variable capacitor 75pf 100pf Variable Capacitor 75pf 100pf
Used For Hobby Projects and Descrambling Circuits
Variable Capacitor Pico
Farad 75pf-100pf

Commonly used for RF circuits and Cable Descramblers

The most popular variable capacitor value is now instock for immediate delivery. We have imported a large supply of the capacitors directly from the manufacturer in TAIWAN (Overseas). These variable pico farad capacitors are made of stacked mica dielectric units. The base is made of the lowest dielectric loss ceramic material available and mica is clear India Ruby. The soldering lugs may be bent in any position without affecting capacity. This variable capicator value is commonly used in hobby projects and RF circuits including descrambler circuits.

Warning: It is LEGAL, providing of course you use these plans and Variable Capacitor Part for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only. See first hand and LEARN how this SIMPLE circuitry works! If you intend to use the cable plans or Variable Capacitor Part for any other purpose, DO NOT ORDER them! Do Not Use For Illegal Purpose!

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variable capacitor 75pf 100 pf
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