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Hi, there!! Welcome to my cozy corner of the web! My name is Rita, but some of my net friends know me as "The Music Lady." I am a Christian from the Deep South of the good old USA, born and raised in the middle of the Bible Belt. I am a keyboard musician by vocation, playing solo engagements and also working with a female gospel singer, and with a “cowboy” band, so my musical style does vary....I especially love the old heart-wrenching ballads of the 50's/60's rock and ballad era, yet I can play country songs with a Floyd Cramer "flair." I also love the smooth, beautiful, flowing style of John Tesh's secular music, so my repertoire is very broad. By the way, I play the piano "by ear," although my daddy tried hard to help me learn music and saw to it I had a couple years of lessons. But the lessons simply did not "stick."

I am a full-time wife and “MeMe,” and an old-fashioned lady with much love and appreciation for God, for my sweet husband and family, and for my precious friends, both on the web and “in the flesh”! I guess you could call me a “people person,” for I love meeting new friends and cherish the ones I already know!

Below is a surprise I receive as a special 33rd Anniversary present from a great ladies' group I am in called SISTERS BY CHOICE. Thank you, Funny Lady and everyone for this special gift of "then and now"! Wow, I love this gift, and it's so sweet of you to do this for us!!

Some of my favorite things to do these days aside from music and my long-time passion of writing (I write true inspirational stories and also correspondence in the form of both e-mail AND snail-mail) involve fixing up our pretty yard. I have an area that I consider my "meditation and chill-out area," which is my front swing under shade trees near my bird feeders and bird bath and wind chimes.

I also enjoy taking digital pictures, especially of flowers (roses in particular, of course...did you "notice" how I love roses? *wink*) I am finally learning more about how to build web pages thanks to my patient "web sister" and dear friend Connie (aka: Clara), who built this page for me in 1998 as my Christmas gift (a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING!!) and who has guided me in learning how to maintain and add to it on my own now. (Thanks, "sis"!)

I want to take this chance to tell you about a helpful website for those of us who love using the computer but who have questions about different technical topics. You can go there by clicking on Ask The Computer Lady. And I want to thank sweet Beth Hendrix for putting me onto this neat site and the newsletter!

About my family, I have a wonderful husband of 37 years named Jim (and he IS a "gem"!), and we have been blessed with two magnificent children, a fantastic daughter-in-law, and a sensational son-in-law. Our son and his wife have blessed us with with a precious granddaughter age 9, and two wonderful little grandsons, ages 7 and 3. Our daughter and her husband have a darling 2 year old son named Daniel. I hope you will visit my "family photo album" to see updated pictures of my family and read about them individually!

We also have two Persian cats who are our very spoiled “babies," you can read about when you click on my "Cats" link below. There are also some "cat tales" which I share at that link. And we have raised 6 ducks for our new pond!

I might add, I have a special tribute page linked below, dedicated to the memory of our sweet Shih Tzu, Amanda.

I hope you will read my stories about "MY ELVIS CONNECTION." And as a patriotic American, I have a page dedicated to "ONE NATION UNDER GOD," with printable flags!

As for using my passion for writing, my first stories were published at (my newest story was published there May 28, 2003, called IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM, and later I was a contributing writer to Michelle Jones' Christian website called Blessings For Life, where for a year I wrote a feature each issue, under the heading called, THE MUSIC LADY. You can read the original story of how my current musical career began by clicking HERE or can hear clips of my gospel CD which I sell online by clicking on HEAR MUSIC CLIPS.

I want to add a few words of interest about Michelle Jones from BLESSINGS FOR LIFE and BETTER BUDGETING, and her great web work. I first met Michelle in early 2001, when she signed my guest book and I visited her site and gave her an award. She and I began corresponding and I worked up some graphics for her to use, including awards of her own to give away at that time. I was very impressed with Michelle's work then, but even more-so now. I have seen her work grow tremendously in such a short period of time, and if you enjoy reading an emag loaded with inspiration, then PLEASE don't miss out on Michelle's Blessings for Life website!! She actually has an array of helpful sites, which are linked from her BLESSINGS site, including budgeting sites, recipe sites, and much more!

As for things I enjoy, I am "into" growing/rooting philodendrun plants and sharing them with others. I "think" that I mentioned that I love roses, and actually the pink ones are my favorite. And I love taking roses and drying them to use for decorating. I especially like old-fashioned things such as: lace and doilies; the fragrance and color of vanilla candles; cut-glass items; and old-fashioned and delicate-looking collectibles, such as old china-wear, especially teacups and teapots with pink roses.

My favorite color these days is different shades of pink. I have recently changed the display of my teacups and have put them in my curio cabinet, and it's a conversation piece anytime we have visitors. It is not that they are anything fancy or expensive, but shall I say, eye-appealing? They are something I especially enjoy and each piece of china-ware carries its own story. Another collection I have is all styles of miniature pianos, which I have in a display cabinet.

I hope you will decide to stick around for a while and give us a chance to get acquainted if you are new to my corner, or to enjoy a refreshing visit if we are already friends! Please let me offer you a refreshing glass of "good-old-southern" iced tea or lemonade, or a cup of hot coffee in one of my pretty china teacups.

When my 91 year old mother decided to move from her home of 50+ years into a retirement apartment in 2003 and "down-sized," she gave me an old bookcase that I have arranged with a display of various nostalgia pieces from years past and an array of old pictures of family members, some photos dating back to the early 1900's. Needless to say, this is all very dear and special to me.

Please do take your time looking around, ‘cause we like to keep things a bit cozy around here. Since I am finally learning how to work on my web page, I will try to be more faithful about keeping it updated than I have been up to now, in case you are re-visiting. One big request, though...Please sign my guestbook with your responses, to let me know you were here so I can greet you properly and return the visit!

PLEASE NOTE: If my Gear guestbook is not working, then please sign my Dreambook instead.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Given June 6, 1999
BIGGGGGG ANGEL HUGS to my Web Sister Connie for surprising me with this much-loved and adored, beautiful rose crystal globe. That was so sweet of you to "sneak around" and get Foxee (aka Stacy) to make it for me. Thank you for showing special "sisterly love" to me in this way, Connie, and thanks for the beautiful job you did, Stacy!! This is really special to me. Thank you so much!!!

The little animated and "sparkly" heart charm was given to me by my
sweet friend Candalee Swayze on April 15, 2000.
Thank you for this special gift Canda, it was
such a nice surprise and so unexpected.

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Because of strict rules about mechanical rights and copyrights to songs, I am sad to say I felt forced to remove the song I had used on this page, called THE ROSE.

I have had my birthstone gem on my site for a long time. However, only
recently I learned that the link to my birthstone may not be working at this time,
but the link is still active in case it DOES work again.

The very first online site where I was published is It is such an honor to be a "member" of the 2theheart "team"! For heart-felt stories of inspiration, be sure to visit Susan Fahncke's 2THE HEART website. You can click on the 2theheart logo below. If you visit 2theheart, please tell Susan that Rita said "hello"!

I am one of the charter "angels" at's ANGELS2THEHEART, and I thank Susan F. for the hard work she does at bringing it all together. You can go to the angel link below to learn about the new angels2theheart that Susan Fahncke has started.

If you enjoy motivational material, you must
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Credit for the Rose Globe Goes to Foxee aka Stacy.
Thank you, Stacy, for a job well done. Stacy's icon has
been on my site for a long time, but it may not be active at this time.

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