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Hi, come on in. This is my home, I hope you like it in here. Make yourself at home here, I'd say, my Home is your Home. This Home is really a reflection of me; it has all the things in life that are interesting to me gathered here on these pages.
Most of you people know me as Lanfir from the Book Forum or Dragonmount (where I also call myself Maisia). And maybe it is nice to read something more about the person behind Lanfir or the Aes Sedai herself if you are interested. This page is my Home. Its full of wonders and contains things I made or care about, and things I want to show you. I hope you like it, and if you dont, well, too bad for you. You know where the exit button is *g*.
My home contains a few fanfic stories, pictures, WOT and some cool links... I'm Internet-addicted to the core. The sites where I hang around the most is on the Community Site Dragonmount, and the Wheel of Time Game Site, fondly called Since I spend so much time there (it's not that exciting at work you know...*g*) Im considered as an "oldie" on both sites. I frequently visit both of them for more than two years.
On Dragonmount I'm member of the White Tower, and my rank is Head of the Green Ajah and Sitter in the Hall. I bet you learn more if you check my other pages.


My Wheel of Time Page
This page is a short explanation of my WOTmania: an introduction of MY vision on the Wheel of Time.
The Green Ajah Quarters
My main source of time spending on the internet: being Head of the Green Ajah at Dragonmount. This is the page that Olli and I maintain for it; it looks a lot better than this one!
My Story Page
Please please PLEASE take a look at my Story Page. The lay out might be crappy, but the stories here took a lot of effort, and I really hope you will read them.
Me and my friends
Info about my real life, for the ones among you who are interested!
Pics of my friends!
My picture book of my RL friends
Whats going on in my life? The link above is the most updated page on my whole site. If you're really interested in silly RL stories and pictures, this is the link to follow! *g* (Even though the last update was March, Im sorry. I, um, like, forgot the password. *sheepish grin*
Nymphia's Homepage
The homepage of my friend Annemarie
Aurelie's website
The site of my friend Aurelie. It has some cool pictures, stories, and stuff be sure to it check out.
Two Rivers - Home of Mysteries
Here you'll find the homepage of my roommate, Thomas. He calls himself Gandalf when he's online.
Blackthorne's Haunt
This link leads you to the homepage of one of my best online friends, Janet. She calls herself Blackthorne and I know her for more than a year now. Her homepage is large and filled with wonders, and she updates and changes every once and a while. Its worth the visit!

Dont forget to visit My Messageboard and to leave a message!

Meet my adopted Dragon!

What a cutie, dont you think? I call him Zwelgje! *g* You can adopt your own little dragon at!

Other VERY cool sites

Final Fantasy Gurus
This is the best Final Fantasy Site I know, actually. Ive spent a lot of time there, and besides the good info it also looks really flashy.
And this is also the best FF site... It has all the information for a good game play - the walkthrough is excellent!
The Brad Game!
If you're very bored, go and play the coolest and the weirdest Choose-your-own-adventure-game on the Net! Brad rules!
The Official K's Choice Website
If you know me, I'm fairly sure you know how much I enjoy their music. Take a look at their Official Site!
The Official Website of The Gathering
Visit the website of one of the best gothic-like bands in the world, The Gathering.
The Official Nightwish Website
Their kind of music is quite similar to The Gathering. If you like one, you'll probably like the other too.

ICQ me! (you can download it by following this link). My personal icq number is 9894597, and at this moment I am . Tnx!

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Webrings 'n Stuff

Here's my award for being the Coolest Aes Sedai Ever; made and given by our one and only Amyrlin Seat!

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