Hazel Breaux Oct 2011 Curtis Breaux Jr Apr 1967
J.G. Ken Broussard Myrtis G Broussard Johnny Broussard
M/M Otto Broussard Sable Broussard Reynold Broussard
Eddie Broussard Joshua Spencer Baudoin 02/03/08 Kiley Begnaud (40) 05/19/12
Joseph Dane Bananno Oscar Broussard Amy Broussard
Christopher Burzyinski Mayci Breaux (21) 07/23/15 Harvey James Broussard (73) 01/04/16
Lucille Landry Boudreaux (89) 02/19/16 Warren Blanchard (84) 05/01/08 Gladys Blanchard (86) 09/18/14
Fred Broussard Sandie Jean Broussard Darlan Ray Benoit (78) 11/27/18
Rev Joe Breaux (76) 03/05/2019 John Carrol Bergeron Sr (71) 08/02/19 Linda Faye Guidry Bellfy (68) 03/29/2020
Gerald Joseph Blanchard (81) 07/15/2020 Gertrude Boudreaux (80) 11/09/2020 John Boudreaux (68) 7/9/21
Dwayne Billiot (62) 12/07/21 Georgie Romero Blakely (85) 01/02/2022 Annie R Bourgeois Blanchard (86) 01/20/2022
Terry Beisser (76) 02/02/2022 Ruth Barzare (85) 11/22/22  

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Cousin (murdered) David Cormier Cheryls Mom
Richard Comeaux Sr Allison Castex Carrol
Len Comeaux David Comeaux Robbie Chance
Aunt Claudia Coach Don's Two Babies Chris
Lydia Cohron Amos Conner Betty Clostio 
Ida Clostio Claudia B Chashire Kenneth Comeaux 4/94
Helen Churilla (80) Jon Chodaba Oct 1970 Jane Chodaba 1985
B.C. Clardy Kanethia Coleman (12)  7/14/2002 Azema Courmier
Archie Courmier Dorise Cormier Emery Courmier
Piotr Chodaba (77) 03/01 Gilbert Courtois Timothy Courtois Jr
Cal Carson Alice Mom Charles Don Lemelle Charles
Thomas Edwin Cooper (20) 02/08/01 Betty Clostio 5/9/99 David Canistra
Niki Cranfill (13) 08/22/03 Theis Critten 2003 Judy Carson
Ky Chris (27) 10/08/03 Dovie Riser Richard Chambers (54) 2/1/79 Kip Cormier
Uncle Coonie Clara Boudreaux Caruso (74) 1/7/02 Johnny Caruso Jr (75) 12/28/02
Tabatha Caruso (11 hrs) 05/20/69 Jo Anne Cullen 1/31/80 Poony Cone
Paul O Choate Rosa Broussard Choate Courtney Carroll 7/9/90
Ben Carmichael Joey Cormier Doris Canon
Kevin Comeaux Dorthy T Cox (79) 4/11/04 James Chenier Sr 3/26/05
David Paul Chenevert Doreen W Chenevert Oren Paul Chenevert
Jo Anne Cullen Joseph David Cullen Paul Joseph Chandler (54) 10/21/05
Irene Chaisson Jules Chaisson Richard Cunningham
Reynaldo de Castro 07/26/87 Crystal Candela Mr & Mrs Cleve Stien
Father Charles Rachael A. Choate Loretta Cormier
Brently Champagne Michelle Constant 7/19/93 Alan Cheramie
Parrah Alan Cheramie Niki Cranfill Glen Clark
Elvira Chamarro Claby F Carmouche' Robert C Carmouche' Sr
Robert C Carmouce' Jr. Eleanor Carmouche' Octavia Carmouche'
Dennis Carmouche' John Norbert Conque 10/05 Linsy Marie Chauffe
Tan Guan Chay Auring Co Tai San Co
Owen Paul Chenevert Doreen W Chenevert Nina Faye Christy Nov 98
Edesse Credeur May 2007 Carolyn S Comeaux Andrew Chritianson
Kirk Peters Comeaux Gawain Courmier Kim Cloyd
Lillian Hugghins Chance Troy Wayne Chance Marshall F Chance 2008
Frank Robert Chance Eleanor Kathryn Guillory Chain (85) 03/22/09 Marion Dennis Chain Jr (70) 02/08/90
Mildred "Shorty" Calais Sharon Alexander-Carter 08/28/09 Rachel Ann Choate
Brandon Cheramie Dennis Edward Chain (62) 11/3/09 Marion Cormican (80) 09/13/02
Rosetta Cormican (79) 02/08/02 Alice Charles Thomas Charles
Lionel Charles Joann Carhart Myrtle Cormier
Louis Clyde Credeur Anthony A Comeaux 10/07 Patricia G Comeaux 10/08
John Allen Credeur (72) 03/20/10 Shirley Mae Arsement Credeur (76) 07/08/07 J.B. & Aline Lognion Comeaux
Ernest Comeaux Emerson Comeaux Daniel Comeaux
Robert & Stella Capdepon John Frederick "Pop" Comeaux 04-14-10 Warren D Cormican 03/02/09
LeBrandis Batiste Collins (29) 07/06/10 Ashley Janice Coleman (33) 08/07/10 Eleanor Kathryn Chain 03/22/09
Dennis Edward Chain 2009 Richard H Chenevert (80) 03/03/10 Louis Credeur 04/27/02
Hilton Clark Augustine Colligan Sandra Colligan
Louise Colligan John Clark Mary Clark
Alroy Colligan Albert Colligan William Clark
Lena Clark Louis Colligan (Lula) Louella Clark
Clomas Clark Ned Comeaux Cecile Landry Comeaux
C.J. 03/04/11 John Cole Niki Cranfill
Alton "TePoon" J Champagne (82) 06/09/13 Marcia Menard Colvin (61) Nita Conner
Chase Cormier Adam Conkey (13) 07/02/99 Philome Codada
Shirley Fournet Chappuis (90) 03/18/16 Ronnie Chriceol Wayne Chriceol
Walter Chriceol Rogers Courville Shane Castille (65) 08/14/19
Leland Crochet Virgil Page "Ted" Clark Jr (91) 10/15/19 Marian G Comeaux (71) 08/05/20
Shane Comeaux 01/29/2021 Celia Trevino Camacho (95) 08/10/2021 Joe Courville 08/23/2021
Val John Champagne (65) 10/25/21 Christopher Anthony Collins (23) 04/30/2022  

