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Never Doubt the Power of Prayer


Sister Sheree has requested a special prayer for her little dog Scooter who is very ill. Scooter is her long time friend and companion. If you would like to know more about Scooter...please visit Sheree's web site where you can read her story.

Be well Sister and God's blessings on you and your precious little friend.


Hello my name is Jenny and I am new to the group. One of the ladies in my discusson group has a nephew that is less that two weeks old and he has been in three hospitals since his birth with lung problems and is fighting for his life. His name is Gage. I would appreciate any prayers offered for him. His mother has never been able to hold him in her arms. Thank you so much.

Jenny our prayers will be with you and your friends nephew.


A few days ago my dad had a heartattack.He goes today to have the dye test run.This is not his first attack.He has had to have open heart surgery a couple of times. I would like to ask all of you to throw in a extra prayer for him.He is a special man in our lives and we are quite worried at this point. Thank you all for listening and the prayers. Carmen

Carmen...our prayers and love will shine your way as long as you need us :)

Just found out 2 days ago that what we suspected in the deepest part of our hearts was true. My 2 year old grand-daughter was molested by her father (now in jail for other things and due to get out in September). Please hold her and her mother in your prayers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Mary.If there is anything we can do for you please let us know.

My close friend Danica just found out last night that her mom is suffering from Cancer. This has devestated her. Danica, who is torn up by it, is still not herself, but how can she be? Please, if you will, add an extra prayer for her mother in with the rest. Her mom is a very wonderful person, and deserves all the prayers she can get.

Robin we will be praying for your friends mom.Keep the faith.God does miracles.

I have several prayer requests which I'll list in no particular order.

Please pray for four year old Katie Beede, who had a cancerous tumor removed from her brain on June 22, 1998. The doctor thinks he got the entire mass, but there were tentacles throughout her brain. He said this was the worst kind it could have been. She's undergone radiation therapy, but the doctor has said the tumor has a nine out of ten chance of returning within five years and, at that point, nothing more could be done.

Pray for Breanna. Just last week we discovered that our two year old granddaughter, who has multiple problems due to being premature, has leukemia. Breanna has had to be put into a foster home for medically fragile children.

Prayers for Kris. This young woman has had chemotherapy, apparently successful, for Hodgkin's disease. She's to have scans done quarterly for the next five years. The first was yesterday, 10/2/98. God grant her and her family freedom from illness and peace as she faces the five years of waiting.

And, please pray for Vicky, a dear young friend who was found to have a mass in her breast last week. Her mother had bilateral breast cancer, so chances are that she, also, is a victim. Vicky takes care of another dear friend who is unable to even get to the bathroom on her own, and her biggest concern is not for herself, but for that friend and who will care for her.

Lastly, I ask you all to pray that our Lord will allow me to find my missing brother.

Joan we will send you all of our prayers.We wish them all the best.

Little Puppy

I would like to put in a prayer for my best friends daughter. She was taken to the emergency room last night after not sleeping or eating for four days. She had an irregular heartbeat and was near death when she went in. She was taking medicine to desensitize some nerves due to a nerve injury during pregnancy and had a reaction to the medicine.

She is so sensitive that she can't touch anything plastic at all. It immediately makes her nauseous and weak. I think some of it will pass with time, but it's going to take a long time for her to recuperate. It's sad. All i ask is that you pray for her and her family. Bless you all.
Little Puppy,our prayers and thoughts are with your friend.We hope she recovers soon.

My friends, May I ask for your prayers for my little daughter Hayley. She now is at her 24 month scan to check for brain tumor recurrence (Wednesday 12-20). She is the light of my life and I have been humbled by prayers answered thus far. Thanks so much!

I would like to ask everyone to say a little prayer for my family.My grandmother died April the 24th,2002.She has had cancer for a few years now and God finally took her to his home above.Even though we all know she is in a better place than we are right now the grieving still goes on.

About a week ago Hubby rushed me the emergency room at the hospital. I knew I had not had a heart attack yet but it was getting worse. I went all numb, like I was having some sort of out of the badly experience. LOL. I also could breath. Blood pressure I couldn't get under control. I though they would send me on back home. Well they didn't. They kept me and put me in ICU. So I am fixing to have a bunch of test with a pulmonary doctor and a cardiac doctor. I've had trouble for the last 2 days keeping my blood pressure down again and this is with all the meds they gave. I hate to ask the girls but I sure could use the prayer support about now. Thank you,Sassy

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