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Family & Friends

My son Nicky and I reading Chevy High Performance (what can I tell ya?!? Born an bred motorhead:-) My son.....handsome little ham aint he?


Nick at Hooters for his second birhday. He's really not enjoying this a all! Ya Right!!!

Nicky eating a cookie (little ham turning into a big ham).


My son.....getting to be a big boy. He makes his daddy proud. Nicky in his jammies. Another pic of my son.
Me and my girl friend Vera. Two peas in a pod.
Thats me camping out at the Sparta race track. Was there to see Korn, Kid Rock and Metallica. Had a great time and the show kicked ass but got sun burnt real bad but that was the only real down side to the whole trip. Pic courtesy of Vera Howard.



Engine Mods

My Monte Carlo SS