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Aunt Denise Deacons in Purgatory Jimmy Domengeaux
Henry Denais Danniels' Father Adley Dupuis
Uncle David Cousin David Dad
Mr & Mrs Ora Dartez Ena Duhon Celine Dore'
Lully Dore' Mr & Mrs Elmore Dore' Velvain Dore'
Mr & Mrs Nolan Duhon John Dartez (67) 05/27/2000 Amanda Dupuis (3) 09/25/91
Barbara Davis Murphy Domengeaux (76) 01/25/02 Gwen Swanner Dugger (24) 5/30/86
Chris Dwayne Dupre Willie Denais (41) 07/25/02 Dayanne Denning (43) 9/21/02
Dugger Jimmy Dartez Florence Deshotels 9/9/92
Richard Davidson Lillian Broussard Dore' Dorris and Dorothy
John "Jack" Davis C.D Duhe Marie E Dengler 3/15/72
Joseph P Dengler 03/12/55 Joseph Clarence Deshotels 12/15/90 Theresa Sarver Deshotels 1/27/76
Rosalee Deshotels Guillory Louise Deshotels Rose Deshotels
Ortelia Marie Pitre Deshotels Jean Baptiste Deshotels Joseph Dwight Deshotels
F.F. "Butch" Deshotels Robert Dale Egbert Deshotel
Genevive Dempster D.J. Dempster Jillian Danos (Infant) 7/22/04
Paul Irvin Ducotey Yvonne Deshotel Floyd Dugas
Ida Dugas Hazard Dugas Jason Duhon (30) 12/31/04
Larry Duhon (52) 04/17/05 Barbara Dunn 3/22/01 Dalia 05/03/85
Oren Doxey Ella Mae Gilbert Duhon Adless Duhon
John Allen Deshotels Sr Gregory Berchman Deshotels Bernadette Conolly Deshotels
Verna Schexnider Dugas Sidney Raine Duhon Mason Dale Duhon
Remy Louis Duhon Marcus Dupont Francis Anthony Domengeaux (96)
Ron Duplichan Ermestine Dural Edgar J Dauphin
Ed C Dauphin Bruce Dauphin Allen Dauphin
Marion Green Dauphin Verdie Dartez (72) 6/14/07 Jessie Marie Davis (26) 6/14/07
Elwood P Dartez (76) 09/03/07 Leticia Dy Bruce Clinton "Tommy" Deitz (46)  1981
Nita Bergeron Deitz Mike Deville Finney Doge
William Dowing Jr David Layne Denning (48) 5/1/08 Ernestine Dural
Wayne James Dartez (56) 05/18/09 All Doucet Family Members Paul E & Gladys Richard Dronet
Theophile & Mazie Hayes Domingue Claude & Della Leblanc Doucet Relia Matt Doucet
Jeannie Daniels Jeanie Dane Robin Gayle Desormeaux (27) 08/27/09
Evelyn Duhon (infant) Ulysse Dugas Barry Dupuis
Ignace Doucet Dianne "Dee" Douvio 05/99 Vic & June Dupuis
Fred Dupre Inez Lognion Benoit Duhon All Didier Family members
Paul & Gladys Dronet Clyde Didier Sr Gary Didier
Jeffrey Devillier George Duhon Chester & Billie Duhon
All d'Entremont Family members Ernestine Dural Cory Michael Derouen (33) 05/02/10
Dusty Rene Derouen (infant) 12/30/81 George Derouen Charlotte Andrea Domingue (52) 04/30/10
Cynthia "Queenie" Faulk David (63) 08/11/10 Carl "Pete" Darbonne (69) 06/14/09 Steven L Dupont (20) 10/24/10
Thomas Detwiler Krista Dennis 07/02/06 Robbie Dodge
Melba Axtell Deballion Manette Daboval Garland Daigle
Liverda Marie Domingue "Taunte" (65) 10/22/2011 Gwen Swanner Dugger Judy Duddleston
Earl Domangue Kenny Dennis Pat Dennis
Chris Ducote James Roy Ducote Garland Daigle
Beverly "Billie" Davenport Michael James Dore Maureen McFerrin Devillier 05/28/2019
Naresh "Nash" Dhorajiwala 2020 Patrick "Pat" Domingues (82) 4/12/21 Lonnie Deslatte (53)  06/16/21
Ed "Sonny" DeVillier (69) 05/18/22 Jason David Dorr (51) 5/22/22 Sherry James Duhon (86) 9/30/22
Samantha Michelle Dugas (23) 10/4/22    

"E"    Back

Emilys Grandmother & Great Aunt Bruce English Loretta Eber
Roland Evans Suzanne (nee Holloway) Eaton Thomas Einshoulf (46) 3/29/04
Adam Ernest Theodore Ernest Gary Eugene Engelhardt (60) 10/10/07
Stacie Lynn Endelhardt Anna Marie Ewalt 5/18/07 (miscarriage) Susan Leblanc Evans
George Evans Sonia Evans Tom East Jr
Thomas Marc East III Helen Robicheaux East Tom Sr & Laurence Guidry East
Trinty Edwards Vickie Gautreaux Escude' (53) 02/20/11 Jeremiah Escude'
Fred Ellender Ethel Ellender Frere Emile
Randy Ebarb 06/11/1978    

"F"    Back

Mr Farlse PaPa Fells Donald Flory
Fayes Mom David Fontenot Michael Fontenot
Fannie Otis G Ferguson 12/15/2001 Sammy Forbes
Willy Forbes Jessie Forbes Benjamin Ferguson
Steven Frazier (18) 01/13/97 Floyd Friedman 2/02 Pat Flavin (62)10/23/83
Charles Fiffick Steven Fiffick Joseph Fiffick
Rev John Fiffick Andrew Fiffick Sr Johanna Fiffick
Mary Froehlich Lee Froehlich Catherine Fiffick
Kathryn Fiffick Mary Fiffick Theodore Fiffick
John Fiffick Msgr Finn Wayne Forbes
Marion Fiffick Yodie Fontenot Joe Foster
Sidonie Marie "Nan" Falgoust Theresa Guillory Fontenot Barbara Deshotels Fontenot
George Clifford Frazier Percy "Mr Ray" Flannagan Tony Fusilier
Russell Todd Fontenot George Foreman 81 (1992) Ida Foreman
Charlie Foreman Laura Foreman 88 (2/26/05) Willard Wayne Foreman Sr
Delson Fontenot (72) 09/01/05 Francis Fontenot (55) 6/12/89 John Robert Fox
Anna E Fiffick Andrew Theodore Fiffick, Sr Andrew T Fiffick, Jr
Louise Kufel Fiffick John Robert Fiffick Helen Kaswara Fiffick
Emil J Fiffick Ethel Fiffick Bopp Lena Fox
Redvers Bular Fox Cheryl Marie Babineaux Fusilier 3/25/94 Roicy Lee Fusilier 7/25/97
Tonya Theresa Fusilier 03/09/81 Mark Friou Easton Foreman
Lucy Foreman Leroy Foreman June Foreman
Lenward Frederick Charles Fontenot (65) Jackie Faulk
Felix Falgout Anna Falgout Bishop Gerard L Frey (93) 08/16/07
Steve Fillinch Flo Jason Fontenot
Shellie Frederick Bruce Fallon Robert William Fontenot (67) 01/24/10
Emma Mehal Fabacher Luke Damian Fabacher Isabel "Abing" Buenaseda Fernandez (76) 09/05/09
Armando "Manding" Fernandez Sr. Dorothy (Dot) Doucet Foreman Norma Farrell
Roland & Dorothy Meaux Faulk Liz Fabacher Matthew Fletcher
Larry Fields Steve Fehr (48) Mary Cecile Fontenot 07/14/09
Roicy Adam Fusilier 1974 Eve Richard Fusilier 1951 Edmo Fusilier 1959
Portilice Fusilier 1936 Alice Richard Fusilier 1913 Mary Fusilier Aug 2007
Cheryl Fusilier Mar 1994 Lee Fusilier Jul 1997 Theresa Fusilier Feb 1981
Tanya Theresa Fusilier Mar 1981 Mercedes Fenetz Johnny Fenetz
Limsey Felice Edwin Fontenot Fr Jerome Frey CJC (92) 07/23/16
Alex Fenetz Bishop Harry J Flynn (86) 09/22/19 Kenneth Lee (Bobby) Foreman (75) 11/01/17
Rodolphe Fabre (101) 03/27/2020 Roicy Lee Fusilier 07/25/1997 Doug Forslund (65) 08/2022
Ty Foxworthy (68) 9/1/2022    

