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2000: The People's Millennium

  Direction of Future is Clear 
from CPIM

Lénine:   destin différé? 
from CPF

The Bolshevik Revolution & Red October 
  Taking the Lessons Forward

from SACP

The People of Cuba vs. 
The Government of the United States of America
  For Human Damages 
from CPC

  The people ask 'Whose world is it?'
from CPUSA

  Erklärung von Mitgliedern der Plattform "Internationalismus" bei der PDS 
und Koordinatoren des internationalen "Bündnisses von Antiimperialisten, Kommunisten und Sozialisten" (BAKS)

Statement of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPY) &
The League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (SKOJ)

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The Communist Manifesto is the first expression of the modern working-class outlook. Originally written in 1848, this is a hypertext version of the English edition of 1888 published by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.

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  • Red Star Trotsky Internet Archive Red Star
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  • Red Star Mao Internet Archive Red Star
  • Red Star Other Marxists Internet Archive Red Star
  • RedNet
  •  SolidNet
  • Marxists EMail Lists
  • Hugo Gellert: Karl Marx's Capital in Lithographs (by Graphic Witness) 
  • Stimmen der proletarischen Revolution-- MLwerke 
  • The International The Internationale
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