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Richard Rieley's Guide On
U.S. Federal Government Auction
Sales Insider's Handbook 2000

Are You Tired Of Not Being Able To Afford The Things You Want In Life? Buy What Ever You Want, At Pennies Of The Dollar At The US Government Auction Sales!!!

The U.S. Government is currently auctioning off millions of dollars worth of merchandise! They will do so, if needed, for pennies on the dollar! The best part, is that you can easily participate in these auctions today and buy cars, boats, computers, etc. at prices that will stagger the imagination! Many of these items can be resold, on the current market, for a hefty profit!

Why is the government desperate to sell?

As a result of an exploding deficit, the government is forced to downsize. Therefore, all of its agencies must sell massive stock-piles of accumulated "stuff"! In addition, Millions of dollars in merchandise are seized and sold each year by US Customs and other agencies.

The best kept secrets of the year!

The secret is that the U.S. government does very little advertising! They are not in the marketing business. It is therefore difficult to know which government agencies are selling unless a person is well informed. Many of these agencies will, upon request, place you on a regular mailing list of government auctions. Often, with the notice, you'll receive a catalog of the items to be sold and approximately what time they'll be auctioned.

What is being sold, for pennies on the dollar, at Government auction?
  1. Homes, Cars, TVs, VCRs!

  2. Boats, RVs, tents, binoculars!

  3. Jewelry, Rare Coins, antiques!

  4. Items acquired from drug raids such as Limos and Corvettes!

  5. Office supplies such as Computers and Fax machines!

  6. Key boards, printers, snow blowers. You name it!

From property seized by police officers or customs officials to repossessions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are thousands of items, of all types, available at rock-bottom prices. Whether you're merely buying for yourself or seeing this as a line of business that could make you a substantial profit, the key is to identify and locate these auctions.

How can you take advantage of these, easy money making, opportunities?

By Ordering Our Easy To Follow Booklet It Has Auction Names, Auction Addresses, Instructions!!! Many Government Agencies hold Auctions & Sales regulary throughout the year. This complete guide tells you who to contact& where they are located. It also provides information you need to be prepared for the Auctions & Sales. Find out which Government Dept is auctioning the merchandise YOU are looking for!

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