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Encouraging a Depressed Person to Seek Help

Do you know someone who is suffering from depression? Have you tried to get him out of the house to cheer them up, but he just wonít budge? Do you feel frustrated because you donít know what to do? Donít give up! Your encouragement and support are exactly what he needs.

You should know that the struggle to get a depressed person into treatment is not uncommon. A person suffering from depression will complain of being constantly tired and will typically lack motivation. This draining feeling makes even the thought of looking for a medical professional or calling for an appointment overwhelming.

Also, pervasive negative thoughts, another normal symptom of depression, may convince your depressed friend or loved that his situation is hopeless, and he may refuse to pursue treatment, believing it to be pointless.

If your friend or family member resists getting help for depression, here are some things you can do to encourage the depressed person to seek help:

  • Suggest a depression mental health retreat. Sometimes the depressed person refuses treatment due to the negative stigma that is often associated with inpatient mental health treatment, especially if it means going into a hospital. Alternatively, mental health retreats that offer a residential setting, provide round-the-clock care, and teach skills to empower the person to cope with their illness, can be easily brought up in conversation by referring to it as a refreshing and positive work-on-you experience.
  • Suggest a general health check-up. A regular doctorís visit can also be a great option, since your loved one may feel less anxious about going to a medical doctor instead of a therapist. A doctor can rule out medical causes of depression and diagnose the disease and then refer your loved one to a reputable psychiatrist or psychologist, if necessary. Sometimes, all it takes is a professional opinion to urge someone in the right direction for treatment.
  • Offer to help do the research and contact. For a depressed person who has low energy, it is a huge help to have someone willing to help him make calls and look into the variety of mental health treatment options.
  • Go with your friend or loved one on his first visit. Finding the right mental health treatment provider can be difficult and may take several professional consultations to find the best fit.
  • Assist your friend or loved one in listing his symptoms/ailments. It is helpful for the therapist or doctor to know exactly how the depressed person is feeling. For your part in this process, you can assist in not only making the list but also bringing up things that you have noticed as an outside observer. For example, you could mention that you noticed they are often unwilling to leave the house, or that they seem to feel worse in the morning, or that they always seem to get a headache or feel nauseous while getting ready for work.

Once your friend or family member does seek treatment for his or her depression, it is important to remain supportive. Sometimes, especially as a family member, you may be called upon to join in your loved oneís therapy sessions. Do whatever you can do for him and remain patient. When they are ready for psychological treatment, visit Estadt Psychological Services to schedule an appointment.

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