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GOD'S KITCHEN SINK Newsletter Page

Welcome to my home page for the God's Kitchen Sink (aka GKS) newsletter. The GKS newsletter includes a little bit of everything - PLUS the kitchen sink - for those who love YaHVeH (God Almighty, The Creator of all things), and want to learn more about Him and His Unique Son YaH-Shua (Jesus). Content is Messianic Jewish & Christian, and covers information about the Hebrew Root & Vine that we are all grafted into through the blood of The Lamb of Salvation, YaH-Shua Ha Mashiach (The Messiah).

I wrote these newsletters kind of like letters to friends, and hope to get back to writing them again soon, but I at least wanted to state on the site that I am not actively writing them right now. When I begin writing again, the format will be as follows: As I find interesting & inspiring content, I put it together with a mixture of Scriptures, personal commentary, and other odds & ends. I then try to send it out approximately once per week, and pray that all who read it will be blessed by at least some part of it. My first weekly issue arrived on February 2nd, 2000, and I hope to get back on track by the end of this year, 2003. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the archives here and at Yahoo Groups.

Because I am constantly growing in The Lord, YaHVeH, and seeking His wisdom & righteousness, much of what I write will be as new to me as it is to you, my readers. I have converted from a variety of religions & doctrines in "Christianity" to Messianic Judaism, which some people call "Hebrew Christianity". I am learning to look at God and Scripture through Hebrew understanding, which has greatly increased my personal understanding of many things. I am also trying to learn the Hebrew language for more understanding.

Now - and this is really important - if ever I teach anything that goes against what you've previously been taught, or understood, please pray for His guidance & wisdom before allowing what could be good seed to be uprooted by being offended. Sometimes, what is bitter to the mouth becomes sweet to the soul. I, myself, have been convinced of certain beliefs & doctrines that God has corrected me in as I have matured in Him...especially that of judging others based on their beliefs (since I cannot know the hearts of others or their level of sincerity). However, as God shares His pearls of wisdom with me, I will pass them on, in His time, and I trust that there will be receivers then. The old saying is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I have been blessed with much to teach, but I must also make sure that I work within YaHVeH's time frame that my words will be as apples of gold in pictures of silver (Proverbs 25:11). And, ALWAYS feel free to write to me & ask me for more information on, or to discuss what is in, the content of these newsletters - or any part of any of my pages.

Finally, remember this: His Sacred Scriptures promise that the hungry WILL be filled & the pure in heart WILL see Him (I think "see" as in understand here). He is searching for hearts that are hungry for ALL He has to offer - and not merely seeking some spiritual snackfood. I am hungry for HIS righteousness and I invite all whosoever will to join me in this wonderful journey of discovery.

Archive note: I will keep archives of older newsletters here, as well as at the site. When I have not updated here, just go to Egroups and login (or sign up if you are not already a member,) and go to the God's Kitchen Sink page (link below). Once there, click on "messages" to see a list of all letters, then choose the one(s) you want to read. When I have updated here, the letters will be linked by month on this page, with all of the site links from the letters from that month placed together on the appropriate page.

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LOOK below for a glossary of some Messianic/Hebrew terms that I use in writing these newsletters. Though I cannot explain it all here, this list should give at least some help. Some of the explanations are a bit lengthy, but I am trying not to leave anything out, especially examples that can strengthen the definitions. I will add to this list as I feel necessary, mostly based on the questions I receive from my readers so, please, if you have any questions, please e-mail me & I'll do my best to answer them for you.

