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Hi, everyone! I've now finished my HFF (Hanson Fan Fiction) story called: "Realities To Dreams"! It was written by me (DUH!), Kelli [ email * webpage ] & all images (except Hanson pics) were made by & are thanx to my best friend Nikki [ email * webpage ]. The story IS FULLY completed and ALL OF IT'S UP, FINALLY! AND ALSO, NIKKI MADE IT EASIER TO READ SO CHECK IT OUT! I hope you like my story & give me feedback on it. THANX & ENOJY:


Chapter One: Time To Move
Chapter Two: Getting Up For School
Chapter Three: Good News and Bad News
Chapter Four: We're Here!
Chapter Five: GUESS WHO
Chapter Six: Home Sweet Home
Chapter Seven: Movie Night!
Chapter Eight: What Do You Wanna Watch?
Chapter Nine: 11:00 PM !?!
Chapter Ten: What Happened?
Chapter Eleven: Embarassment & The Ring
Chapter Twelve: Ding, Dong
Chapter Thirteen: What's The Deal?
Chapter Fourteen: Breakfast With Friends & The Big Surprise!
Chapter Fiftheen: Broken At The Beach
Chapter Sixteen: HUH!?

|| Rated: G. Includes no foul language, vulgar expressions, or anything of that sort. Clean, short, & good to read.

Realities To Dreams is up for 3 awards at the Really Big Hanson Fan Fiction Awards '99:

* Cutest Couple * Best Cast * Best Futuristic Story *

;O) Please vote for my story by clicking the banner above or the link given on the category, but DO NOT change the subject line or the vote will not be counted. THANX! :D

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