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Wednesday, 16 August 2006
Global Warming For Dummies
Topic: Global Warming

The other day I was listening to one of the more rabid global disaster warming advocates.

He was almost foaming at the mouth about the impending total destruction of the world's forests for one thing.

I started thinking about the whole issue and for the Life of me the Logic escapes me.

Someone help me out here and point just exactly what I am missing?

I will try a little thought debate,

You look upset.

Upset? Of course I am upset! We are facing a GLOBAL CATASTROPHE!

That sounds serious. What's happening?

The Trees, the Forests are facing TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

Really? How is that going to happen?

Global WARMING! Where have you been?

I see, Global Warming is going to destroy the World's Forests?


How? What makes Global Warming?

Carbon Dioxide! We are putting too much Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere!

I see. We are putting too much Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere, creating Global Warming which will Destroy the World's Forests?


How are we putting the Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere?

Fossil Fuels! We are burning Fossil Fuels!

OK, We are burning Fossil Fuels, which puts more Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere, causing Global Warming, which will Destroy the World's Forests?


Where did the Fossil Fuels come from?

You Moron! They are the remains of plants from hundreds of millions of years ago!

Wow, the Coal and Oil deposits are immense where did all the plants come from?

You IDIOT it took Millions of Years for the Fossil Fuel Beds to be laid down!

OK where did the Carbon in the Fossil Fuels come from?

From the AIR you IGNORAMUS!

I see, now if I have every thing correct,

Hundreds of Millions of Years ago, for Hundreds of Millions of Years, plants took Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere, locking the Carbon away in the ground into what would become Fossil Fuels, which we are now burning, putting the Carbon Dioxide BACK into the Atmosphere, causing Global Warming, which is going to Destroy the World's Forests?

Yes Dummy do you understand the Danger NOW?

Not really, I am trying to figure out why all that Carbon Dioxide, didn't destroy the World's Forests all those Millions of Years ago BEFORE the Carbon got locked in the ground in Fossil Fuels.


Somehow I thought you would say that.

Waring do NOT try this at home, this was only a thought experiment, Global Warming Advocates in the Wild have been known to become Violent when their Illusions are challenged!
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Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 1:52 AM CDT
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Updated: Saturday, 7 April 2007 5:58 PM CDT

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