"G"    Back

Grandpa & Grandma Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Aunt Genie
Clorine Guidry (40) 1962 Olivier "Kib" Guidry (84) 01/05/03 Alex Guillory
Pauline Guillory Allie Guillory Aunt Gloria
Edmay (Almyre) Ernest Carmouche Guidry  1968 Joseph Guidry Zebelon Gardner (8/4/2000) 
Carrie Castille Garrett 24 (08/15/00) Denise Guidry 9/87 Ancy Guidry
Leo L Guidry 72 Bernice M Guidry 76 (5/1/00) Frank Gates (9/2000)
Amber Danielle Guidry 18 (05/15/01) Wesley Edna Gallia (1986) Simon Gonzalez
Holly Alicia Garon (17) 02/13/02 Jeff Green George Green (52) Feb 2002
Carrie Castille Garrett (24) 08/15/01 Elmer & Betty Ginn (2001) Lacey Guidry (18) 9/17/01
Laura Giese Milton Giese Guy Edwin Guidry
Grandpa Gutterez Jessie Guidry John Rene Guidry (50) 5/22/03
Lloyd Milton Giese 08/31/03 Obia Guillory Clifton Guillory
Marilyn Gooch Joseph J Guidry Melvin Gotreau
Great Grandma and Grandpa Edward Guillory Jude Gay
Nicole (Nikki) Guidry Blanche G. Guidry 11/26/04 Rosa Lee Goosby 2/24/74
All My Grand Babies (3) (21/2) (9) (2 days) Alice Gibson Emma Grace 10/15/03
Golden J Gutierrez Jr (76) 10/22/05 Fr Josef Gniewniak Donald L Goodwin (53) 12/27/99
Eluis Guillory Joseph Guidroz Donnie Guidry (28) 9/24/07
Jeanette Gautreau Earl James Guidry Sr (60) 03/28/08 Clarice Gaudet
John Goodpaster 10/21/76 Grandma R. L. Guillory (85) 11/29/08
Dorothy Perkins Gray 10/30/04 Thomas Gill 09/10/91 Gueringer Family deceased
Yolande Guilbeau All Gros Family Members All Gilbert Family Members
Jean Jacques "Bish" & Marie Trahan Gilbert Lewis Gonzales Jr Maydell Ann Guidry (94) 06/09/05
Joshua Steven Guidry (21) 02/16/04 Desire & Nita Arsement Gaspard Forrest & Delia Arsement Guidry
Eddie & Sabie Arsement Guidry Marcel & Orelia Benoit Gilbert Lawrence Griffin III
Jules Gilbert Jana Lynn Jones Guillory Willard & Murella Doucet Gilbert
Linwood Gilbert Howard & Bea Arceneaux Gilbert Roy & Lula Miller Gilbert
Darrel Gilbert Donna "Dee" Gilbert Millard Gilbert
A.B. & Rita Guilbeaux Eddie Guidry Jr Hilton & Eula Mae Royer Gilbert
Tommy Gilbert Donald Gilbert Russell & Edith Leblanc Guilbeaux
Albert & Sadie Foreman Gilbert Nathan Guidry Lin John Gilbert
Leo Gros J.T. Gaspard Lucy Gaspard
Abby Gaspard Vernon & Mabel Gaspard Martha Johnson Gilbert
Raleigh & Nora Gilbert Jasper Gilbert Wliie D Gil
Mary Lou Gil Kristyna Greenfield Leo L Guidry (72)
Roy Gray (80) 12/16/10 UC Guilbeau Bill Gregurich
John Garrett April "Sis" Gary (28) 01/18/11 Lee Roy Gautreaux
Jackie Gautreaux Lawrence Griffen III Ira (Dutch) Geer
Josselin (Tottsie) Boudreaux Geer Floyd Gautreaux Ernest & Leah Girouard
Mott Girouard Rose & Warren Green Olite R Bouillion Guidry
Gerald "Steve" Gautreaux Holly Garon Monte Goss
Debbie Gibbs Corey C Griffin (28) 8/16/14 Margaret Grey
William "Bill" Goodwin (68) 03/28/2016 Bacque Delma Claire Gaffney Richard Bryan Gomez (72) 10/14/2018
George B Gardiner (77) 08/16/21    

"H"    Back

Mrs Hebert Cousin Hunter Uncle Henry
Horace Hebert Lee Belle Hebert J.T. "Bic" Hebert
Amelia Hebert Allen Hebert Harry Hebert
John Hebert Jim Hebert Lela Hebert
Fr. Dan Habetz Nelson Howard 8/31/1904 Agnes Howard 10/19/1910
Dorothy Howard 02/02/1929 A.J. Howard 7/07/1927 Roland Huval  (53) 11/04/1999
Curtis B Hebert Lurline Helfrich  Benjamin Helfrich 
Baby Joshua Headings Agnes Hebert 1910 Nancy Hebert 4/21/2001
J.W. Habetz Franziska Habetz Tammy Hastings (34) 4/21/2001
Frances Lynn Becnel Hubbard Ralph Herman Kenneth Dean Hall II (7)  4/14/2002
Louise Holifield (75) 06/14/97 Garland Holifield Hudie Holifield
Mary Virginia Holifield Carl Hubbell (65) 4/7/03 Sam Hebert Jr
Cole Andre' Himel (6 mths) 07/01/03 Justin Harrison (15) Patricia Hansaker
Steve Harris Hurter Family members Helen and Helene
Msgr Higgins Brandon Huber 8/02 Walter Hebert
Sr AmileteHebert Minos Hebert Mathilde Hebert
Jason Lamar Holland (20) 07/28/03 Melva Thibodaux Hebert Jason Holden
Obasan Humiko Nicole Harrison (21) 5/11/04 Scott Hobgood
William A Harmon (70) 01/25/04 Edward Hirko Dewey Holmes (69) 2/13/06
Bill Hatch Shirley Hector Joe Habetze 7/26/06
Simon Hebert Mabel Hebert Eva Hebert
Dick Hebert Dally Hebert Lonnie Hebert
Chester Hobgood Velma Dartez Harrington Andrus Hebert
Harold Hebert 04/17/98 Ricky Hebert (25) 11/1/79 Marie Hebert
Anne Hebert J Ovie Hebert Sr Elizabeth Ann Hurley, OSF
Aunt Helen Jean Habemeir Amanda Mary Hotard (24) 2/15/06
Anton Habetz (78) 02/12/04 Clara Habetz (91) 08/06 Dorothy Henricks
Inez Juanita Hill 10/31/80 Eno Hunter (Pa Pa No) Ryan Heard 7/15/07
Clara Habetz (91) 08/22/06 Joseph P Habetz 07/25/06 Irene Englert Hendricks
George Herbrik (78) 01/26/01 Velma M Hoffpauir (92) 6/26/07 Ruby Lee Avery Hays (89) 4/6/02
Mervin Hebert 12/13/07 Francis Ray "Butch" Hebert (53) 12/26/07 Darryl Hanks
Heather L Hardin, April 2008 Andrus "Doo" Henry David M Haviland (24) 8/12/80
Robert B Haviland (61) 01/17/90 Bessie Cooke Hugghins Eno Hunter 2002
Nicole Harrison Geraldzime Hollier  01/02/88 Jason Lamar Holland
Brandon Huber Madeline Guidry Hebert (59) 01/01/08 Ashton Hennigan
Mark Hanks Harrison Joseph Hanks Dalton J & Vivian Leleux Hebert
Catherine Hebert John & Beota Hernandez Ozite Derouen Hebert
Nelda Henry Claude "Bradley" Hanks (69) 08/09/10 Claude Hanks
Winnie Dupont Hanks Charlene A Haviland (74) 04/01/10 Daniel Holloman
Lucille Simoneaux Hebert 10/26/98 Alton Holifield (94) 12/10/10 William Habetz (92) 04/19/11
Camella Borne Hebert (67) 11/15/10 Jenkins Harmon Remy Henry
Joel Howard Clay J Huval 08/2011 Amanda Hotard
Jordan Hosch Ben Hallack (23) 09/25/12 Anton Habez
Peggy & Harry Della Hantz Jason Hickey
Charles Holloway Jason Lamar Holland (20) Charlene A Haviland (74) 04/01/10
Morris Helmer Gustave Heriveaux Robert Lee Huval
Danny Hernandez Joy Hebert Nolan Hebert (83) 01/29/21
Hilda Hebert (82) 1/22/21 Barry "Hawk" Hughes (67) 4/8/21 Brooks "Tookey" Hebert (38) 11/04/21

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John Slack Isaacks Family of John Slack Isaacks Scott Israel

