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Download the graphics here:
Download the graphics shown here by right clicking on your mouse, choose "Save image as "aaw.jpg" & "blue.gif" & save them to your hard drive, & upload the files to your server, as it is necessary for the code to work properly. The graphics are in the HTML coding for your page, if different, you will have to modify the code to point to the correct image file name.
aaw.jpg blue.gif
Your Banner Should look like this:
This Australian Aquaria Webring Site
is owned by
Shanie O'Connor
Australian Aquaria Webring
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Random ][ List Sites ]
The Australian Aquaria Webring is managed by
Shanie O'Connor
This webring is made possible by WebRing
The size of the banner should be : width 265 pixels
The Image should be : width 265 pixels, height 190 pixels
Hyperlinks should be :
Australian Aquaria Webring Site :

Your_Name : mailto: Your email address - but should be your name in the image.

The image :

Ring Info :;ring=aufish

Next :;id=

Previous :;id=

Random :;id=

List Sites :

Shanie O'Connor :

Webring :


Australian Aquaria Webring is made possible by WebRing

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