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Crystal's First Home Page

Thank you for visiting my home page at Angelfire.

Come in, sit down, relax, converse...
My personal web site ain't that bad
AND it could be worse!

I created this site back in, I think, 1997 when I was still using WebTV and having to learn basic HTML to self-code the site. I've learned considerably more about technology since then, but that also means I have a lot less time due to a much larger variety of technology in my life, including multiple blogs and websites. That said, I think it's time for at least a quick update--especially to the images that just don't show up anymore.

So, the last update was on February 22nd, 2004. It is now September 11th, 2011. I came here needing to add the revisions to the poem I wrote for 9/11 and posted to my Facebook page so the two will match. In addition, I at least want to keep this active periodically so Angelfire will not give up on me. ;-)I'm thankful they haven't yet.

Anyway, I originally added the following poem in August of 2002, at which time we were all still reeling good and strong from 9/11/2001. Having heard many statements concerning why Yahveh Almighty let the events happen that day, and on many troublesome days since then, I felt the need to communicate what He put on my heart when I began to ask Him the same questions. In answer to all the finger-pointing as to who was at fault, and why God didn't stop the bad guys, I had to ask the "good guys" if they would sacrifice their own free will for the sake of God taking it away from those who abuse it. It is giving freely to all men, and unfortunately they don't all use it for the right actions. So, here is my poem, dedicated to the victims and families of ALL terrorism, and of all pain and suffering in this life, with a revision for the 10th anniversary of the tragedy...


Free will, I say, to all free will,
To do just as you desire.
Tis the greatest of gifts giv'n to man,
It can help or can hurt, as does fire.

Many men seek to do all good,
Neither hurt a friend, nor a foe.
But some men abuse this gracious gift,
And it make God's head bow low.

So let us not blame our God above,
For men and their evil deeds.
Let us instead use our own free will,
To comfort a heart that bleeds.

An object or word can cause great pain,
In the hands of hatred and spite.
But in the hands of men filled with love,
A balm of healing and light.

May God be thanked for His gift of free will.
Let all men use it for love.
And bless each other as we fulfill,
The goodness of God above.

Copyright 2002 Crystal A. Murray
(Revision 2011)

If we keep our eyes on The Creator and not His creations, we can stay strong. Remember, He is the God OVER our circumstances, not always OF our circumstances. Just as He did when Joseph's brothers sold him to Egypt, He can take a circumstance prepared for evil and work it to the good. ALL things work together for the good...Romans 8:28a."

Now to start the ball rolling on your visit, let me first take care of a little piece of possible confusion, especially for those of you who are return visitors. I had previously removed the letter "o" from God & Lord in my pages as it is a Hebrew form of showing respect, and of showing that you are speaking of The Almighty--just like capitalizing the "G" & "L". I have changed most of them back (I have a lot of pages to look at & more than one site so they won't all be done) to avoid the confusion it was causing. Actually, I prefer to use His Holy Memorial Name (Yahveh) anyway, since the root for both "God" and "Lord" is also used when speaking of in false "gods".

Now, here is a cool Scripture search tool for you. It will take you to Bible Gateway for more options. And as you read God's word, remember this: The Bible is NOT cake for special occasions only, but it IS Bread for daily use. Hide it in your heart; It will light your path and, many times, the paths of others.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
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Okay, so you see the three doors, now what do you do?
You can walk through them and link to something new.
You can browse through my ramblings, or learn to write Haiku,
Or if you must, you can say "Adieu".
But there is one favor I ask of you,
Just to let me know you've been thru.
(P.S.#1...Feel free to use my e-mail for now. I'll hopefully get a new guestbook, or boardroom soon.)

Now, here's a SHORT thought to ponder LONG about...
Q. "Are you as good of a friend to Yah-Shua (Hebrew name of Jesus) as He has been to you?"

Think about this just like you would any friendship. If you understand true friendship, you know that this is a hard (but well worth it) row to hoe. He called us His friends (John 15:14) & then showed the greatest love when He laid down His life for us.(John 15:13) Could we ask for any better from Him? I don't think so. That's why I want to give better to Him. The coolest thing is that it's KISS simple. You know...Keep It Simple Sweetheart. Read Micah 6, verses 6-8. (Use the Scripture Search above & you can read it online in a variety or translations.) It very simply says, (my paraphrase) "What do you think YaHVeH wants from you? Do you think He wants 1000 sheep or 10,000 rivers of oil? How about your flesh & blood child to pay the price for your sins? No! He tells you in your heart what He wants & it's as simple as a sincere heart that loves to show mercy, and a desire to walk humbly with your Creator." See, it's deep, strong, mature, tough when you must break the flesh and its desires, but it IS simple.

I've been told I should make a movie about my life. I think a book would be better, though. I mean, where are they going to find a short enough actress? (I'm 4'10" and shrinking!) (Ha, Ha!)

But, until then, here are...

I was my Grandma's 1st grandchild,
And I was born on her 40th birthday,
I wasn't born near where she lived,
But we soon joined her in L.A.