"J"   Back

Mr John Mrs Joanne Matthew Jumonville
Jo Jumonville John Aunt Jean
Michael "Blackie" Johnson Jebbie Uncle Joe
Mildred Johnson 05/86 Edward A Jenisch  
Great Aunt Juan  Lillian Bacque Johnson Delmar Johnson 
Lillian Johnson Sam Jones Eunice Jones
Charles Dent Jokerst (76) 01/06/04 Jeremy 2003 Andre Jacob
John Darr0n Jones 1986 Vernon Jenkins
Winnie Jenkins Sadie LeBlanc Johnson Adam Alexander Jablonski
Michael Jaskulski Rose Jeffers Leslie Jeffers
Irene "Nana" Johnson Annisa Jones Maciej Jenike
Judy Jambon 12/15/04 Julia C.Jambon Menton "Maroon" Jambon
Linda Jambon Rose Johnson Burleigh Johnson
Avey Johnson Jr Dorothy Ann Jones (53) 5/8/07 Theresa May Jones 5/07
Barbara Jackson 04/15/08 Iletta Davis Jones Lloyd George Jones Sr 3/18/99
Patricia Ann Harris - Jokerst 06/20/06 Tanner Ray Jeoffroy (8) 04/05/10 Allen Janise
Judy Roger Johnson (51) 08/17/01 Mr & Mrs Gwilym Arvan Jones Sr Percy Johnson Sr 1993
Nita D Johnson 1992 Donald Boyd James 05/11/83 Mary Ancona James 12/13/02
Lloyd G Jones Sr  03/18/99 Joseph Landolph "Boonie" Jeanminette (63) 01/08/11 Raymond J Jeoffroy (70) 08/15/11
Brenda Tauzin Jeoffroy Eves & Inez Blanchard Jeoffroy Ross Jeoffroy
David Jones 08/24/11 Jillian Johnson (33) 07/23/15 Nancy Watkins Johnson 12/30/15
Amy Elizabeth Johnson 12/24/84 Joselie Joseph  

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Rebecca Knight Wallace Kirby (52) Ruth Kaman 4/29/68
Frank "Foxey" Kaman 1975 Eugene Kalney 11/17/02 Ann Kurta
Marie Kurta Ann Kluska Andy Kurta
Debbie Kania Mary Kaufman Kurta
Pat Koonce Jack Kingrey Lawrence Kingrey
Daniel Kingrey Pauline Kingrey Lou Kingrey
Conrad King Ethel Pullen Knapp Lyman Matson Knapp Sr
Father Matthew Kerschen Barry Kuske Maria Krol
Sr Roseanne Kasayka, OSF Sr Evangeline Kleiss, OSF Ann Kusner
Tony Kusner Kyle Kwasnycia (17) 7/27/07 Steve Kwasnycia (69) 4/24/07
Lori Kapa Kaloey Leigh Kittiraj (3) William Kelly
Roberta Ann (Bertucci Barney, Kelso) Beverly Kidd 11/05 Paula Breaux King
Patrick Kilgore (33) 04/03/16 Arlene King Elizabeth T Korf
Irene & JodieKimbrough    

"L"   Back

Papa Legendre Mom Dole Leblanc 11/1/80 Arille Leblanc
Alton Noae Leblanc (49) 07/14/84 Tina Leblanc Eris Leblanc (61) 06/02/89
Bob Leatherwood (45) 07/09/97 Hilton Leblanc (72) 12/05/1997 Max Lane
Amy Latulay Vidy Borne Louviere 2/07/98 Bernice Granger Leblanc 1/24/86
Russel R Louviere 07/09/98 Russel "Bobby" Louviere Jr 7/27/92 Elias LeBlanc 10/05/1999
Lillian LeBleu Arsen "Black" LeBleu Collen Lemoine's Mom
Leslie J Lloyd Dorsey Lanclos' Daddy 82 Isabella Landry
Allen Latiolais Delta Love Estelle Bordeaux Landry
Romial Landry Estelle Landry Mr & Mrs Lu Lu Landry
Mr & Mrs Edier Landry Ludon Louviere Clamence B Leblanc
Arthur Leblanc Sr Joseph Louviere Christine Louviere
Heather Leblanc Rome Landry Edith Mae Lambert
Joseph Felix Lang Harry A Laput (59) 12/12/00 Alice M Laput 10/5/96
Harry S Laput 07/07/84 Gaspard Lassere Jean Lassere
Celinia B Lassere Lincoln Lassere O'Neal Lassere
Malcolm Lassere Mickey Lassere Edgar Lambert
Clifton Lambert Teleson Lambert James L Lambert
Allen Leblanc (73) 05/11/02 Erita Dugas Denais Leblanc (87) 05/18/01 Bruce Leonard (15) 01/01/02
Brandon Leonard (17) 01/01/02 Dorothy Lebleu Angelina LeBouef
Betty Lasseigne Matthew Lindsey Allen Roy Leger (57) 12/5/90
Israel Willie Larry Barry LeBlanc (44) 01/16/03 Edith Marie Lambert
Edith Lambert Gertrude B Lassere Joseph Lassere Sr
Joseph Lassere Jr Bryan Lopez Allan Latiolais
Lloyd M LaBove 04/25/03 Warren Lacy Willard Lamey
Irene Lamey Dudley Landry (71) 9/19/00 Betty Landry (70) 9/6/02
Annisa Leger (17) Eno Landry Mabel Belair Landry
Brenda T Lege (51) 04/21/01 Patricia Landwehr James Leger
Lois Leger Bertmas Leger Alex Lewis(16) 5/27/03
Dudley LeBlanc Theresa LeBlanc A.J. Landry
Bevelyn Landry Ronnie LeBlanc Lucy
Norris Lajaunie Henry Leggett Virginia Oubre Lassere 11/1/03
John "Johnny" Lassere 02/24/04 David Lassere 12/20/03 Aurelien LeBlanc, Sr
Blanche LeBlanc Dieu Donne LeBlanc Lydnie LeBlanc
Alzada Lambert Thomas Lambert 3/25/96 Marie Oubre Lassere
Dale LeCompte Michelle Lassere Paula Lassere
Granger Lance Lanig (42) 04/26/05 Richard James Landry II Lawrence LaFleur
Justile LaFleur Myron L Lassere (44) 12/13/03 Roger Laurent (85) 3/9/01
Rogerie Laurent (85) 01/01/01 Marc Laurent (34) 10/29/05 Floyd LaComb
Timothy Wayne LaCombe (53) 01/20/06 Noland Lemoine Lloyd Leintz
Wilken Gene Leblanc (75) 01/22/06 Larland Landry 2/18/03 Matthew & Mark Louviere (miscarriages)
Norbert Lewis "Gutsy" Larivierre Elma Leblanc Dallas Lege
Darrel LeMaire Margaret Trosclair LeBlanc (80) 02/17/07 Jake Lavin
Larry Lavin Joseph Ravis LeBlanc (81) 06/14/07 Ray LaFleur 6/24/07
Richard Hilton LaCoste Sr. Mary Billiot LaCoste Jerry Franklin Tucker Sr.
Marie Lejeune Steve Leblanc Arnulfo F Lopez
Rtia K Lebeouf Tee-las Lebeouf Rebecca Lafleur
Beau Landreneau Geraldine Labat 06/08 Joseph O'Neil Lassere 11/12/07
Nelton LaFleur Nola Hopkins Living (76) 11/04/08 Terry John LeCompte (24) 02/07/84
Ernest "Neg" LeBlanc Ruth "Lou" LeBlanc Clayus "Kachut" LeBlanc 03/30-97
Annie Thibodeaux LeBlanc 04/06/01 Bristol Lege Israel Willie Larry
All Lormand Family Members John Bryan Lemelle Derek James Lemelle
Angela Marie Langlinais (33) 02/18/16 Sanford J "Sandy" Langlinais Jr (63) 08/19/09 Mr & Mrs Hector Joseph Langlinais
Barbara Leger 07/09 Jesse Leger 12/83 Mr & Mrs Sanford J Langlinais Sr
Morgan & Donatile Gilbert Lognion Ovey & Eve Norman Lormand Mary Hazel "T-Loon" Lormand
Elliot Lormand Hubert Lormand Sr George Lormand
Albert "Papoose" Leger Pierre Leblanc Eula Mae Landry
Corey Jon Leblanc (20) 10/19/09 Eula Mae Trahan Lege Jane Credeur Leblanc
Brandon Latiolais All Le Barillier & LaLonde & LeBlanc Family members All Landry Family members
Lucille Patin Leblanc (77) 04/24/10 Sanford J Langlinais Jr 08/19/09 James Ray "Jimmy" Lingle
Ludon Louviere 01/21/96 Theresa F Lavergne (73) 05/24/10 Villas Joseph Ledger (46) 03/07/64
Cecile (Meyone) Ledger 12/24/00 Glenn David Lemoine (60) 08/07/10 Elson "EJ" Lemoine, Jr
Elson Lemoine, Sr Euna Campbell Garner Lemoine Bernice L Richard Landry (83) 01/14/10
Virginia Elizabeth Ramsey Lafleur (82) 08/09/10 Ruth Boquet LeCompte (86) 08/09/10 John Lejeune (73) 12/24/10
Christian David Lane (9), 2001 Mary Rose Leblanc (83) 04/16/11 Thomas Paul Leblanc (64) 05/16/11
Simon L Latour (82) 04/01/11 Barbara Guidry Latour Bryon Latour
Sandy Latour Leisha Lynn Leblanc 09/08/11 Lazard Landry
Zoe Nolan Landry Elie Landry Elita Landry
Dominique Landry Bea Landry Wiltz Landry
Heather LeBlanc Heather Marie Leblanc 04/11/97 Karl Leonards (41) 12/12/11
Heather Marie Leblanc (15) 04/11/97 Philip R LeCompte (87) 02/25/12 Rudy Joseph Lange (76) 10/01/12
Timothy Landry 2015 Mr & Mrs Louis Lamy Rodgers James Louviere (67) 12/18/17
Lewis Larriviere 09/26/06 Sharon Clark Long 12/04/11 Rev Michael Keith LaBove (64) 03/09/2019
Joann Salpietra Leblanc 11/28/19 Sean LeBlanc (55) 9/17/21  

