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So glad to have you visit my page!
If you come across any good teacher pages, please let me know and I will be happy to add them.

Kentucky Department of Education ..... I have found that there are some great pages that come from different State Education Deptartments. If your state has a good one, please send the address to me and I will add it. For now here is the Kentucky Page.

US Dept of Ed.....

Places to Explore other Places!

Egyptian Ministry of Tourism presents Tour Egypt .....

Visit Italy through Lonely Planet ..... This site has everything you would want to know about Italy, Examples are: Facts at a Glance, Environment, History, Economy, Culture, Events, Facts for the Traveler, Money & Costs, When to Go, Attractions, Off the Beaten Track and Activities.

Hotwireds guide to Italy ..... Visit the large cities in Italy. Great pictures and facts!

Travel Europe..... This one is bookmarked for Italy, but you can from this page see all of Europe.

Internet Resources for Teachers ..... Find Ask Eric, Blue Web'n, The Internet SchoolHouse, Projects! Projects! and much more! A+ site!

Homework Heaven ..... The Biggest Academic Research Site on the Internet! Do Lightning-Fast Homework and School Report Research

Kathy Schorck's Guide for Educators .....

Virtual Museums.....

Kids Health Org.....

Farmers Almanac..... An old farmer's almanac with weather predictions, old-timey quotes, cool sayings.

World Factbook Master Home Page..... Contains facts about countries around the world and oceans around the world.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian..... Answers to many questions in encyclopedia format; information on history of U.S. Flag, lists of books on animals, inside scoop on Titanic

Library of Congress World Wide Web Page..... View graphic images of exhibits, original photso from U.S. Civil War, see replicas of documents, has links to many government sites.

Man of the Year Home Page..... Biographies of Times magazine's "Man of the Year" since 1927

Biographies of Historical Women..... Brief Bios of Famous women

Cemetery Studies ..... Lesson Plans for an outing to a cemetery. Has pictures of Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati on it. Student writings that have emerged from the trip and classroom activities.

CELTIC .....

Encyclopedia of Women's History..... Bios of famous women in history written by kids.

Biographies of Famous Women ..... Get the bios of women born on your birth date.

Biographical Dictionary..... Bare minimum facts, Short bios of 15,000 people.

Titanic Links..... This one site has about 30 different links to pages all about the "unsinkable ship". Includes history and up to date news about the movie. Another one I found is The Titanic

Neufield Math Lessons...... This site is updated each week for lesson plans about math.

Discovery Online ..... This site is from Discovery Channel. Resources for almost anything you might be teaching in the classroom or just see what is being featured on Discovery.

Teacher Information ..... Here you can find: Organizations, Schools on the Internet,U. S. Department of Education, Resources, Sites for Teachers (Reviewed), State Departments of Education,and you can even sign up for your email address.

Dr. Labush's Links to Learning ..... Links in the following categories: Students, Teachers/Parents, Travel, New Word, Everglades Animals,References, Learn A Little More , Gr. 2-6 Enrichment Program, and New Links.

Web Sites and Resources for Teachers ..... Dr. Vicki F. Sharp and Dr. Richard M. Sharp, Professors of Elementary Education at California State University, Northridge, have collected sites and curriculum resources from the Internet for teachers to use in their classrooms. These sites, organized in nine categories, include lesson plans, instructional materials, online activities and projects, and virtual trips to museums and countries around the world.

Free Teacher Resources Index ..... Although teaching is a very rewarding profession it can also be very difficult te get all the resources needed to do a good job. Lee Seats is constantly searching for free resources that teachers can use to make the job a little easier. The following is an index of the pages on Mr. Seats freebies site that teachers will want to visit to get some free stuff for their classroom, free services or access to various free teaching resources.

Works4Me ..... Works4Me is NEA's wildly popular E-mail classroom tip of the week. Each tip is submitted by the real education experts - your colleagues!

Smithsonian Education ..... Links broken down into the following: Teaching Resources, Professional Development For Teachers, Events Calendar, Exhibits, and About This Site.

Mr. Donn's Pages ..... Inclues: Lesson Plans, Activities & Resources under the headings of: Our Free Units, More Free Stuff, History/Social Studies Special Themes,Other Subjects

Classroom Bulletin Boards. ..... Ideas to use for your bulletin boards..every month included.

Kim's Korner for Teachers ..... Kim is a middle school language arts teacher, and she created this site to share her ideas. You will find ideas for writing, reading, literature, and many areas of classroom management. Teaching can sometimes be a lonely job in a storm of chaos. It is important to remember that it doesn't have to be. If we share our ideas and borrow from others, there can be a calm in the storm.

The Teacher's Desk ..... Over 250 free lesson ideas Interactive message board daily Database of education links

FunBrain.Com ..... Give paperless quizzes to your class, Quiz Lab automatically grades the quizzes and emails the results to you. Access thousands of assessment quizzes written by teachers like you.

