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Cursillo Center

Prairie Ronde, La.

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Fr. Ted Broussard, Administrative Director

Msgr. Gerald M Lefebvre, Spiritual Advisor of  Cursillos

Cursillo Application Form

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The Cursillo is both a movement and a method. The purpose of the movement is to create small groups that will evangelize their environments with the gospel. The purpose of the method is to help persons to live what is fundamental for being a Christian by commiting themselves to acts, of piety, study and apostolic action.                                                                                                                

The Book of Hope

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4th Day


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Donations may be sent to:


Cursillo Accounting Office
Hal Hebert, Treasurer
PO Box 577
Hayes, La 40646-0577
(337) 622-3562

Mail Palanca to:

Womens Cursillo:     Fax to (337) 543-2100

     Mens Cursillo:          Hal Hebert                       
                          PO Box 577          
                                              Hayes, La  40646-0577             
                                     or Fax to (337) 543-2100