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Digital Art by Bryde
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** General 3D and Subdivision Informations

3D Fundamentals - 101. Basic informations about 3D - starting point for 3D newbies. This is a PDF file, so you can download it for offline reading if you want.

Subdivision Modeling - Introduction

Subdivision Modeling of a Human

** Wings3D related Tutorials

Wings3D Homepage - Tutorials

Tutorial Central - Wings3D board. Lots of links, but several are broken.

Q&A Interface and Usage on the Wings3D board. Browse along, lots of useful bits of informations here.

Tutorials in the Wings3D User Manual. This is the official manual in PDF. Download it for further references.

Wings3D Soccer Ball tutorial

Complete tutorial for Wings3D for a little figure from basics to advanced stuff.

Building a Bi-ped in Wings3d for beginners.

Modeling a character head in Wings3D

Quadroped tutorial at - Part 1

Quadroped tutorial at - Part 2. You will have to join the community first, but it's free and you can get lots of useful freebies on Rosity too. You can download the PDF version from the Tutorial page on my site too.

Creating a Wings3D Spider Ship. Mark's first Wings3D tutorial at The Fellowship Forum.

Creating a Wings3D Cliffside Sun Spa. Mark's second Wings3D tutorial.

Creating a Wings3D Alien Castle. Mark's third Wings3D tutorial.

** PuzzledPaul's Wings3D Tutorials

ppzpitstop. Wings 3D tutorials, notes and general information.

** A few Nendo tutorials, which work in Wings 3D too, cause Wings is based on Nendo

A cartoon dog head tutorial

Low poly human head

A wine glas tutorial

Low poly car

The Eyeguy tutorial

Nendo Demo free download. The Izware - creator of Nendo - Homepage is working again - dunno for how long it will be up this time... Go and download the free Nendo 1.1.6 Demo package. They only disabled the export function, so you just can save the models in ndo file format, but you can import them in Wings3D and export them from there into 3ds or obj format. The package contains 34 ready models and the complete Nendo user guide with the Penguin tutorial, which should work in Wings3D too. If you get an error message that the model has a Version 1.0 error, just load it in Nendo and save it under a different name - that new file will open in Wings just fine.

** Forums and Communities to look for

Wings3D Official Development Forum. Look around even in the archives, lots of informations here. This is the official Wings3d forum and the bugs reported here, will be fixed asap by the author of the program.

CG Talk Wings3D. New Wings3d specific forum. The interest in Wings3D within the advanced modeler community is increasing pretty fast!

CGCHAT - Wings3D

Wings3D Forum at Renderosity. You'll have to join Renderosity first, but it's worth the bit of work and it is free.

Spiraloid - Digital Sculpting Forum. A general 3d forum.

Threedy Forums - Post your tutorials here. There are several basic tutorials on sub-division here, which might be of interest for Wings3d too.

Latest News

Wings3D is a very easy to learn modeling program. It is still in the developement and fun to work with. Best is: it is free!

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