TeacherVision ..... Lesson Plans, What Works, Make a Webpageand even purchase school supplies!

Ask Dr. Math
Lesson Plans! ..... You will feel like you really hit pay dirt with this page. Lesson plans galore! This site is put together by N.E. Kansas Educational Service Learning Center. Something for everyone here!

Crayon! ..... Don't let the name keep you from going there! This page has some top news on it. Also, from this page you can create your own newspaper. Really cool stuff!

Red Rocket ..... This site checks out toys....but hold on...also a section called Teachers Boutique. Worth checking out!

Girl Tech ..... Are girls getting shortchanged? Some interting links and articles her, even some lesson plans.

4 Your Info. ..... An online service made possible by Ashland Inc. and The Courier-Journal Newspaper in Education

Nando Net School Zone .....

Art Teacher on the Net .....Ideas for Art Teachers, parents and there is a section on Art History

Education World .....Billed as "Where Educators go to Learn!"

The Teacher's Guide .....A Resource for educators with lesson plans, thematic units, book actvities and more!

Where's George .....Enter your dollars serial number into the database at Where's George and watch to see where it goes when it leaves you.

Behavior Home Page .....The Kentucky Department of Education and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling at UK are collaborating on this Web page on student behavior.

The Village Online ..... Welcome to the educator's section of the Village Online site. Lesson Plans, A message board for teachers, Best Education Award and more.

Unit Study Central .....Welcome to Unit Study Central! This is the place to start exploring Amanda's Unit Study Adventures Web site. There is a wealth of information online here. Just select a topic below or follow the arrow at the bottom of each page to make sure you hit every page on the website! These are units to purchase.

Teachers and Technology--Lesson Plans and Activities ..... Some of the activities you will find there are: S&E - Lesson Plans & Activities Australia Street Bureau of Land Management - Educational Resources Discovering Democracy Emergency Management Australia History Comes Alive in the Graveyard Internet History Sourcebooks Project The Learning Web

The Knowledge Adventure Home Page ..... Info for Kids, Teachers and Parents.

Bess, The Internet Retriver .....This is a search engine designed for Kids, families and schools. A safe way to search.

Information Lesson Plans .....Welcome to the online lesson plans database that links educational technology with various curricular areas. These teacher-tested lessons are aimed at Kindergarten through to Grade Ten levels.

Lesson Plans .....Lots of links for Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies

Hardin County in Kentucky Technology Resource Teachers .....The following is just some of the links that can be found here: Curriculum Links, Themes, Global Projects, Techy Tips and Technology Enhances Curriculum

OFCN's Academy Curriculum Exchange .....The Curriculum Exchange is an area where teachers can find a variety of lesson plans. The original group of 700 lesson plans came from the Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops.

PBS TeacherSource ..... Guides to shows shown on the PBS channels.

Teachers' Lounge .....Teachers always get great ideas from each other. Here you will find new ideas and things to make your life easier.

Puzzlemaker-Discovery Channel School ..... Discovery Channel School is proud to be the new home for Puzzlemaker—a puzzle and games generation tool for teachers, parents and students. Create and print customized word search, crossword and math puzzles using your word lists. Build your own maze or print our specialty hand-drawn mazes created around holidays and classroom topics.

Educational Technology:Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers ..... This site is designed for the classroom teacher. Whether at an elementary, middle, high school or college, technology can have a profound impact on your effectiveness. Find everything from free software to lesson plans. Search the Internet safely.

Big Chalk ..... Helpful links for teachers, parents and students.

Educational Resources in Fine Arts ..... Curricular Resources and Instructional Materials (Information/explanations for students and teachers wishing to learn more about Fine Arts) Art, Arts & Crafts , Dance, Drama and Theatre, Music, Also, Theme Pages (Curricular resources as well as Instructional Materials on specific Fine Arts topics)

Pics4Learning .....Pics4Learning is designed as a place for teachers and students to find resources as well as share their own resources with others.

Homework Central ..... Has all info broken down into subject matter, everything from Art to Technology. Each subject is also broken down into age groups.

Kenton County Schools (Kentucky) ..... This is a large school systems home page that has some really wonderful links on it. On the Arts/Humanities/ Music page alone there are 40 sites



Welcome to Student Zone .....

Mighty Media Main Page .....
Wonderful Links to help teachers. Includes,, and

Debbie's Unit Factory ..... Quality Elementary level theme units for teachers and home schoolers.

Newspaper Links

Eye On the Net, Newstand ..... A easy way to connect to newspapers from all over.

Newspapers ..... More direct links to some of the big city newspapers.

Inkpot ..... Links to international Newspapers

Top 100 Newspapers .....

General Pencil Information ..... No kidding..A whole page about pencils and the history!

Welcome to Scholastic ..... The world's leading publisher and distributor of children's books, classroom and professional magazines, and other educational products.

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