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Meet My Web Sister


Meet My Web Sister, Connie!

I want to tell you about my Web Sister, Connie! We have a very special friendship and relationship. Long ago we came to claim one another as "Web Sisters." Connie and I met late last winter, in 1998, when I was doing a web search for some music information. Actually, we met through her husband, Jerry, who has a web site about "oldies" music, since the gig for which I was researching would involve me playing songs from the 1958 era. As a computer newbie, I couldn't have told you how I "found" Jerry's page, not really, but somehow my search led me right to his wonderful site!! I just say that it was a "God send," for many different reasons, the first being that his song-list helped me figure out songs for that particular gig (and many moresince then, actually!!). Well, I was so impressed with his site that I wrote him a letter via the e-mail address on his web site, and he was kind enough to answer. I had told Jerry in my letter why I needed the info I had gotten from his site, and in return he responded and mentioned that he, too, is a musician and that his wife, Connie, a gospel singer! Well, one thing led to another, and before I knew it we (he and Connie and I) were corresponding back and forth more and more. They told me about ICQ, but at the time my old computer was not capable of handling the download (not enough memory.....wasn't that SAD???), but when I got my current computer in May of l998, I immediately contacted Jerry and Connie again to get information about downloading ICQ.

Well, needless to say, I owe Connie and Jerry sooooo much!! They spent many, many patient hours with me that spring and summer, coaching me on different uses of ICQ and the internet in general, and Connie was such good help in those many chats that I ended up nicknaming her "Teacher."I cannot tell you the hours that lady and I have spent in chat over these past 9 months!!!! Connie introduced me to her web site, and I was in awe at the knowledge she had on putting together a site, although she is very modest about it and does not like to take credit. Connie and Jerry together introduced me to their good friend and "computer guru," Grant, or as some of us know him in ICQ, Taylormade, and Grant helped get me out of many jams, along with Connie and Jerry.

Time rolls by sooooo fast, and before I knew it, it was the hot summer, then fall, and then comes November. One night during one of mine and Connie's late-night chats, she brought up (for about the 10th time, I'll bet!) how I should look into doing myself a web page. I told her I just didn't understand enough to do me one, so the next thing I knew, I was answering all kinds of questions for Connie and looking at urls galore and images and this and that, and to my amazement she got me a Web Page address and my own page started in Angelfire,with her doing all of the "inside shell" work. One thing led to another, and before the next daybreak, I had a very good start for Rita's Cozy Corner!! I just could not BELIEVE I had my own Web Page!!! Wow!!! Of course, it was barely a start, just the opening page and some links at the time that had no pages to go with them, but to me it was SOOOO COOOOL and unbelieveable, and our work on my page has continued now over a period of time. Connie told me this was her Christmas gift to me!! Wowwww....what a gift!! It still has me in awe!!!! I just owe Connie soooo much!!!

As time went by, she and I developed the closest, most sisterly relationship. We both learned more and more about one another and the many things we had in common, and we kept talking about getting together and meeting in person one day!! Connie and Jerry live about 6 hours south of where we live. Now, if anyone is that familiar with Louisiana, it does not take you long to figure out that 6 hours apart must mean one lives in one end of the state, and one in the other end. Well, "guess who" is the northern-bound one, but yours truly!! I had been to South Louisiana before and knew I certainly loved the cajun cusine, but had been down there only for brief trips, and I had never really known a cajun friend "in the flesh," as they say.

But let me tell you about the day Connie and I finally got to meet in PERSON for the first time. It was the week of Thanksgiving. I had been busy the month of November with my music gigs, even made a journey the week prior to that to play in Nashville (that's the trip where I got to meet Ladysims!), and starting the first week of December I knew I had about 23 engagements for the month and would not have a break for a long time. So I took it upon myself that Sunday evening after my weekend gigs were all over, to get Connie to look at her calendar and see if it would be convenient for me to make a trip "to the bayou" and come visit them. I had even offered to get a motel room, of course, but "sister" Connie would have it NO OTHER WAY than for me to stay there in their home! Well, it was one of the most restful, fun, exciting, and neat experiences I have had in a long, long time, to get to go on that wonderful 3-day trip!!

I called Connie on my cellular phone on my way down there and again when I was in the edge of town. We set up a time and place to meet in a local parking lot, so she could lead me from there to their house, and as soon as I drove up into that parking lot, I KNEW it was her, grinning at me as she sat in her car. It was so remarkable that we BOTH drove up at the VERY SAME TIME, and I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL it was to be able and see her face to face for the first time!! She was just as sweet and wonderful and cute in person as I knew she would be...I told her I had expected her hair to have a slightly more reddish tint to it, can't really say why. But she had described herself to me really well, apparently, having never seen a picture of her!

Well, the visit was sooooo incredible...I got to see the "cajun way of life" and enjoyed every single minute of it all!! We talked and visited for hours on end, did some fun shopping during the next couple of days, met much of the family, visited with friends (Grant and his family), had some great food, and to top it all off, did a FUN "jam session" the last evening I was there. Jerry played his guitar and sang, and Connie sang, and so did Grant, and I played my keyboards. (Yes, I took the entire set-up for this....and sure am glad I did!!) We recorded our "jam" onto cassette, and it is one evening none of us will forget for a long time to come!! I want Connie to write and describe her wonderful town to you...a bayou literally runs RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE of it, and it is one town after another, with a "main street" being on each side of the bayou!!! There are fishing boats galore in the bayou, and it's just a very special place with lots of French accents and the cajun way of life!!

Since that first incredible meeting, we have had another more recent chance to get together. My husband Jimmie is an income tax accountant, and he had a tax seminar to attend at Baton Rouge, LA, right after the first of the year. To our delight, Connie and Jerry along with Grant and his family all made the trip "north" to meet us there. We went out to dinner then we all returned to our motel for a nice, enjoyable visit, until they had to leave late, around mid-night, to return to "the bayou," better than a 2-hour drive. I sure did appreciate them taking the time and effort to come share that evening with us and to give my Jimmie a chance to meet my special Web Sister and friends!

Well, I wanted to introduce you to my Web Sister Connie. Yes, she is incredible. She worked soooo hard on putting together my web page, she is such a sweet, caring person, and I can never forget her for all the patient work she has put into it for me. I must add that, in the time since I last saw Connie, she had to quit her job to care for her dad, who was suffering from a serious heart ailment. It is with great sadness that I must mention that her dad passed away March 17, 1999. This has been a very hard year for Connie, and I donít see how she has been so strong!! She is a very special lady!!! I love Connie and claim her as a "sister" of my own, needless to say!! She has been like an "angel" sent into my life!
Thank you, Connie, for EVERYTHING!!

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