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Kinder Surprise Links (concluded)





Based in Badajoz in the south of Spain near the Portuguese border. Run by a chap called Antonio Barrena. In Spanish, English and German.


Kinder LluŪs

Based near Barcelona. Includes welcome pages in Catalan, Spanish, French, English and German. Rest of the site is mainly in Spanish. Quite a good layout. Beware of pop-ups though.



A kind of blog with articles and photos of various chocolate egg toys. Kinder Surprise features quite prominently, however.




Kinder Surprises ŗ Lausanne

Mainly in French with a little German thrown in. Fairly comprehensive coverage of series from K99 to 2S.


United States of America


Ferrero USA

Because Kinder Surprises are not sold in the USA, thereís no information about them on this site. Indeed, this is probably the most boring of all the Ferrero sites. But I thought Iíd include it anyway, as it is the official USA Ferrero site.


Kinder Eggs?

This was apparently the first-ever Kinder Surprise site. (Certainly, itís been around since at least 1996.) Features some cool animated pictures, some Kinder news (including announcements of Kinder Web sites going back to 1996, so rather historic!), and one or two interesting articles. Very out of date now, however.


Kinderfanaticís World

First-rate little site covering all the K toys and a few other bits and pieces. In French also.


Martinís Curiosity Shop

Another site thatís basically for Americans to buy Kinder toys, although it appears to be based in Germany now. Some quite old stock, but the looks of it.


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