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Mama Dina Rowdy Menard 1996 Matt
Papa Moss Tom Muffoetto Lenny Mallet
Jerry McManus Cousin Mandie Big Mama
Mr Moos Mammit Juanita Motty
Oscar Mire, Sr Viola Martin  Frank Martin 
Allen Miller Chuck Mury 9/25/87 Buddy Miller
Alfred & Gladys Miller Delusca Meaux Todd Mitchell (27) 6/8/2001
Paul Joseph Matero Adam McGowan 12/20/81 Lucille McGowan 1/28/93
Thomas A Murphy 1984 Phyllis Murphy Sept 2001 William Mead 2/14/02
Elnora McGowan Jordan Michelle McConnell (3) 12/25/88 Nancy Galbraith McConnell
Billy Moore Barry Joseph Millet (37) 9/7/93 Jacolby "Kobe" Morris
James Montgomery Sr Adam Montgomery Leroy Montgomery
Jacolby Morris Christopher Dwayne Mitchell My Little Angel in Heaven
Marie and Al Mildred and Milton Mildred and Charles
Msgr Mark Fr Kenneth Morvant (72) 12/14/03 Pete Morvant 5/26/59
Angella Morvant 06/28/59 Verona McGee Angela Broussard Miller
Mom Ella McDaniel Mee Maw
David Wayne Mire Dudley Mire Clifton Mire
Elodie Mire Leroy Mire Fulton Mire
Aunt Mildred Leonard Mays Jr 8/16/03 Kellie Virginia Moreau
Thomas James Marceaux II (T.J.) Cameron Morvant Sr Bruce Manuel
Charles Morvant (58) 02/19/05 Joe Manuel Russell J Menard
Hilray "RAY" Marcotte Elenor "Mickey" Marcotte Irene Cullen McElroy
H.P. Milligan Ruby May Paul May
Bowers May Marian May Jesse May
Leslie Marcotte Julia Mc Daniell Glory Morvant (91) 7/13/06
Valerie Diane Marquez (36) 10/01/05 Matthew Bee Menard
Lilly Menard Jacolby Morris Edgar G Mouton Sr
Myrtle G Mouton Danny McClleland Kathleen Moriarty 3/3/05
Emma Lou Siner Mercier Frank A Mouton Jr Elexzina Meauz 9/5/82
Senua Meaux 12/95 Chad M Mazerac 9/23/06 Joy Nanny Mattis 8/25/04
Lessie Marcotte Elite Menard Elix Menard
Doris Menard Theresa Hoffmann Mire Romer Myers
Lena Myers Telesphore Myers Lezima Romero Myers
Steve Matte Thomas T Moore III (75) 4/18/08 Marcel Domingue Moore 6/29/04
Anna Moosa Polly Moosa Cameron (Buddy) Morvant 5/22/08
Mom Melvin S. Martin 4/12/03 Jordan Randall McConnell
Travis Lee Mitten Kathleen May 07/03/06 Leonard May
Kyle "Alex" Myers (18) 07/04/09 Nolan Francis Matt (68) 02/22/99 John Dale "J.D." Matt
All Matt & Matte Family Members Harold Merritt Glenn Ray Matt
Firment & Ella Babineaux Matt Joseph Mehal Eugere "EJ" & Eva Matt
Steven Alex Manuel Ann Molbert Meche 08/07 Kearney & Emily Benoit Martin
Murphy "Ben" & Thelma Arsement Molbert Murphy Jr & Emma Lou Molbert "A.B." Arthur Burley Matt 02/12/02
John Dale Mouton 08/05/07 Matthew Redmond Mouton (2 1/2) 07/03/94 Grace Lormand Montagne
Calis Matte Mr & Mrs Edward Milligan Sr Zana Matt
Nazare Matt Cleveland "Peanut" Matt Kenny Miller
Sefort Matt Lewis Morvant Wilton & Juanita Gilbert Meche
Jack Matt Onezime Matt PFC Nicholas Paul Matthews (21) 05/02/10
Melda Andrus Manuel (68) 11/29/94 Fred Allen Melancon (63) 08/10/10 Necess Melancon
Joycelyn Rabeaux Melancon M James Melancon Michael Malencon
Iola W Maraist (88) 08/08/10 Emery Meaux Jr (35) 08/01/10 Devon Meaux (9) 08/01/10
Frederick Thomas Mertell Jr Dwayne Migues Telesphore Myers
Carrie Jean Malbrough Jay McClure 10/03/10 Mother Theresa (87) 09/05/97
La'Derion Jude Miller (6) 03/14/11 Vernice Meaux 04/21/11 Robert Dale Matt (57) 05/17/11
Newman "Dewitt" Matthews Jr (67) 09/27/11 Ann Claire Primeaux Meaux Ted Menard
Anna Marie Menard Apr 1974 Nancy Marceaux Ann Claire Meaux
Karen Martin Elvie Benoit Matt (85) 11/02/2011 Alfred Miller (51) 12/01/11
Anne Caroline Menard  08/01/65 Kellly Meaux 04/26/12 Christopher Joseph Melancon (33) 11/07/10
Sheryl Vazelle Wilson Jones Miller 10/13/07 Bud & Tillie Mulholland  07/06/80 James E Molloy
Ruby Murray James Lee Mays 09/13/14 Edgar J Mouton
Mother Mary Angelica (92) 03/27/2016 Hollis Edward McCord 07/29/2020 Ethel McCord
Aaron Mortensen (46) 07/11/22    

