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My Old Kentucky Ghosts

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I've been told of a family that once moved out of an old house in Franklin because it was haunted by the ghost of a woman. Once when the family had returned from a vacation, they were questioned by neighbors about who had been staying at the house while they were gone. When told that no one had stayed there, the neighbors were puzzled because they had seen a woman staring out of an upstairs window. On another occasion, the couple were awakened in the middle of the night by their frightened teenage daughter who had saw the image of a woman standing at the foot of her bed. The final straw came when the wife got in her car one day and someone else seemed to get in with her. The passenger door opened and closed as though someone had climbed in and sat down beside her. After this happened, the family moved out. I've noticed this house was again for sale recently, but I'm not sure the reason the recent owners had decided not to stay. When I drive past this house now, I find myself glancing at the upstairs windows, wondering if I might see a phantom face, watching me from another time.

Tomb in Russellville--Can you see the cat-like face in the left clover-shaped window?

Many years ago in Buck Creek, Barren County, two men were arguing. The argument escalated until one of the men, noticing the other man pulling a knife on him, pulled a gun under his horse's neck and killed him. The man fell on a rock and died. From there after, the surviving man never really had any peace. Everytime he would get on his horse, he would feel and sense the other man get on the horse behind him. At the dinner table when he sat down to eat, if he took off his hat, he would see the man he had killed sitting beside him. And even to this day, when it rains, some say that bloodstains appear on the rock where the man had died.

A hand of long ago points the direction intended for the deceased.

A few years ago in Glasgow Kentucky, a family was looking to buy an old house. The woman who was to buy the house said that while looking the house over, she sat down at the foot of the staircase, and heard footsteps coming down the steps behind her, but when she turned around no one was there. The family purchased the home, and after they moved in many more strange things occurred. Lights would turn on and off, the water in the tub would start running, and there were more footsteps. Once a mixer turned on by itself and threw batter all over the kitchen. They suspected a ghost lived in the house and was playing tricks, but never saw any ghost until one night the daughter of the family woke up and saw a man wearing a long black coat standing behind her partially open door, staring at her. She screamed and the man disappeared. Over time the hauntings decreased as though the ghost had grown comfortable with the current inhabitants. But when the family put up a for sale sign, more strange things started happening. It was as though the ghost was upset because the family was planning on leaving him.

There was an old house in Warren county that has now been destroyed where several people claimed to have heard a baby crying. My sister was visiting at this house once and heard the crying for herself. Not knowing anything about the reports of the crying sounds, she became concerned because she was not aware of a baby in the house and asked where was the baby. She was told there was no baby. At least no baby present at the moment. The sounds were being carried from some distant forgotten past, for no one knew the origin of the crying. After the old house was destroyed and a new one built in its place, the crying was never heard again.

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