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What a Year!!

As the spring scent rises in the air, motorcycle riders get the itching to hear the roar of the engine. The Crusaders attend many events, sometimes in a large group, sometimes in groups of two, and sometimes by themselves with their "brothers" in their hearts. We wanted to share some pictures of events that we have attended and events we have put on, so that you could see the love we have for one another. Hanging out is an important part of knowing what God is about. You are invited to attend any of our events, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what/if you ride. So, whether it's a friendly cookout or riding in a pack, you are officially invited. Come check out the Brotherhood we have, God is good.

Starting the Year off Right--together

Bringin' in the NEW YEAR with Brothers and Sisters

Celebrating Life and Being together

IT's midnight and time for fireworks

All Smiles-- Ready to start a Another Year together


Going places where others can't

Our approach to ministry is different. We are not here to win the "good Looking" people to Christ but rather those that others tend to look down on and forget about. Most people think that it's not possible but we are here to prove you wrong. Christianity is not about looking down on our fellow "brother" but kneeling down and lending a hand. Most that criticize can't or won't look at their relationship with Christ. There is no "one size fits all". We are here to lift you up no matter your background, and that's the road God has chosen for us, who are we to change it? Check us out and form your own opinion.

Breaking Bread Together

Happy to show what Jesus can do

Spreading the Word and saving one soul at a time


A NEW life is born..Congradulations Jonathan and Britney

A New adition to the Owens family, not only a daughter but a grandaughter also!! GOD is good!


Easter Service

Gathering to Remember

What Jesus died for

One man preaching God's message of Love and Forgivness..

Easter Egg Hunt for the Children

Blessing of the Bikes

Each year the Crusaders put on a Blessing of the Bikes. This allows riders to bring their bikes and have the rider and the bike, prayed over to help ensure a safe riding season.

the bikes gathering for prayer

What a group

Praying for each other

Ready to ride forAggie R.I.P.


Summer Bike Trip

Each year the Crusaders plan a bike trip. These trip usually center around a bike week or a big bike event that we can travel to and fellowship with others. This year four people were able to travel to Myrtle Beach Bike Week and meet lots of new people and some old ones.

Ready to Ride

What a day and so much to celbrate, God, a Birthday, and just being alive!!

Bikes and Burn-out's

What a trip!! Off to plan the next one!!

Poker Run for the Second Brigade M/C

Ready to ride and show support, it's always great to ride together

Getting to know one another, spreading God's love and brotherhood

What a great day


June was a busy month for the Crusaders. There was a cookout at the Owens', poker run's, and the BIG move back to Owensboro. God has blessed our group with direction and it is up to us to make sure that we follow HIS direction.

The day started off with great weather and great friends and family

Gathering for food and fellowship, the more you are together the more you grow

Smiles all around

Relationships grow, God's love shine through, and the day turn to night

This year we had a great loss of one of our brothers Chad whom we called Rhoadie. He was a Crusaders through and through and loved to work sound when able. He was a blessing to know and an example of what Brotherhood is.

R.I.P. Brother

One last ride for a fallen Brother

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