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Aggressors Can't Be Peacekeepers

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) &
The League of Yugoslavian Communist Youth (SKOJ)


June 9, 1999

[NOTE:  The NATO air war against the Yugoslavian province of Kosovo & Metohija lasted for 79 days, from March 24 to June 10, 1999.]

den 9. juni 1999

Gode kammerat!
Dear Comrade!

Statement of Secretariat of New Communist Party of Yugoslavia:


NKPY does not accept imposed "aggreement" which is signed in Belgrade by goverment of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Victor Chernomidin and president of finland Marti Ahtissari.

The "agreement" represents insignificant modification of NATO's ultimatum to Yugoslavia. It demands legalisation of occupation of Kosovo and Metohija by NATO troops. It has to be carried out by United Nations which is plain tool of USA and NATO. UN still didn't condemn NATO aggresion on sovereign Yugoslavia. Inspite of that, they took part, both directly and indirectly in criminal conspiracy and aggresson against our country. Yeltsin's envoy Victor Chernomidin prolonged negotiations on purpose for two months (in deal with USA) until NATO destroyed most of Yugoslavian infrastructure, until NATO devastated our cities and villages and murder thousands of people. And then, he brought an ultimatum knowing that our goverment lacks of ammunition and other resources necessary for defence. It is well known that Yugoslavia didn't import any weaponery in last eight years due the blocade.

Ahtissary is plain envoy of western military block, while Chernomidin and his sponsors betrayed not only Yugoslavia, but Russia as well. Occupation of Kosovo and Metohija is step forward in desmembering of Yugoslavia and preparation for aggression on Russia. However, in military aspect, NATO didn't succeed to defeat Yugoslavia. NATO's air force sustained great loses in aggression on our country.

NKPY will treat NATO's occupation troops as enemies and criminals. NKPY will soon publish declaration about that metter. Declaration will consider goals and character of aggresion agains Yugoslavia, on NATO's plans for
dismemberment of our country, on struggle for expelling NATO troops from Yugoslavia and Balcans.

High treason which was carried out by Chernomidin and his sponsors, NKPY does not link with russian people and Russian communists who done everything possible to defend Yugoslavia and Russia from attacks and aggression of New World Order.

NKPY calls upon all communists, all progressive forces in yugoslavia and abroad to stand up against agressive and criminal politics of New World Order led by USA, to stand up in protection of Yugoslavia and Balcans, to help our country in protecting of sovereignity and independance till final expelling blood-thursty hordes of NATO from Kosovo and Metohija.

There is no freedom, independance and integrity under occupation of NATO criminals. The leaders of NATO countries have to be put on trial on International tribunal for war crimes against Yugoslav peoples.

On behalf of Secretariat of NKPY

Branko Kitanavic
Secretary General

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