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                            Its in the Valleys I Grow


                                Sometimes life seems hard to bear, full of sorrow, troubles and woe.

                       Its then I have to remember that its in the valleys I grow.

                 If I always stayed on the mountain top and never experienced pain,

                      I never would have appreciated God's love

                and would be living life in vain.

                      I have so much to learn and my growth is very slow,

                  sometimes I need the mountain tops, but its in the valleys I grow.

                     I do not always understand why things happen as they do,

                but I am very sure of one thing, my Lord will see me through.

                My little valleys are nothing when I picture Christ on the cross.

                He went through the valley of death,

         His victory was Satan's loss.

                Forgive me Lord for complaining, when I am feeling low.

                Just give me a reminder,

                that its in the valleys I grow.

                Continue to strengthen me Lord, and use my life each day,

                to share your love with others and help them find their way.

                Thank you for the valleys Lord, for there is one thing I surely know,

                The Mountain tops are glorious,

               but its in the valleys I grow.