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Hello and welcome to my first Graphics Site. First let me say that this has always been a dream for me to have this site, and I would like to thank the following people for making this dream come true. Scott, Kodiak, Dorie, Q.T, Belle, Eagle, Samantha, Strawberry, Frazzled and Violet thank you so much for your patients and encouragement. You have all become so special to me and encouraged me every step of the way in creating this site. Also I would like to thank the women who inspired me, SwtMeloDe not only is she phenominal in graphic design, but she is a extremly nice person. Lastly I would like to thank all the talented people who offer free tubes, brushes, masks and tutorials for PSP.

Before you begin your journey through the Crouse House let me say all sets are "Linkware". This means that you are free to use any of the graphics on this site as long as you link back to this site. So if you use any of the sets, tiles, dolls or adoptions please use the logo provided with each catergory to link back to the Crouse House. As for Terms Of Use there are a few rules that apply,

  • You must Download all graphics to your own hard drive
  • Please do not resize, alter or change any of my graphics
  • Provide a LINK to Crouse House Designs
  • You are free to give any graphic from my Gifts page, as gifts to friends but you can not include them in any collection or claim them as your own

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