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Producer - Lawrence Old Guard Productions

Weekly Tuesday Concert series at the Lawrence Arts Center

Monthly Chanting by Lamplight series
        Kirtan & chanting with 5 bands from Lawrence & Kansas City leading in rotation

Annual Lawrence Bhakti Fest
        6 Kirtan bands, 3 yoga workshops, veggie feast, Westside Yoga Studio

Annual Bob Dylan Fest (part of the "Tuesday Concert" series)
        Our 5th annual celebration of Bob Dylan's 70th birthday this April!

Annual Ukulele Fest (part of the "Tuesday Concert" series)
        Our 5th annual celebration of the ukulele this fall!

Lawrence Scottish Fest

I produced this festival at the Lawrence Arts Center for many years and am the Executive Producer of Scots on the Kaw, a 2010 DVD documentary of Lawrence Scottish Fest that includes this music video by internationally known Celtic singer Connie Dover.

Connie Dover, from the "Scots on the Kaw" documentary


Guitar-Cittern (Guittern?) is a new type of bouzouki that combines a cittern-like tuning with the body of a 12-string guitar. See website above for details and videos. Video is from the 2010 Kansas Fiddling & Picking Championship, which I was fortunate to win.


There are few relationships quite as comfortable as with an old guitar. This beat up old Taylor has been my partner for over 35 years now.

Concert in Great Bend, Kansas, Sept. 2009
Photo by Don Shorock

Larry Carter
"Tuesday Concert" - 2008

As a solo pianist, I have a free-flowing, improvisational style - sort of like George Winston paying homage to Floyd Cramer. Other than my originals, my current interest is arranging traditional English fiddle tunes for piano.

Forest Green

Cordelia Brown and I have been performing as "Forest Green" since 1997, sometimes as a duo and sometimes with special guests. She usually plays violin or celtic harp while I play guitar, piano, baritone cittern or recorder. We perform original music plus Celtic fiddle tunes, Anglican hymns, songs of Robert Burns, light classical music (for weddings) and more.

Video is from the DVD "Scots on the Kaw." Cordelia had just finished singing a lovely arrangement of the Robert Burns song "My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose," then we went into this version of the traditional Scottish tune "Wyld Mountain Thyme."

Shiva Chant, Lawrence Bhakti Fest 2014
Whole Earth Kirtan

Energetic chants and world music from everywhere, including Hindu, Sufi, Native American, Wiccan, Christian, Rock & Roll and original sources. Dance space is always provided. As Ram Dass said, "Be open to all teachers and all teachings, and listen with your heart."

Mitch Miller and the Sing-along Gang

I also love leading old sing-alongs at banquets, assisted living centers, and other gatherings. If you are old enough to remember "Mitch Miller and the Sing-along Gang," you probably have a good idea what this is all about. I provide lyrics to the oldtime classics - Down By The Old Mill Stream, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Blue Moon, Home on the Range, Ain't She Sweet, Red River Valley, Moonlight Bay, Shine On Harvest Moon - and so forth. Corny? Of course. Fun? You betcha!

Pied Piper of Lawrence

Before it was dismantled by Gov Brownback (ahem...), I was sponsored by the Kansas Arts Commission as The Pied Piper of Lawrence. For solo gigs, I would lead an afternoon Children's Theater Workshop, then present an evening all-ages concert of original music and storytelling where the workshop kids joined me on stage to assist in performing my "Pied Piper: The Rest of the Story."

Larry Carter
Children's Theater Workshop, Great Bend, Kansas, 2009
Photo by Don Shorock
For larger gigs, I brought my 6-person theater troupe, Carter Performers, to present a concert (all members of the troupe were both actors and musicians) and perform my original one-act musical, "Pied Piper: The Rest of the Story."

"I can make the rats leave - for 1000 pieces of gold."

"Why pay you? You didn't really do
anything. You just played music!"

Dancing Elephants

The Dancing Elephants at "Everybody Day" in South Park, 1983
Clark Jamison, Maria Anthony, Ry Brown, L Carter
Music History

I've been fortunate to perform in some amazing bands over the last 30 years.

See My Musical Journey for a summary of the most important steps along my path.