What about the Setting of the game
The game is set with a background of another LARP Quest that has finish at the beginning of summer 1999. That Quest was about some vampire from the Camarilla coming to Québec city to built a stong hold against the Sabbath. Some character from that Quest are still in the city.

The setting of the game is 5 years after that (yes, we assume that the Quest that had finish this summer was 5 years ago). So, every character that were in the city all that time are respected as old member of the city.

Into those 5 years, the Sabbath has come to take the city. And a fight for the supremacy of the city did rage all those years.

A time line with some of the hottest things that had happen in the city has been set to make sure that the game would start with something in the bank. For players it can also give some idea on why the character would come to the city.

The Time Line for the city will not be on this site because some of those information haven't been given to the new players. So, new characters that don't have anything to do with the past of the city will learn about it only with the help of the older member. It will give something to talk about in those long night.

When this Quest will be over, we will place all the information about the game on the site. But for now, we will only place things that are known by every character.