  1. YAH = root of Hebrew term for God's name made from the Hebrew letters "yod" & "hei". When in print or writing, people will also use other terms for God when they see this symbol, such as...Adonai, Lord, God, L-rd, G-d, YaHVeH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Eloheinu, I AM, and Hashem (the name) just to mention a few of them. This root is also the focus of the universal term of worship, "Hallelu-YaH", or "Praise be to YaH". The power in the memorial name of "YaH" can be felt when we say "Hallelu-YaH" because we are calling Him the name He desires us to call Him. Note also the MANY biblical names with this root in it...Yesha-YAHu (Isaiah), Mattit-YAHu (Matthew), Azari-YAH (called Abednego by Babylon), Hannani-YAH (called Shadrach in Babylon), and so many, many more. (And here's a bit of modern trivia for can also see & hear this word in the old campfire song "Kumbaya" ..."Kumba-YaH" which I've been told means "Come by here Lord.")
  2. YAHVEH = Made up from the tetragrammation (see #3) of the Hebrew letters Yod-Hei-Vav-Hei or YHVH. According to Exodus 3:15, this is God's Holy Memorial name to ALL generations. (Also, vowels are secondary in Hebrew, so I generally write "YaHVeH" and "YaH" with the consonants capitalized so that the root is readily visible.) NOTE: This name has some SERIOUS power behind it, so the enemy has tried to wipe it out MANY times...1st by getting The Hebrew's to be too afraid to use it for fear of using it in vain; then, when He sent His unique Son in His memorial name, the name became mistranslated when it was put it into the "educated" Greek language, and then into English. (See info under YaH-Shua for more on this.) And another interesting note...YHVH is said to stand for "Yah-Shua, HaNatzeret (of Nazareth), V'Melech (And King), of the Hebrews (Jews), which is what was inscribed above the top of the death stake "YaH-Shua of Nazareth, King of the Jews".
  3. TETRAGRAMMATION = A word derived from the Greek which means "4 letters"...(YHVH & JHVH for example.)
  4. JEHOVAH = A mistranslation from Hebrew which substitutes the "yod" with the letter "J" (though there is no "J" in Hebrew or Greek, but it was most likely used in English because the sound of the letter "J" in English was originally a "Y" sound) and creates the tetragrammation of JHVH to which vowels are added.
  5. JAH = From the same mistranslation as Jehovah (above) but more commonly used in the term "hallelu-Jah" (see #1 above).
  6. YAHWEH = Another mistranslation, this time substituting the letter "W" for "V" in the tetragrammation (YHWH), but more commonly accepted because "V" and "W" were more commonly exchanged in English (and for a longer period of time than were "J" and "Y".)
  7. L-RD & G-D = This is a preference kind of thing. The words LORD, GOD & BAAL all come from the same root word, so many people capitalize the 1st letter of them when talking about The Almighty. This shows the difference between God and god (Baal being the word for god or gods - as in "false gods". It is a bit of further distinction to also leave out the letter "O", just as vowels are left out in most Hebrew. (NOTE: In the body of some newsletters, I used to leave it out, unless I was including a story by someone else where I didn't feel the right to change it, or when it just didn't make sense. When a friend pointed out that the "G-d" almost looked to her like an acronym for the curse most of us really hate ... the one that tells people that God should "damn" them ... I decided it was better to start putting the "O" back in and just hope that those who normally leave out the vowels will understand. I haven't fully updated all pages on my sites yet, though, so you may still find it lurking around other than in this glossary. I'm sorry for any confusion since I know that learning new things can be confusing enough without me making it worse for you all ... smile;) )
  8. HA-YAH = Hebrew letters Hei, then Yod & Hei, meaning "The I AM" and used in Scripture for the term "I AM". As in Exodus 3:14, YaHVeH tells Moses to tell the people that "I AM" sent him with a message. In John 8:58, YaH-Shua said, "Before Abraham was, I AM".
  9. YAH-SHUA = You can see the root for the Lord's memorial name, YaH. The last part of the word is from the Hebrew "Hoshea" which means "Salvation". (Also, the English name "Joshua", which comes from the Hebrew Y'hoshua, means "Salvation", and is even confused with YaH-Shua sometimes...see Hebrews 4:8 in the KJV where, after talking about the people in the wilderness in the previous verses & in chapter 3, it states "If JESUS had given "them" rest..." but was, of course, talking about Joshua since he was the one out in the wilderness with them. This confusion is from the fact that the Greek words for YaH-Shua and Joshua are almost identical to each other). So, anyway, the entire word means, "YaH is Salvation" which is the fulfilling of the prophecy that YaH-Shua would be called "Emmanu-El", or "God with us" and would save His people from their sins. The people called Him a blasphemer because He referred to Himself using the memorial name (which was only spoken by high priests & only on Yom Kippur) when He said in John 5:43, "I AM come in my Father's name." His name shows that He IS the promised Messiah & the Word of God made flesh aka "Living Word or Living Torah" (John 1:14).
  10. YESHUA or YASHUA = Basically the same as above, because vowels are not the important part of the Hebrew language, but I prefer to write it as above to make sure that God's memorial name (YaH) is in view, because it is in His name that we find power & salvation.