Every year we shared a party,
And lots of birthday cake.
Until 1988, when she left this world,
I miss her for goodness sake.

One day I'm hoping that we'll meet again,
If our paths had the same destination.
My path has a sign that says, "HEAVEN - THIS WAY,...

If I stay on this path, no matter how tough,
Someday I'll see my dreams come true.
I'll meet friends & loved ones in our home on high,
And Yah-Shua will be there too!

Well, I guess by now you can see that I like to write poetry. Actually, I like to write just about everything from poetry to song lyrics to magazine articles to the trilogy of novels I am currently working on. If you want to see notes about the novel, bookmark this site where I will link to the book blog about the publication process. I have an upcoming visit with some editors and publishers, and I hope to come back with great news about an interest in "Luke's story," the first part of which will be called, Cloudy Days on Sunshine Street.

I also LOVE to sing & I hope one day to get back to the album project I started by in 1997 called "HALLELUJAH MEETIN'". It's upbeat, country-gospel, but the company I paid for duplication (Hummingbird Recordings) has disappeared with my original DAT tape and money. The studio I used no longer exists, so I don't know if I could ever get my old ADAT tapes to re-record a new master, but it will happen if and when it is God's will for me.

As a writer, my greatest support comes from my local writers' group, LOUISVILLE CHRISTIAN WRITERS, aka LCW. I was elected president of the group in 2007 and re-elected each year since. I have been privileged to see many authors published for the first time, many due to a direct or indirect connection to LCW. If nothing else, the value of the growth a writer receives from a Christian critique session is beyond description. It sometimes hurts at first, but when our writing is strengthened, we become more confident as we present it to others. Visit the site for more information.

Another of my fond interests is reading; a few of my favorites are... "No Wonder They Call Him The Savior" and "God Came Near" (both by Max Lucado), "The Story of With" by Allen Arnold, and "That Printer of Udell's" by Harold Bell Wright.


I like all of David Feldman IMPONDERABLES books like "Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise" and "When Do Fish Sleep." Those are 2 books & 2 sample questions that he answers in a fun and witty manner. I mean, did you know that Wintergreen Lifesavers sparkle if you bite 'em in the dark? How about that Curad (and Kroger brand) bandage wrappers sparkle when you peel them in the dark? Dave will tell you why & how.

I'll close this page for now, but there are some more pages - some which lead to PLENTY of links - below. I'll try to update a little sooner next time.

Click Below To Visit My Other Pages & Links

Crystal's 1st Page of Links This is the same as the link under the doors above.

Crystal's Creative Collection of Stuff (Poetry, Song Lyrics, Thoughts, Etc., and a picture of myself that upsets me 'cause it looks just like ME & the photographer PROMISED it would look like Cindy Crawford or some other super model.) (ha ha)

My Haiku Page as listed above (with lesson & examples for writing your own Haiku.) It's a lot of fun and a great writer's exercise for learning how to be concise! It's not easy to put full thoughts into so few words & syllables, so it forces the writer to focus a little more.

My Favorite People, Places and Things On this page, I have listed the names of some family members (eventually it will be all of them), and then used the letters in their first names to tell something about them. I've got 17 people up there so far, and I don't think I've duplicated any adjectives yet, but it's been challenging. (By the way, this is also a great English exercise for those of you who teach or home-school. I'll put the whole lesson up eventually, but it's enough for a short exercise as it now stands.) Also, I've added some of my favorite places, so look here for a mini travel guide that covers areas from the Eastern U.S., all the way to the West Coast.

A Letter To The Love Of My Life, my husband. We are nearing 13 years of marriage and, even when there have been some hard days and times, we have committed to the long haul. I'm learning that commitment may actually be more important than love in keeping a relationship together. When emotions are raging and the negative ones fight to overshadow the love, you just can't give up.

My husband's 1st Home Page with info on Genealogy, Jefferson Cnty, KY, Cemeteries, and KY Nat'l Guard Jobs.

My newsletter creation and archive site for God's Kitchen Sink...main page. And, yes, it's another one of those things I have a lot of work to do on. I know more about html now so I can try to figure out why some things just haven't been working.

Please take a moment to let me know you "flew" by for a visit.

Well, my old counter quit working & I didn't have a counter for almost 2 years, so here's the new one with at least my first thousand page hits represented. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and all of you who have returned, and welcome to my newest visitors. And, whether I have a counter or not, remember, "EVERYBODY COUNTS TO YaHVeH" and in His eyes, we ALL sparkle.

I would like to thank the following sources for their help and/or images used in creating this site...

"Angelfire" (see links at top of page), "Geocities", (and Beseen while I used them).

I would also like to thank & applaud WEBTV for the ability to use & view these resources without the huge investment of a computer (though I have one now, but I learned & created the beginnings of this page solely from my WebTV - now MSNTV - unit). I've learned stuff, I've gotten in touch with old friends & made new ones, and - most of all - I've had fun!

P.S. Watch for my new page of Messianic Hebrew information, and my personal testimony, coming soon (hopefully) to a website near you ... this one!

THE END!! (for now) . . . . . .