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360 Engine progress page for my '86 Monte Carlo SS

Well first and formost I MUST thank Jeff Davidson, Tony and Rodney for all there help. Without the help of these people it would have been 100x more difficult to have done this project due to the fact that I had a broken collar bone at the time. Again I owe these people much thanks.


Heres the H.O. 305 before removal. Still ran very stong. It had about 70k on it when I pulled it.

305engine2.jpg engbay.jpg

305 and 200r4 after removal and engine bay minus engine and trans.

jeffnson.jpg 360engine2.jpg

Jeff Davidson (and his son) putting the cam in and the 360 with the Sportsman II heads.

360engine.jpg 360njeff.jpg

The 360 together and ready to be droped in and Jeff removing the engine stand.

360engine4.jpg 360engine3.jpg

The 360 in its new home(front and side shots). Its not neat and its not pretty but it still hauls ass.

machinists.jpg Claycity.jpg

This is Don. He's the machinists that did the machine work and here I am at Mountain Parkway Motorplex (Clay City racetrack). Didnt do to well that day but its a load of fun when you go with a bunch of friends.


Another shot at Mountain Parkway, another time slip. Track pic's courtesy of Vera Howard.



My Monte Carlo SS