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My Old Kentucky Ghosts

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There's said to be a woman that haunts the yard of an African-American church in Auburn Kentucky. A member of the church described her encounter with the ghost to me. She had gotten out of her car and was walking toward the church when she noticed a woman, dressed totally in white with a pale face, coming towards her. She waved to the woman but the woman didn't respond. She waved to her again and said "Hello." The woman looked at her with a cold stare and then disappeared. Very frightened, the church member ran inside. When she told others at the church what she had seen, they became very concerned. She learned that this woman was only seen when a member of the church would soon die. Soon after this incident, three church members died.

One night a Bullit County family, eating supper in their antebellum home, heard movement at the top of the kitchen stairs. They didn't think too much about it until they heard what sounded like someone dragging something heavy down the stairs, although there was no one to be seen. When the noise reached the bottom of the stairs, the back door opened, and the dragging sound moved into the smoke house in the back yard. After investigating the history of the house, the family learned that before the Civil War, illegal gambling took take place in a room at the top of the stairs. One night the owner became angry and killed a man for cheating. He dragged the man down the stairs and buried him in the smoke house. Sometimes at night laughter and talking can be heard coming from this room. And on one occasion at night, A woman awoke and saw three woman dressed in gaudy antebellum dresses standing at the foot of her bed. the women giggled, then disappeared. It is believed that prostitution may also have taken place in this home.

Another Haunting in Auburn was Described to Me - My neighbors' house in Auburn is haunted. My aunt used to live there and died there. You can't say any cuss words in the house because a broom will fall down and smack the floor, and if you continue to cuss the broom starts bouncing up and down and hitting the floor. My aunt didn't like it when people cussed. My aunt's favorite color was purple, but the ghost is always dressed in a white gown. There is a purple gown that always disappears at night, but it is always there in the day. There was already a ghost in this house when my aunt lived there, because when I would stay, I would feel people brush past me, and things would move. I think my aunt may have run this other ghost off after she died. Most things happen at night. I think this is because my aunt worked at night, and when she was not working, she would stay up all night.

A few years ago an old woman died who lived in an old house in Bowling Green. Shortly after that a family moved in with their two girls. One night the mother heared the two girls in their room talking. It sounded as though someone else was in the room talking to them, but when the mother opened the door, there was on one there but the two girls. When she asked the girls who they had been talking to, they replied that they had been talking to the nice old lady. This happened on three different occasions.

There's an old farm house in Logan county that has been in the same family for over 150 years. A few years ago, there was a really bad storm one night, and the father was not at home. His wife and her mother were there and were nervous about the storm, when they heard something being dragged across the attic floor. Suddenly they heard a child's voice, as though in the same room, whisper, "He's here." Frightened, the two grabbed the two children, who had been sleeping in another room, and left the house. The next day, the father investigated the attic and found that an old trunk had been moved across the room.

There's a haunted house in Barren County, and every night around ten o'clock it would sound like someone was tossing coins, one by one, into a bucket. One night the owner got tired of hearing this and said, "Why don't you just toss them coins in there at the same time and be quite." Suddenly, it sounded like someone dropped all the coins at once into the bucket. That was the last time anybody heard the coins dropping.

Some friends were hunting arrowheads at Horseshoe Bend in Allen County and decided to head home because it was getting dark, and they had about two miles to walk. On the return home, they noticed, in the distance, a group of people sitting around a campfire. They lost site of the campfire as they went down a hill. When they reached the top of the next hill, they were stunned to see that there was no fire and no people at the site. When they reached the spot where they had seen the fire, there was no evidence that a fire had ever been there.

A Butler county woman noticed that a certain part of her newly purchased home was always colder than the rest of the house. A bedroom, closet and bathroom in the back part of the house stayed so cold that frost would accumulate on the windows even when it wasn't cold outside. One day she went into the closet and hung up some clothes. As she left to go to another part of the house, she closed all the doors in the cold section to keep the frosty air from going into the rest of the house. When she came back about two hours later, she was startled to find that all the doors were wide open. What was most surprising was the fact that the closet door was open. This door dragged on the floor and could not have possibly opened on its own. The new owner said that the closet gave her a bad feeling because there was a lock on the outside of it, making her wonder if it had once been used to lock someone inside. On another occasion, her son was in the bathroom about to take a shower when he felt someone breathing down the back of his neck. Wondering if the house could be haunted, she asked around and discovered that a woman had died in that very bedroom. She also learned that the woman had a thing about doors: she never liked them to be closed. Perhaps she had bad memories of being locked in the closet.

