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My Professional Advocate Credentials

Janet Lawrence, M.Ed.
Professional Advocate


My life experience has led me to be quite sensitive to the rights and feelings of students with disabilities. My mother has a moderate mental disability. Due to our poverty and my mother’s appearance, I was also treated as if I had moderate mental disabilty throughout my childhood. My son has autism and I advocate for his rights to receive a quality education along side his non-disabled peers.

I refuse to advocate or support any position, program, or policy which favors one group or subgroup of disabilities at the expense of another. This does not mean that policies and programs should not be created to meet the unique needs of our many subgroups. We have different needs that should be addressed in different ways. But no subgroup among us should be favored over another.

I believe that every one of us, regardless of our talents, skills, temperament, past experiences, or level of function, is intrinsically worthy of support to reach our fullest potential. I take as my guide for action this vision: that we are, each of us, precious and beautiful.


2000 - Present Professional Advocate for Students with Special Needs.

Characteristics include
greater concern for the child’s best interests than for the concerns or interests of the school system;
knowledge of the present needs of the child and the ability to recognize those needs;
assertiveness in persistently pointing out the child’s needs to the people responsible for meeting those needs;
ability to work with others to develop appropriate and beneficial educational goals and plans for the child;
and the ability to find and use information, allies, and resources to put the needed educational plans to work.

1995-2000 Special Education Teacher

Direct instruction of intermediate grade students with labels of Autism, Specific Learning Disabilities, Mild Mental Disabilities, Emotional Behavior Disorders, Other Health Impairments which include Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders, Fragile X Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis and Cornelia DeLange Syndrome.

Developed and Implemented Positive Behavior support programs based on Functional Behavior Analysis.

Collaborated with General Education teachers to provide services and support of children with special needs in the general education classrooms.

Maintained detailed and accurate documentation regarding identification, assessment, development of appropriate individualized education plans, implementation of specially designed instruction, and data recording of goals and objectives.

1993-1995 CDC Teacher

Direct instruction in self-contained classroom of third grade students with labels of Moderate Mental Disabilities, Emotional Behavior Disorders, and Other Health Impairments which include Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders and Neurological Impairments.



Master of Education Degree - Autism Studies, University of Louisville, August 2000.


Bachelors of Arts Degree, Murray State University, December, 1992.


Kentucky PEEF Provisional Certificate for teaching in the early elementary grades K- 4 (and self-contained grades 5-6)

Kentucky PLDF Provisional Certificate for teachers of exceptional children -- Learning and Behaviors Disorders,grades K - 12.

Computer Literate in Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, Windows ‘98. I use the Internet and email daily. I built and maintain this website myself.