"N"    Back

Nan Bee Lu Duc Nguyen Rachel Nayman (17) 5/1/2001
Merlin Evans Nickson Glynn "Bud" Norris (68) 8/03/00 Nancy
Christopher Michael Nayman (16) 04/16/00 Tuan Nguyen (60) 10/16/02 Clyde Navarre Jr
Wanda Navarre Don Nolan Jason Napalit 4/5/08
Raymond & Zora Lognion Neu All Norman Family members Florence Mae Navarre
Richard Nixon Selina Normand  

"O"    Back

Bishop Ott Fr Olenfurst Red O'Neill
H.T. Ogle  12/22/99 Leo James Odom Sr (40) 1973 Charles Oconnors
Willie Oconnor Alma Oconnor Richard Lee Ornelas 5/20/04
Leonard Oliver Olivia Oliver Martin Oldham (2005)
Sandy Oubre (2005) Challie Marie Green Ogle Roy Oldham
Cirilo Ong Willie Ong Erwin Oberlies
Harris Oliver Emadine Doucet Oliver James (Jimmy) Everette Ogle (Infant)
Bishop Edward O'Donnell 02/01/09 Albert & Mabel Nelson Oppenheimer Paul Donald "Duck" Oppenheimer Jr 05/06/10
Ida Oberlies 08/17/83 Fritz Oberlies Adolph Oberlies
Louise Oberlies Ann Oberlies Robert Oberlies
Heinz Oberlies    

"P"    Back

Priests in Purgatory Popes in Purgatory Jane Pratt
Paran Uncle Pete Big Poppa
Grace Piat Ashly Picard Asa Picard
George Perez Kathleen Authement Prouet 11/29/99 Mary Peschier 2/24/84
Earnest Plamondon 80 (03/20/78) Noah Perrodin (Infant) Prouet
Cory Richard Perez 16 (07/03/99) Prouet Wilbert Palombo
Darrel Porter (76) 1989 Martha Porter 1976 Baby Sumpter/Porter 1965
Ryan Picou (18) 09/22/01 Dolly Poiencot Ameila Petersen
Allen (Sonny) Porter (76) 2002 Jason Porter David Lee Pascoe (20) 5/31/03
Bob Prater 01/09/2000 Karl Robert Prater 1/27/99 Verna Josephine Prater 4/17/01
Joyce Plaisance 02/13/02 Ison Perron Essie Lee Perron
Melca Perron Estee Perron Pokie
Pee Paw Jerry Percle III Mary Patin (84) 10/14/04
Agnes Parks Pope John Paul II (84) 04/02/05 (Karol Wojtyla) Joshua Perrin 2/27/06
Sadie Pommier 10/17/85 Mr & Mrs Simonet Pommier Mary Jane Payne
Kathleen Authement Prouet Don Pitre Maria Tan Co Pec
Freddie Pellerin Kathleen A Prouet Jason Petitjean
John Patin Jr Jonathan M Pellessier Lester J Perrio
Pigeon Marie Hebert Plamondon Joseph Lloyd Poiencot
Bob Prater Eric P. P. Marshal R Prejean
Althea Prejean Valrean Prejean Roaul Prejean
Elise Prejean Loise Prejean Frances Prejean
Brunella Potier Austin Patin Paul & Lois Cooper Prothro
Burley Pellerin Carl "T-Boy" Pellerin Mabel Boutte Pellerin
All Souls in Purgatory Greg Perry Lota M Picard
David Payonk 01/01/94 Keith Potier 08/23/09 Eric Joseph "Potsie" Patin (38) 05/13/10
Cathy Plauche Patin Tommy Petitjean VP Pierret
Larry Pierret Cab Pierret Rose Pierret
Mark A Peschier (61) 01/25/12 Tyler Posey Charles Patrick "Chuck" Pommier (30) 07/07/12
David Alan Payonk Fr. Donald Raymond Pousson (75) 07/07/13 Irvin Phipps
Edgar Poole T-Bug Poole Melvin "Gene" Phillips (74) 06/21/09
Louis Pierre Rose Marie Pierre Marie Ange Pierre
Larry Pierret VP Pierret Ruth Pierret
Cab Pierret Carl Pollard Randolph "Randy" Joel Patin (66) 06/11/2019
Karen Hebert Poche (53) 03/05/2021 Michael Perry (59) 10/25/21 Agnes Blanchard Patin (80) 1/15/2022

"Q"    Back

Robert "Boyd" Quirk David "Lote" Quirk Jason Quebodeaux
Ramona Chachere Quirk Robert Boyd Quirk 9/11/88 Audrey Mae Quebedeaux 05/06/06

"R"    Back

Robin Minves Romero Cynthia Romero
Religious in Purgatory Robbin C.H. Ray
Scott Robinson Attia P Reed Gordy Romero
Sadie Romero  Corey Romero Denise Richard (35) 6/4/99
Jeff Ragg Wilbur Reed Sr. (12/16/89) Shanna Griggs Richardson (7/2000)
Lawrence Rayon Sr. Lula Rayon Emmett O Rhodus 12/3/69
Thomas R Rhodus 11/18/61 Jerry Rausch (47) 12/18/94 William Reed
Audrey "Maw Maw" Richard Rhodes' Uncles and Aunts Joseph A Rees (65) 3/27/83
Cynthia Ann Rees (23) 10/06/79 Charles "Corky" Rees (43) 6/25/01 Louis Robertson
Lola Sanford Raiford Genevieve Mabile Rushing Sterling J Romero (72) 1/1/04
Bessie Richard 10/27/03 Lloyd Richard 12/2/02 Nola Roy
RJ Roy Gail Roy Nola R Roy
Alton W Ritter 07/11/85 August W Ritter Family Randolph James Rushing 2/17/04
Ruggles Ronald Romero (26) 6/6/04 Larry Freeman Richards
James Regan Margaret Thoman Regan George Leon Regan
George Rodney Regan Darrell Regan Michael Rothman (8) 2/20/02
Larry Richards Fertie Richard Jerry Romero 1/13/05
Earky Rose Charles Robinson II 3/25/98 Isaura Romero (82)
Jane Alberta Rayon Lawrence Rayon Sr Lula Rayon
Craig Richard Laura Marie Deshotels Regan (56) 5/15/05 George Royer (49) 12/23/03
Alfred Raciti Ernest Richard 7/18/01 Kaye Rachal
John Rachal Mr & Mrs Edwin Romero Cynthia Romero
Galon Romero Jolanta Rujner Alice F Richard
Batson C Richard James Richard J.B. Richard
Lud Royston 12/29/73 Addie Royston 5/15/88 Evangeline Mary Alice Hoffmann Rees (83) 2007
Kenneth Ruhle Krystle Reed Cheryl Marie Clostio Roberson (61) 7/26/08
Kristi Elizabeth Romero (19) 05/23/95 Betty Robin 2/23/10 Isabella Rae Rodriquez
Evelyn T Richard Shirley Riffe Phillip & Albertha Porche Rozier
Renola Gilbert Richard Lester & Ruth Chiasson Robinson Joe Rindone
Mamie Wead Stevens Rindone Weston Roger Theo Roger
Henry Romero All Richard Family members John Rome
Anna Mae Richard Donnie Richard Donald Richard
Pearl Robin (96) 08/08/10 Joseph Oscar Richard Jr 09/28/10 Ronald Regan
Cpl Matthew Richard (21) 06/09/11 Randal Gregory Reagan (58) 12/13/10 Anna Mae Ritter
Robert Rayon Leroy Robichaux Ernest Richard 07/18/01
Joseph Richard Feb 1969 Armenta Richard Apr 1950 Darrell G Regan
Reginald JM Reseau Teddy Ray Romero Jr (36) 08/16/20 Francis Reed (72) 01/14/2021
Jonathan Roberie June 2021 Hilda Thibodeaux Richard 10/04/2013 Marie Ouida Nell LaHaye Robert (84) 7/6/22
Darren L Rodgers (52) 9/26/22    

