Tuesday Concert Series

Lawrence Old Guard Productions

In cooperation with the Lawrence Arts Center

THANK YOU to all who made possible the return of the Tuesday Concert Series after a 2.5 year hiatus due to you-know-what. The fall concerts were perhaps the best in the 16-year history of this series as the following bands were eager to perform in a concert setting:

Sugarfoot Detour - Originals and Americana folk-rock
Lisa Harris-Frydman & Rick Frydman -Originals & Americana
Ashley Davis - Songs I was Raised On
Nichols & Millspaugh - Acoustic blues
StarSister Revival -Originals and sacred world folk
Boys of the Prairie - Celtic tunes and songs
No Bow Tie - Folk-Classical fusion
Bob Dylan Fest - a whole bunch of fine musicians
Bopaphonics - Poetic originals and jazz
Larry Carter - Originals (covering for Megan Luttrell)
Smoke Damage - Originals and Americana
Ingevalds Spelman -Swedish folk music
Numb’s Up - Northumbrian tunes

THANKS ALSO to our sponsors - Beautiful Music Violin Shop, Mass Street Music, Mandolin Cafe and of course the Lawrence Arts Center. Special thanks also to Mick Palmer for his valuable assistance this fall with sound.

I take winter off, so the Tuesday Concert Series will return the first Tuesday in March to start our 17th year of concerts featuring local musicians. It is looking to be another great season as I still have a backlog of excellent bands eager to perform. Be checking the website for updates - TuesdayConcert.com.

Until then, have a blessed winter.
Larry Carter
Lawrence Old Guard Productions

Art by Howard Rains of Spencer & Rains

Sept 13 – Sugarfoot Detour - Originals & Americana Folk-Rock

I am thoroughly delighted to re-start the Tuesday Concert Series with my favorite local band. Byron James (guitar) is a talented songwriter, singer and interpreter of Americana songs. His band consists of experienced players, including solid lead guitar with John Lomas, bass with Ross Black, and percussion with Colby Earleywine and Mick Palmer. I go to their Final Friday concert almost every month and always look forward to hearing them again.

Sept 20 - Lisa Harris-Frydman & Rick Frydman - Americana & Originals

Rick & Lisa will be performing original songs off their debut CD, "So Long Facebook," along with a few others that they pull out of their folk/bluegrass songbook. Both have been performing in the Lawrence area for many years, so come enjoy a polished performance featuring excellent songwriting and vocal arrangements.

Sept 27 – NO SHOW Lawrence Arts Center isn’t available.

Oct 4 - Ashley Davis - Songs I Was Raised On

Ashley is well known nationally as a successful singer of new and traditional Celtic material. However, that means she has few opportunities to perform her favorite non-Celtic songs. So - here she is, offering a special evening of her personal non-Celtic favorites just for the Tuesday Concert Series. Possibilities range from her own originals to songs by Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell to... who knows what. She offered a similar concert here several years ago and set the record for our attendance, so plan on arriving on time or you might find yourself standing at the back.

Oct 11 - Nichols & Millspaugh - Acoustic Blues & Delta Roots

Pat Nichols (guitar & vocals) and Chris Millspaugh (harmonica) play a dynamic combination of finger-style/bottleneck slide guitar and harmonica. They plays songs by the greats of the 1920s and 1930s - Blind Boy Fuller, Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and many others, as well as some originals. Hear stories of how the music came about and get a sense of the song, the artist and the times.

Oct 18 – Star Sister Revival - Originals & Sacred World Folk

Star Sister Revival has been performing frequently at festivals, spiritual gatherings, and churches in this area. Lana Maree Haas, Kim Lybarger and Holly Taylor perform original and sacred world folk music with three part harmonies, guitar, percussion and singing bowl accompaniment. Ever expansive as the soul journey, StarsSister Revival’s music traverses the interconnected web of life. This concert will feature heavenly harmonies that you won't want to miss.

Oct 25 - Boys of the Prairie – Celtic Tunes & Songs

This excellent Celtic band has been performing with various member changes since 1987. Frank Shopen (fiddle/cittern), Randy Brown (guitar/mandocello), Tony Silvestri (concertina, vocals) and Eric Ryan (Irish flute/whistle) play traditional, instrumental tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany, plus a song or two. If you like Celtic music, these talented lads will show you how it's done.

