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Welcome to Holland -
One Parent's Guide Through The Land of Autism

Think Of Me As A Humble Tour Guide

Hi! I'm Janet Lawrence. Becoming a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism is a lot like being prepared for a trip to Italy and ending up in Holland instead...hence the name of this webpage.

I have been in "Holland" for just over 10 years now and I am becoming so familiar with it that I have decided to construct my own "tourist information" site to help other parents who have suddenly found themselves in "Holland," too.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am not a physician or an attorney. The information that you will find on this site is for educational purposes only. I am not affilliated with any aspect of the Dutch Netherlands Department of Tourism, either.

Welcome to Holland... by Emily Perl Kingsley

More About My Family and Me

I have four children, Jack, Sarah, Christopher, and LeeAnn,. I am Janet. My husband isTim.
I love all four of my children and I learn as much if not more from them as they have learned from me.
Things I have learned from my children.


When God Created Mothers

What The Heck Is Autism?

Ashbergers? Apgar Syndrome? Asperger's Syndrome? Asperger Syndrome?

Learn More About Autism at These Workshops and Conferences

How We Came to "Holland" - Our Early Adventures In Autism

A Free Appropriate Education in Holland

Are You Having Difficulty Obtaining A Free Appropriate Education For Your Child?

A Community Based Education Project that I Wrote

Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism

To Diagnose or Not to Diagnose?

Using Visual Supports to Help People with Autism to Navigate through "Holland"

How To Keep Your Sanity While You Are In "Holland"

STRESS Reduction Technique

Taming Temper Tantrums

How Do You Feel About Tiny Tim?

Quality of Life Indicators

Don't Mourn for Us an essay by Jim Sinclair.
If your child with autism could speak to you, this is what your child might say...

I used to teach children with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Check out my Learning Disabilities Links

Copyright Information



This is YOUR page,too! I invite you to share your experiences in "Holland" to help construct this website and keep it relevant and meaningful.

I also invite you to share your talent, creativity, and resourcefulness with others on my new messageboard.

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Please email me if you want to talk about finding your way around this exciting new country of "Holland."

P.S. This website is updated quite often. Y'all come back now!

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A special word of thanks goes to:

Janet Norman-Bain from Prince Edward Island, Canada


Kristi Sayles,
Writing Teacher Consultant
Writing Project, University of Tennessee at Martin

also to Helen for the great windmill graphic!

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Updated: 07/01/01

While I do not consider this website as a commercial venture, I do endorse other websites from time to time that I feel deserve all of the recognition and web coverage that they can get on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families. These websites include:


I wrote this as a tribute to those who died on September 11, 2001
If you find comfort and healing in this prayer, please feel free to pass it on to comfort and heal others.

The Worldwide Virtual Community of the Disabled

The Disability Related Book Store

The Nth Degree AwareWear(R)Company

Ablewear Clothing Co.

Special Education Legal Rights Strategies and Resources

My Favorite Tour Sites

Other Autism Related Resources on the Internet
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