  "S"    Back

Mr & Mrs Sellars My Sister Sue
Don Stephans Gene Strickland Richard Smith
Armide Stelly Sheri's Baby Aunt Sandra
Amy Stevenson Anthony Sellars Dilta Save
Gerry Sonnier 06/95 Papa Speer VeraBell Sonnier 12/99
Gloria Simon Joseph Smorada (85) Mary Smorada (61)
Eva L Smith 09/01/99 Marilyn Schroeder 5/23/2001 Dale Schroeder 3/11/97
Steven M Smith 06/30/2001 Jeffrey Shelton Patricia Stevens
Jeremy Simmons Jon Sargent Jeff Sargent
Jamie M Schexneider 02/12/02 Space Shuttle Challenger Crew 1/28/86 Space Shuttle Columbia Crew 2/1/03
Michelle Smith (43) Tye Schulte 4/7/2000 Jeremy Schmieg (3) 4/27/88
Paul Smorada John Smorada Louis (Ladislav) Smorada
Anna Smorada Deveril Smith Mar. 2001 Frank Stafford 2/25/98
Billy Lee Smitherman 07/13/79 Annie Lee Sims Smitherman 12/23/95 J.C. Stout
Audrey Stout Matt Stafford Halie Stafford
French Smith Catherine Smith Souls in Purgatory
Frank Soto Jamie Schexnayder Inez Sarver
Voohries Short Sr Zachary "T-Boy" Schexnayder 2/23/05 Robert FrannkScheuerman
Rebecca Schrader 07/31/85 Robert Dale Soileau Mary Ellen Swanner 7/7/05
Hilda Soileau Xavier Soileau Kaigan St Germain (Newborn) 12/23/00
Erphie Michael Simon 02/28/06 Joseph Michael Sitar Leonard Stelly
Paul Smorada Linton Stevens Carl "Doc" Smith
John Keith Schexnider Gerald Schexnider Thomas Wayne & Clevinis Schexnider
Mandy & Kristi Schexnider Theresa Suire Helena Szemiot
Edvard Savoy Lela Savoy Florence Sorg
Ed Sorg Joyce Sorg Bill Sorg
Charlie Stagg (74) Verna Schedernar T.B Schexneder
Effie Sonnier Eno Sonnier Louis Sussman (79)
Florence Sussman (89) Isadore Sussman Albert Sussman
Sue Shephard Addie Singleton Leo Singleton
Leo Singelton Jr Mark Edward Stakes Milton Sielhan
Arthur Ray Stakes Jeffery Sias Fr Fred Swenson
Sarsfield Baby Schneider Baby Jason Stutes (18) 7/09/06
Larry Savoy Virginia B Shreve (80) 3/05/95 LaVerne V Shreve (57) 10/21/67
Elsie Strauss Jul 29th St Joseph Book of the Dead Jeanette Sibille  (69) 11/7/08
Rose M Stefanick Jamie Michael Schexnayder (24) 02/12/02 Jenny Schexnaider (20) 12/02
Thomas Short 03/91 Clifton Short 1981 Lillie Savoie
Lawrence Savoy Loveless "Blay" & Gussie Guilbeaux Roger Smith Frances Fournet Sabatier
Numa & Viola Richard Savoie Hiram L Smith Gilbert & Lea Bourque Smith
Margaret Ann Smith Julien Ray Stevens All Saunier & Sonnier Family members
All Simpson Family members Monique Sonnier (41) 02/03/10 Shane Semien
Maudrey Stegal Sarafina (35) Wesley Christopher Sun (22) 02/08/11
Josh Sonnier Margaret Rose Garcia Smith (84) 08/22/11 Margaret Ann Smith
Irwin "Coach" Sibille Louise Daboval Smith Debbie Melencon Stutes
Edmond Stelly Sonny Stelly Leroy Simon May 1987
Mary Mae Simon Jan 2000 Tim Stanley Mark Smith (42) 06/24/04
Darren R Strother (43) 09/14/12 Bishop Jude Speyrer (84) 07/21/13 Alton Schexnider
Joseph (T-Joe) Stelly Jr Philorene Supplice Damocles Supplice
Milvoix Supplice Sammy Simon 03/29/04 Yvetteh Simon 11/15/18
Alfred L Sonnier Jr (76) 03/29/19 Elmonia Guillory Sinitiere (89) 10/29/19 Bryan Schambough (39) Nov 2020
Robert Stewart (39) 3/18/21 LeRoy Simon 05/27/1987 Brenda Babin Segura 04/12/2014
Gladys Richard Simon 01/17/2012 Phyllis Ann LeBlanc Stewart (65) 10/28/21 Fr Joseph Stemmann (89) 04/06/2022

"T"   Back   

Timmy Eustis Toups Clifton Thibeaux Jr
Butch Theriot Mrs M. Trahan Mrs C. Trahan
Black Templet T-Mom & T-Pop Carol Theriot
Hardy Theriot  Coral Theriot Paula Thibeaux 
TRouge Ray A Thomas Sr 63 (7/24/01) Ryan Tate
Jerry Tarbutton Ashley Tutt Harris J Thurmond 2/22/89
Michael Thibodeaux Terry (42) 2/1/03 Pat Torres
Donald Torres Marge Turosak Martin Turosak
Theresa and John Teresa and Henry Sharon Toups 1/15/95
James Towns Michael Thibodeaux (34) 1/18/03 Andrew Thibodeaux (15) 1/15/04
Miyashiro Tsuru Obachan Tsuru Remey Tregre
Nathan Joseph Todora 06/10/01 Elizabeth Ashley Tompson Leroy Tevy
Gilbert Tevy (56) 12/30/04 Elmay Thibodeaux Belus Thibodeaux
Harris Thibodeaux Franny Trahan Kenneth Trahan
Marion Trahan Mary Louise Chesley Taylor Felix Touchard (2005)
Marianna Trzeciak Norman Francis Talazac 11/5/06 Vernon M Thomas (59) 10/15/88
Mrs Lawrence G Trahan Elie Trahan Joseph Dale Trahan
Zadia Touchet Ralph Touchet Taylor Noel Todora (20) 6/18/07
Donna L Tuggles Alfonso Juan Tan Luke Tylock (24)
Hazel W Tevy (83) 12/24/07 Donald Thibodeaux Hillyan "Shorty" Trahan (54) 11/08/99
Peter Trahan 08/25/08 Taylor Family deceased Lois Arsement Trahan (53) 09/18/94
Andrew Mitchael Trahan Sr. 1978 All Trahan Family Members Avie Derouen Theriot
Stanley Thomas Ludy Terro Leewood Terro
Herman Terro Michael Terro Elias & Levia Hebert Trahan
Lou Ella Trahan Shane Trahan Matthew Theriot
Roy Sr & Denege Tauzin Roy Tauzin Jr Eunice Trahan
All Thibodeaux Family members Adley Tribe 02/18/03 Sandra Melancon Tassin
Randall Keith Todd (44) 08/08/10 Gert & Bill Thom Janette "Jane" Mouton Trahan (91) 03/29/11
J.C. Trahan Ezel Trahan Loulia Robichaux Trahan
Rose R Thibodeaux Nov 1962 SydneyThibodeaux Nov 1958 John D Trahan
Anna Trahan Presley Trahan Gladys Trahan
Laurest Trahan Daisy Mae Trahan Charles Trahan
Jr Towry Melissa Pitman Thornton "Missy" Edward Tregre
Marie Thelemaque Emanuel Thelemaque Harrison &Nettie Tanner
Gatlan Trahan 06/21/2017 Daisy Mae Trahan 01/19/2004 Laurent Trahan 02/10/1995
Anna B Trahan Clint "Tree" Thibodeaux (56) 02/18/2019 Brenda C Thibodeaux (60) 02/25/2020
Judy Domengeaux Theriot (69) 12/29/2020 Myrtile Joseph "Joe" Theriot (70) 5/22/21 Ronald James Theriot (68) 06/09/2021
James Taylor (67) 8/5/2022    

