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The Internationale
(Arabic Version)

Comrade Nasr writes:   "Actually I scanned it [i.e. this Arabic version of the Internationale] from a little booklet entitled Anasheed Thawriyah (Revolutionary Anthems) published in Beirut, Lebanon, by Dar al-Farabi publishers -- the publishing house of the Lebanese Communist Party. It probably was printed in the 1970s but there's no date on it.

I'm not certain who did the this translation of the Internationale into Arabic originally. Someone once told me he thought it was somebody in Iraqi CP many decades ago. Anyhow I believe this text to be pretty general throughout the Arab world, especially the first verse, and not specifically Lebanese or Palestinian."

The Internationale (Arabic Version)

palestine_smflag_anim.gif (6062 bytes)    Thanks to Comrade Abu Nasr for this translation!   palestine_smflag_anim.gif (6062 bytes)

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