    NOTE: The disciples & people of the days when He walked on the earth would have called Him by His given name at birth...especially since they were "uneducated" meaning that they probably did not speak Greek, so they would have used His Hebrew or Aramaic name. Also, the translation of His name to the Greek "IeSous" - from which we get "Jesus" - is a translation of LETTERS an not meaning. In most names, like yours & mine, that probably would not matter, but with our Salvation being "in His name" it DOES matter. (Not translating the MEANING would be like taking the letters B-L-U-E & thinking that in Spanish they would stl be a color. But, the word for blue in Spanish is not B-L-U-E, but rather, A-Z-U-L OR azul). And of course, even if they did speak Greek, they still would not have used the English "Jesus" either. So, since the disciples most-likely did not call Him "Jesus", I prefer to call Him as they most-likely did, YaH-Shua. I will add, as one of my subscribers writes on her home page, He is more interested that we know WHO He is in our hearts, as her grandchild that calls out to her in baby-talk but knows WHO she is. Even those who have done "great works" "In His Name" are not safe if He says, "I never knew you." Still, as I mature & see that names are important enough for His word to say not to let the names of foreign gods pass our lips, and knowing that there are man doctrines built on a "name", I want to be as careful as possible to be as correct as possible in what I call Him.
  11. EL = Another term for God as used in many names like Yisra-EL (Israel), EL-ohim and people's names like Dani-EL, Samu-EL, and Gabri-EL.
  12. ELOHIM = Our God, or God is many, or God is in ALL things...the Hebrew letters "Yod" & "Final Mem" that pronounce the "eem" sound at the end of Elohim & other words suggest pluralization.

    ELOHEINU = (God for us...the Hebrew letters "Nun" & "Shuruk" that create the "noo" sound within a word mean "Us" as also in Emma-NU-EL...God with US),

  13. SABBATH or Shabbat = The seventh day of the week, sometimes called in Hebrew Shabbot, (Hebrew letters Shin-Bet-Tav). This 7th day is the day that God rested, that is now called on the Roman calendar by the Greek term "Saturday" (meaning "Saturn day"). The worshippers of the stars, planets and sun instilled Sunday as a day of worship, as is evident by it's name, because the sun was the most powerful of all of the planets & stars they worshipped, and - I've heard - to be as different as possible from the Hebrews & "their Sabbath". Whether or not one believes in Sunday worship is individualized by personal conviction, but it IS a fact that Sunday is NOT (and cannot be) the Sabbath, because that would be saying that "Sunday is Saturday" since Sabbath means 7th day, or what we now call Saturday. In addition, there are many other languages besides Hebrew that use a word meaning 7th or rest for their 7th day, as in Spanish "Sabado". Then, think of the word "Sabbatical" which means a "rest". Also, let me note here that - according to Scripture - the first day of the week is mentioned often as a day for breaking bread & fellowship with prayer. However, since Hebrew days begin at sundown, these worship sessions were more-than-likely on Saturday nights. The modern Sunday worship may be scheduled around the fact that in Matthew 28:1, the women went to the tomb "AFTER the Sabbath, toward dawn." And, speaking of the tomb, most Christian doctrines agree the YaH-Shua rose on a Sunday (hence Easter Sunday) & the women went & saw Him there. Do you remember why the women waited to go see Him? That's right, waiting for Shabbat/Sabbath to end. Of course, it ended at sundown the night before, but they would not be going out at night. Anyway, if a person believes the resurrection was - in fact - on a Sunday, then they MUST believe that Sabbath, aka "The Lord's Day", is on a Saturday, especially when the tomb visitors & stuff are taken into it. Certainly, it would be impossible for the Sabbath that took place just before He rose, and His resurrection to take place, both on a Sunday...that would be a double-minded thought. So, one day or the other MUST be re-thunk. (I hope I didn't lose ya in this, but I find it exciting when Scriptures some together like this & make sense!)
  14. MESSIANIC (Jew or Hebrew), aka "Completed Jew" = This is referring to someone who acknowledges the Hebrews as God's chosen people, now under the mercy & teachings of YaH-Shua Ha Mashiach (The Messiah) who is The Lamb of God, God's unique Son, and YaH-VeH's spoken Word robed in flesh & slain from the foundation of the world as a sacrifice for our sins that we may be grafted into the original Hebrew root of Isra-el & become joint heirs together as Abraham's seed and God's children.

Now, I don't only write, I love to read too! Here is a list of some of the sites I get my own newsletters from for my personal reading enjoyment and to look for content for GKS newsletters....