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Use It With Wisdom Heres some D&D stuff im just gonna throw out here... I wont promise it will be here forever

  • Spelljamming Stuff (zip file of gif's, jpg's, & doc's)
  • Savage Coast Coat Of Arms (1 jpg)
  • Blank Character Sheet (word 2k doc)
  • Unit Converter - Very Handy (exe file)
  • Graph Paper Printer - print paper of all sorts (exe file)
  • Win Spell - Slightly Modified
  • A Periodic Table Program
  • Cool D&D Links

    2nd edition Links

    Some OLD Character sheets, (Pretty neat Really 1st edition)

    Wizards of the Coast - Classic Downloads

    Irony Games RPG Tools - Need help mapping your world?

    TuDragons - Freeware & Shareware

    Net RPG - Netbooks & Programs

    Blue Troll's Netbooks

    Paul Westermeyer's Spell Jamming Primer (Damn Good site)

    Ahzad Jinsai's SpellJamming Page

    RPG Gateway just some stuff

    3rd edition Links

    Wizards of the Coast - Current Downloads

    Community 3e - some 3rd edition stuff

    A Poor online 3rd edition PHB

    Online Play (of one sort or another)

    WebRPG - Was the best place to play online, until they started wanting money

    DnD Online - Another Cool place to play D&D online - Has A Nice Forum for Conversation, help & stuff
    A back up addy for the above site

    Open RPG - Another place to play online, But its Alot to download, very Detailed

    Hesperian - I thinks its another place to play online, but I havent explorered it yet

    A Twisted D&D like campaign some ppl play online

    Other Unsorted Links

    Wizards of the Coast - Archives

    Aspects of life in Ancient Egypt

    Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view pdf documents

    Desknite - Map the stars on your Desktop

    Download a Dragon

    All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

    Save Vs Spell

    E-mail me

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