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Crusaders Set Free Up Coming Events

The following events are open to anyone.
No matter who you are or where you are from.
If you are going to need directions or you just want more information then you can e-mail me.


  • July 17-20th - Little Sturgis Rally - Each year the Crusaders work the gate to help raise money for our Community Care Program. We work the graveyard shift at the gate, but this year also added parking. Next year we are going ot expand even more. We are always looking for more responsible people to help out.

  • September 5-6 - Private Party - This is what it is all about here we will be able to "witness all the time and speak when nessesary" This is a Patch Only event.

  • September 27th - Toy Run - Last year we were able to raise over $6000.00 to benefit the Rock Crusade's Community Care Program. This helps the children of Owensboro, Henderson, and Evansville at Christmas time. We will be starting at Roca Bar in Owensboro, Ky at 11 am parading out at 1 pm heading to Milligian's lounge. At Miligian's there will be bike games, lots of door prizes, a 50/50 pot and much more.. Cost is a $10 toy and 2 can goods. All proceeds go to the kids and their families at Christmas time.

  • October 2-5- HogRockTober Rally

  • October 31 - Halloween Parade - More info. to come.

  • - Toy Distribution - This year each member of the Crusaders will be choosing a family that is in need and will not be able to get help any where else. We will be giving the kids and their families a Christmas that will make them Smile and remember God's love.

    Keep an eye out for more events.
    There will be more details on these event later.
    Please check the website in order to make sure one of these events have not been cancelled due to weather. All donations are welcomed, just email for more information.

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