Girl in Warren County Offers Evidence That Even a New House Can Be Haunted - We built our house about six years ago. One night my dad and sister were working late on the house. When they got ready to leave, they went to the barn and turned off the electricity. They looked back at the house and saw that the light was still on in my sister’s future upstairs bedroom. They went to the house to check the light but the breaker was off. It was not possible for the light to be on. On another occasion, they were working in the house and heard someone come in the front door, walk through the house and go out the back door, closing it behind them. When they ran to the back door and looked out, there was no one there. We talked to some neighbors who had lived there a long time and learned an interesting story about the property. A long time ago, there used to be barn sitting where we were building our house. There also used to be a house on the lot. One night a man came home drunk and found his wife with another man. This man went to the barn, which sat where our house is now, and hanged himself. This could explain why the house is haunted. On another occasion, when my mom and dad were at home by their self, they heard someone yell, “Hello!” from the basement. They went downstairs to see who it was and heard the door to the garage open and close. They hurried to the garage and opened the door, but no one was there. The big garage doors were shut, and there was no way anyone could have gotten out so quickly. One night, I was in my room working on a project for school, and out of nowhere, a pair of scissors flew across the room and hit my dresser. This was really scary. There have been a whole lot of things happen besides this.

Bowling Green Woman Hears Uncle’s Drums - My uncle liked to play the drums, and when he died, my grandmother closed his room off because she didn’t want anybody to go in there. One night I was staying over at my grandmother’s with a cousin. That night, while we were lying in bed, we started to hear drums playing. We got out of bed and followed the sound. We discovered that it was coming from my uncle’s room. We opened the door to his room, and at that moment the drums stopped, and there was no one there.

Edmonson County Woman Tells of Her Great-Grandfather’s Favorite Rocking Chair - My great-grandfather always liked to rock in a certain rocking chair on his back porch. One day he was found dead in that rocking chair. After that my mother said she would never sit in that chair. Sometimes, she said, when she was a kid, she’d be outside in the backyard playing, and that rocking chair would start rocking on its own. Even after death, it was still his favorite rocking chair.

Man Visits Haunted Log House in Sulphur Springs - There’s an old abandoned log house in Sulphur Springs. I went there to take some pictures last winter. I felt uncomfortable the whole time I was there. It felt like I was not alone. Then I clearly heard someone say, “What are you doing here?” I looked around, but there wasn’t a soul around. I talked to a man that used to live there years ago. He told me that when he lived there, they would sometimes hear people talking and that doors would slam for no reason.

Mattress Cover Haunts Cemetery - A woman in Barren County grew up near a cemetery in eastern Kentucky. As she tells it, one night her and her sisters were walking home from a party. They were always afraid of this cemetery, especially at night, and their walk home was lit only by moonlight. As they approached the cemetery, they noticed something white. When they got closer, they saw that it was a ghost, hovering in the air. Its ghostly white clothes flapped in the wind, and it appeared to be looking in their direction. The girls screamed and ran as fast as they could go all the way home. When they had caught their breath enough to talk, they told their parents what they had seen. The girls father and brother lit some lanterns and went to investigate. When they got to the cemetery, they found a white mattress cover hanging from a tree.

Ohio County Woman Attacked by Witch in Cemetery - There’s suppose to be a witch buried in a cemetery in Muhlenberg County. One night in July of 1967, I went there with my boyfriend and another couple. I stuck my head out the window of the car and yelled for the witch to come out. A white fog appeared and formed the shape of a woman. The woman was wearing a long dress, and she appeared to be holding a candle with a reddish glow. She started floating towards our car. Then she was on the windshield of the car. Then she was in the car, and I felt her grab my ankle. It felt like the hand of a dead person grabbing my ankle. I started screaming, and my boyfriend started the car. We took off as fast as we could. Twenty years later, I saw my old boyfriend again, and he asked me if I remembered what had happened at the cemetery. He described the same thing I had seen. This was strange because after it happened, for some reason, we never discussed it again.

Teenager From Pig Warned by Grandmother - Me and my mom would see this little girl at my house. I’d wake up every morning at 3:10, and she’d be standing in my room. One day my cat had got out of the house, and I didn’t know where she was. I was looking for the cat upstairs and caught a glimpse of the girl out of the corner of my eye. I took off running and looked back before I ran down the steps. The little girl turned into my grandmother. She looked at me and said, “Stay out of the house for three weeks or something bad will happen.” We stayed out of the house for three weeks, and when we came back, we never saw the ghost of the little girl or my grandmother again. The little girl was my grandmother when she was young. I don’t know what would have happened if we’d stayed at the house, but I didn’t want to find out either.

Man Sees His Mother After Her Passing - A long time ago, my grandfather was out in a field walking home when he saw his mother. She was walking at a distance and didn’t seem to notice him. When he got home, he was told his mother had passed away. He said, “No, that can’t be. I just saw her out in the field.”

Couple Returns For a Stroll - My sister used to live in an old house in Louisville that Shirley Temple had once visited. One day my sister was walking out in the backyard, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a man and woman approaching. The man and woman walked past her but didn’t say anything. Some time later, my sister was doing research on the house and came upon a picture of a couple that had once lived there but had passed away. The couple in the picture was the same man and woman she had seen in the backyard that day.

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