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My Uncle & Aunt Utaka Unbaptized Individuals from Unborn to Babies to Elderly
Wanda Leotha Greenfield Mertell-Urbina    

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Bradley Veronie Victim of Bob's Accident (VBA) Charlotte Vincent
Ms Jannele Viators' MOM Uncle Charly Vidrine Walter Verret
Elia "Keen" Verret Sosthene Vincent 95 (3/8/00) Hilda Verret
Lovelace Viator Sandra Victorian 7/16/81 Vic and Victor
Renna Victorian Fanna Victorian Bobbie VonHeuval
DeRonde Van Tasse 02/17/67 Frank Van Tassel 3/22/69 Eloise Van Tassel 2/13/04
Velma Pennison Verret William Verret Richard Villemez (23) 9/20/69
Jared Veillon (20) Clyde Vidrine Mr & Mrs Eugene Villejion
Lyman Gene Veronie (77) 12/14/06 Terry Vincent Mary Valentine
George Valentine Rosa Vasconcellos Alfred Vasconcellos
Edward Varney Percy Joseph Villemez, Sr (65) 12/17/06 Lisa VanValen (35) 10/11/02
Ovey Veronie Lisa Veronie Lance Vidrine
Aldon Joseph Vincent Wesley & Vivian Hernandez Viator Dana Vincent (25) 08/01/10
Wildes Vincent Evelyn Trahan Vincent Irene Vincent
Jorge Valencia Mona Houghton Viator (50) 02/10/15 Elmina Vixamar
Evelyn Trahan Vincent Wildes Vincent David Alan Viator (59) 01/22/2021
Annie'Vera "Granny Annie" Valle Faye Vincent 7/16/2022  

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West Nadine Wheeler Sara Wingate
Elizabeth Carmouche Wooley 05/14/97 Alvie S Wooley Harry S Wooley
Bill Williams 05/03/2001 WTC Victims 9/11/2001 Ron "Papa" Wixom 1/5/2002
Debra Jean Becnel Weimer Katie Witherall Tony Woodard
Lindsey Lu Whitesell (14) 04/14/02 Mina Guidry Willis Cecil White (03/84)
Louise White (04/13/98) Johnny White Jr (35) Lance Winch 10/21/01
Bill Williams Evelyn Williams Addie West
James Rudolph West Carrol West Charles West
Jamie West Duke West Alma West
Denise Wilturner Raymond West 1/29/05 Nancy Wachter
Larry Wachter Romona R Wyble 2/16/85 Edward Linus White, Jr (54) 8/29/06
Ed Wilhelm Ellen Wilhelm Joseph Wilhelm
Martha Wilhelm Frank Wilhelm Lucille Wilhelm
Lawrence Wilhelm Corrine Wilhelm Ray Wilhelm
Helen Wilhelm Herbert Wilhelm Catherine Wilhelm
George Jason Wilson (33) 08/04/05 Ethan Whitaker Irl Whitaker
Chloe Whitaker Susan Wiletta Hall Wachter & husband Clarence Joseph Wachter Caroilina Wade
Luceille Wase Odelle Walker (58) 2/02/87 Troy Williams (19) 7/13/94
Thelma G Wyatt 10/96 George H Wilson Sr MSGT USMC RET. Arlayne Chance Wilson (43) 8/22/81
Kenneth White Justin Weaver Ben Weaver
Nick Weber Coy Webb Delores Whitaker 04/29/10
David Wayne Whippl (37) 08/08/10 Debra Wartell G Jason Wilson (33) 08/04/05
Katya Whitaker Louise Toups Winch (86) 01/13/11 Roger White
Raven Watson (5) 12/23/09 Joe Welch Jake Welch
Derwin Ward Johnny Watkins 12/13/14 Jane Watkins 12/24/84
Claude C Watkins Ruby Kimball Watkins 03/18/02 David Walker 06/02/16
Ms Wilkins Zachary Robert Mason Walker (25) 05/20/22  

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Joey Young (33) 07/05/09 Fredie Young Mildred D Young

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Sarah M Zachary Reena Zachary Ted Zachary
George Zachary Wiley Zachary Katie Zachary
Robert Zachary Peter G Zambras 01/08/89 George Zambras 01/09/04
Fr Charles Zaunbrecher All Zaunbrecher Family members Juliana "Julie" Jolet Zimmerman (62) 05/04/10
John Zorn    

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Our Lady's Prayers for Souls

              Our Lady asked that we pray very much for the poor souls; she asked that we pray:

                                            (5)   Apostles Creeds
                                            (1)   Hail Holy Queen
                                            (1)   Our Father
                                            (1)   Hail Mary
                                            (1)   Glory Be
                                            (1)   Requiem  (Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord
                                                    and let perpetual light shine upon them and may
                                                    they rest in peace.  Amen!)
              Our Lady said that if we pray the prayers "we'll deliver so many souls, so many souls!"


The Prayer of St Gertrude the Great

                      A prayer which would release 1000 souls from purgatory each time it is said.
                     Our Lord told St Gertrude the Great that the following prayer would release
                     1000 souls from purgatory each time it is said.  The prayer was extended to
                     include living sinners as well:

                                                            Eternal Father, I offer You the most
                                                            precious blood of Your Divine Son,
                                                            Jesus, in union with the Masses said
                                                            throughout the world today, for all the
                                                            Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners
                                                            everywhere, for sinners in the universal
                                                            church, those in my own home and my family.  Amen
                                                                  Feastday:  Nov 16th


Sept 1989    5th Grade Sept 1990    6th Grade
      Erin Williams                     Katie Comeaux  
      Nick Bourque                    Jeremy Romero  
         Katie Comeaux               Nick Bourque
         Jeremiah Reddoch          Bobbi Fruge
Sept 1991   5th Grade Sept 1992   8th Grade

     Amy Blanchard                   Beth Zuschlag
     Blair Zuschlag                   Tyranny Menard
    Jesse Comeaux                   Benton Hebert

         Rachael Jorden               Jeremiah Reddoch
         Elizabeth Labat               Donald Romero
         Christopher Prejean        Ronald Romero
         Jeremy Romero               Erin Williams

Sept 1993   7th Grade Sept 1994   7th Grade

     Amber Beasley                  Amy Blanchard
     April Sellars                       Jillian Broussard
    Brandi Green                      Blake Speer
    Mitchel Legendre              Trisha Blanchet
    Tyranny Menard               

        Casey Ardoin                    Fallon Roy
        Sarah Hebert                    Joey Spedale
        Bobby Smith                     Jeffery Babin

Sept 1995   7th Grade Sept 1996   7th Grade

    Scott Campbell                    Ryan Desormeaux
    Ross Fontenot                     Jeff Guidry
    Molly Butcher                    Janice Desormeaux
    Candace Young                  Lauren Slovacek

        Alexandra Adams             Bobby Bellaire
        Ashley Cashat                   Danielle Landry
        Casey Mhire                       Sherri Mouton
        Brandi Olivier                  Valerie Willis

Sept 1997   7th Grade Sept 1998   8th Grade

    Chad Johnson                     James Kemp
    Joshua Plendl                     Jennifer Romero
    Nicholas Strentz                 Fawn Viator

        Emily Ardoin                   Cory Brown
        James Kemp                      April Miller
        Carlos Perez                    Jenny Romero
        Mark Tyler                      Katy Turnage
        Fawn Viator

Sept 1999   8th Grade  

     Lauren Landry                   Megan landry
     Patrick Lewis                     Rachel Menge
     Stacy Michel                      Kyle Motty
     Rebecca Romero               Katie Theriot
     Jonathan Walker