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Metasequoia 3D free modeling program

You probably know, that I am trying to learn 3D modeling and that I do this by learning Wings3D. But this is not the only cool free 3D modeler. Another one is the Japanese Metasequoia. You can choose between the free LE version and the shareware version 2.2.3. Unfortunately you can't buy the full version, since it is only sold in Japan. But you can work in it and save your model in the native format mqo. Then just open the LE version and there you go. With the LE version you can (besides it's own native mqo format):
Import format:
DoGA -> suf
AutoCAD -> dxf
LightWave -> lwo
Caligari -> cob
Wavefront -> obj
Rokkaku daioh -> rok
Export format:
DoGA -> suf
AutoCAD -> dxf
Caligari -> cob
Direct3D -> x
SoftF/X -> sce
RayDream Studio -> rds
POV Ray scene -> pov

While I have seen stunning Poser clothes made by Japanese 3d artists with Metasequoia, I hardly found much English tutorials for creating different models in this application. What I did find is a basic overview for the buttons and then some deeper tutorials about creating airplanes for some flight simulation games.

Metasequoia Tutorial - a basic overview about the program.
How To MetasequoiaLE. This site also has several tutorials for creating airplanes for flight sims and a lot of free models as well.
MetasequoiaLE Help. English translation of the included html help. It still isn't fully translated and on several images there is the japanese text shown - might be a bit confusing...
Metasequoia Workshops - the example is an airplane for a flight simulator. Workshops are in German only. Go to MENU and then Workshops.

I also have compiled a tutorial from Monsoon, member of 3D Commune, who has written it as an answer to a question on the 3D Application forum there. Since he didn't have the time to put it up on the web, I did it for him. The tutorial comes in 2 parts and can be found on the Tutorial page. It is more a basic overview, than a tutorial for creating a special model, though.

Please let me know, if you know of more English tutorial sites or even about your own tutorial. If you don't have webspace to offer it for download or viewing online, I'd be happy to host it for you.

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