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The Doppleganger - To see ones doppleganger is concidered to be an omen of death or some other bad luck. A doppleganger is an exact likeness of someone that is not a twin by relation. I recently talked to a woman whose doppleganger was seen not by herself but by her two brothers. At the time it happened she was 14 and living in an old house in Bowling Green with her family. She had just moved into her new bedroom when the nightmares began. Every night that she slept in that bedroom she would have horrible nightmares about the devil. When the family would leave the house and come back, her bed would always be mysteriously moved a few feet from the wall. One morning her father was at home alone and had fallen asleep on the daughter's bed. He was awaken suddenly when a heavy figurine of a cat flew off of a shelf and landed right beside his head. There was no one around who could have done it. It is not known what or who was haunting this house, but most of the activity was confined to the girl's bedroom. One night the girl's two brothers walked in her room to see what she was up to. They found her asleep in the bed. But it was what was beside her that ran chills up their spine and caused them to flee the room. There beside their sister was her exact likeness sleeping in the bed beside her. After hearing of this the girl never slept in the room again. Was it possible that the doppleganger was a warning to avoid that room before something terrible happened?

Last Breaths - One night, about 30 years ago, my father was spending the night alone in an old house my parents lived in at the time in Henderson Kentucky. When he went to bed that night, he couldn't sleep because every time he would turn out the lights, he would hear a labored breathing as though someone were gasping for air. When my father would turn the lights back on, the breathing would stop. Thinking that someone must be playing a joke, he searched the house over, looking under the bed, in the closet, outside the window, and even in the attic. He never found the source of the distressing noise and finally choose to ignore it and go back to bed. After talking to neighbors, my parents discovered that a man who used to live in the house had died from emphezema in the very bedroom where my father had heard the breathing sounds.

Ghostly Candlelight - As teenagers, one night my parents were double dating with another couple. They parked their car on the side of a quiet country road. On one side of the street there was an old abandoned house, and on the other side of the street, the side where the car was parked, there was a barn. While they were engaged in conversation, they noticed a flickering light, as though someone were holding a candle. The light came out of the open door of the house and went across the street. When the light was close to the parked car, they could see that no one was carrying it. The flickering light passed the car and went into the barn. At this point the two couples drove away terrified.

There's an old bridge on Hwy 100 between Franklin and Scottville that is believed to be haunted. In the days before people could fly over the bridge in their motor vehicles without hardly a notice, people claimed that a ghost awaited lifts from passing wagons. This ghost would hop on the wagon as it aproached, then would hop off when it reached the end of the bridge. This phenomenon was evidenced by the added weight to the wagon. Passengers felt the weight of the wagon shift, as though someone had just hopped on. At the end of the bridge, they felt a weight shift again, as though someone had jumped off.

The bridge pictured above is located between Bowling Green and Richardsville. It is said that many years ago a woman died as a result of a car accident on this bridge. Legend has it that if you park your vehicle on the bridge and put it in neutral, the ghost of this unfortunate women will push your car across the bridge to safety.

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