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What is the Australian Aquaria Webring ?
The Australian Aquaria Webring is a collection of Australian aquaria related sites on the World Wide Web. Each site is linked to the next. No matter where you start you will eventually be able to make your way around all the sites and end up back at the beginning.

Want to join the Australian Aquaria Web Ring ?
If you want to join the Australian Aquaria WebRing, read ALL of the instructions before beginning, and follow the steps outlined.
If , after reading all these instructions, you're not quite ready to join us, bookmark this page and please take the opportunity to visit a random site on the Australian Aquaria Webring. Travel the WebRing, and if you decide later that you wish to join us, you will be more than welcome!

About our Graphic.
"Rainbow Trout" by Chad Johnstone.
If you would like to know more about Chad Johnstone's work or see some of his paintings visit the Tobwabba Art Home page.


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