Howie and the Breakfast Burrito Boys

Yes, Howard left. I guess he finally figured out that his ten (total) fans will soon either die of old age or finally learn to read his gay quotes.

Well after he left, Howie formed his own group, Howie and the Breakfast Buritto Boys. Four other guys who also liked girls and worked out everyday. The BSB didn't care very much, Kevin took over Sweet D's solos, but problems did arise...

(Nick, AJ, and Kevin are hanging out in a dressing room)

Kevin:(singing) when you talk, does it seem like he's not even listening to a word you say...

Nick: how come Kevin gets all Howie's solos?? I want some. I also want some Twinkies.

AJ: you get too many *censored* solos anyway!! Shut the *censored* up!!

(Brian runs in, waving a magazine)

Brian: hey fellas!! I got Billboard!!

AJ: is Larger Than Life number 1??

Kevin:(mumbling)damn Exorcist screaming song...

AJ: what the hell?? I smoked all my crack to get that scream right!!(jumps on Kevin)

Brian:(reading) no...Howie and the Breakfast Burrito Boys' "Lettuce and Tomato" is number 1. They have gone too far...

Nick: we should change our name!! To Nick and the Twinkies!!

(Kevin and AJ wrestle on the floor)

Brian: we need Howie. The gayness must be somehow attractive.

Nick: of course gayness is attractive!! Look at N Sync!!

(AJ stands up, Kevin stays on the floor, holding his arm)


Nick: Twinkies

AJ: you say Twinkies one more time and I'll *censored* you up just like I did to Kevin!!

Nick: Swiss Cake Roll

(AJ runs at Nick, but Brian holds him back)


Brian: we're all stressed out because of this, but I have a solution.

AJ:(shaking Brian off him)what, pray??

Brian: no, blackmail

Nick:(slaps Brian) stop being sexist!!

Brian:(ignores Nick) back when Howie was with us, I was going around taking pictures. I went into Howie's dressing room. And there he his mom's dress and heels.

(AJ and Nick gasp in suprise. Kevin gasps in pain.)

Brian: so here's the plan...

Kevin: hey what about me??

AJ: shut up!! You just get up and at the next show, pretend to fall off the surfboard and hurt your arm. There's your excuse.

(one week later, Nick, AJ, and Kevin with his sling are in their dressing room)

AJ: heh heh...I wonder what Brian did with those pictures.

Kevin: I hope he...(trails off, afraid of AJ)

Nick: damn Twinkies, they're never in my room

(Brian runs in)

Brian: I got ahold of Howie and spoke to him, thank God

AJ: and??

Brian: we got him.

Kevin: yesssss!!

Brian: I showed him the pictures and he quit the other group. The other four guys were pretty pissed. Howie owned the name of the group, so they had to come up with a new one.

Nick: what's the new name??

Brian: C-Note

AJ: this IS black mail, so what does Howie have to do????

Brian: he has to come back to the group, and act as gay as I want him to.

Kevin:(eyes widen) you're gay??

Brian: no, thank the Lord. For fun.

AJ: where's Howie now??

Brian: buying some Twinkies.

(Nick smiles)