Beware, the game master is watching you!

About the Game Master

In this LARP, we have something special that is offering to everyone the opportunity to be the Game Master each month. 10 days before the beginning of the month, we ask every players if he wants to be the GM for the next month. Every players that wants the job are put in a hat and one of them is elected for the next month.

A GM can't do more than 2 month in a row, but he can be in the hat every month.

In 1999:
For the end of July and the month of August: Patrick Chabot was GM
For the month of September: mage1999 was GM
For the month of October: Rose Noir was GM
For the month of November: Rose Noir was GM
For the month of December: M. P. was GM

In 2000:
For the month of June: Mage1999 is Game Master
For the month of July: Mage1999 is Game Master
For the month of August:
The game has stopped again. We don't know if it will start again.
It has been quite a game with full of hot moments to remember.
This game is still into our heart. And we did think to get it back on track in 2001. But for the lack of time and ressources, we had to put it on the side. There's always a possibility that we will get it back in a near future.

Automn 2001: The game has been taking a turn for Werewolf. From August to December, we have played a werewolf LARP. It was a great game. and Noldhor were the Game Master.
Automn 2003: Another chapter has started for the Touch of Gehenna. This one is the ice city. mage1999 is the game master.

Spring Mai 2005: Another chapter of the Werewolf World is coming to life. Set before the Apocalypse, this chapter is just begining. mage1999 and Noldhor are the Game Master. This chapter has not been as great as the 2001 chapter. After a few month and very little interest from the player, we choose to end this.

Spring 2006: A new game in a Science Fiction setting is in the making. The name of this new game is "L'Aube Noire". Noldhor et mage1999 are working on this new project.

2009: This Sci-fi LARP project will change and become "Le monde Fucker" that is still under work by mage1999.