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~ My Awards & Gifts~

I want to say a "Very Special Thank You" to all of you who have honored my site with an award! They are accepted and appreciated from the bottom of my heart! But I especially thank my Web Sister, Connie, at Connie's Corner for the hard work she has done in putting it all together. ~Hugs~ to you, have certainly worked hard and with supreme patience to a "newbie" like me, and have done a tremendous job!!

My first Gift
Receieved: January 20, 1999

~ My Very 1st Award ~
Awarded January 9, 1999

Awarded January 12, 1999

Awarded January 17, 1999

Awarded February 2, 1999

Awarded February 2, 1999

Receieved Febuary 10, 1999

Awarded February 18, 1999

Awarded March 1, 1999

Awarded March 4, 1999

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