Nov 1 - No Bow Tie - Classical-Folk fusion

I have been wanting to get this duo into the series for a long time, and it is finally happening. They have been performing in the Lawrence area for several years, adding energy and a groove to compositions by the great Classical composers. From Latin to funk to blues to bluegrass, No Bow Tie explores rebellious approaches to Classical music. Members are guitar virtuoso John Svoboda and rhythm guitarist Myra Svoboda.

Nov 8 - Tenth Annual Bob Dylan Fest

Join Larry Carter & Jeannie Zandi, John Bode & Friends, Dave & Candee Wright and Friends, David Ludwick & Friends, Ardys Ramberg, Graham Barnes, Sugarfoot Detour, and Smoke Damage as we gather to honor Dylan’s incredible legacy.

This is our semi-annual benefit for the Lawrence Arts Center. This series has never been an official LAC event, but they graciously let me use their lobby for free. In exchange, tonight's musicians have agreed that all proceeds from the tip jar will go to the LAC to express our appreciation for their support.

Nov 15 - Bopaphonics - Poetic Originals

I'm really not sure how to describe this band. Jazz might come closest. As Robert put it, "We play with rhythm and genre forms but try to keep it accessible in a theatrical sort of way. " Whatever it is, this creative quartet features the poetic music of Robert Baker and is one of the favorites of this series. Members include Robert on vocals & sax, Mark Von Schlemmer on electric bass & vocals, Roger Holden on electric guitar, and Brazilian drummer Gustavo Borchert.

Nov 22 - Megan Luttrell - Originals & Americana

Megan is a singer/songwriter/producer who has had a significant impact on this area's music scene in a remarkably short period of time. Aside of her busy performance schedule, she won first place in Best of Lawrence's Best Solo Musician category in 2020, hosts the Kaw Valley Public House open mic, started and hosts the Women’s Songwriter Showcase, serves on the executive board of Lawrence’s Americana Music Academy, and is Program Director for the live music series at the Lumberyard Arts Center in Baldwin City. WFHB Radio (Bloomington, IN), describes her sound as, "a big country, Americana, blues-style voice."

Nov 29 – Smoke Damage – Originals, Blues, Swing, Americana

Smoke Damage is a fun local band that plays a mix of original tunes, blues, swing and Americana. Members are KJ Dixon on vocals and guitar, Bianca Storlazzi on vocals/ washboard/ jaw harp/ kazoo, Ross Black on bass, and Benton Peugh on guitar and vocals.

Dec 6 -Ingevalds Spelman -Scandinavian folk dance music

Ingevalds Spelmän organizes and plays for community Scandinavian events, including dance parties and performances. Members regularly travel to Scandinavian music and dance workshops and events around the country. Members are Byron Wiley, Theresa Martin, Suzy Bennett, Lauralyn Bodle, Jack Brewer, Joni Fornelli, Whitney Baker, Helen Martin and Bob Cross. This has proven to be an extremely popular concert, one you won’t want to miss.

Dec 13 - Numbs Up -Northumbian (Northern England) Folk Music

Numb’s Up plays traditional music from Northumberland, the northernmost county in England. Though Northumbrian music is influenced by Scots, English and Irish music, it has its own distinctive tunes and musical culture. The band will perform Northumbrian hornpipes, reels, waltzes, and polkas with intricate harmonies, plus share historical tidbits about the composers and places that inspired the music. Members are Carolyn Roy and Carolyn Young-fiddles, Phil Collison-rhythm guitar, and Rex Armstrong-Irish flute and concertina.

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This series has never been a Lawrence Arts Center event. They are showing their support for local musicians by generously letting me use the lobby for free.
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“None of us succeeds alone, and there’s room enough for all of us out there. You don’t have to love each other’s music. But if you respect each other’s hard work and dedication to the craft, lend a hand and support one another... Come together and help one another succeed!” Anonymous

About FREE Admission

Yes, admission is free. THowever, performers are working just for the tip jar. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors in covering my advertising, 100% of the tip jar goes directly to the evening's artists. As you are able, your generous donation will encourage them to continue making excellent music.

History of the Tuesday Concert Series

This is NOT an official Lawrence Arts Center event. Rather, they have generously allowed me to use their lobby as a guest production. As Lawrence Old Guard Productions I created the Tuesday Concert Series in 2005 to provide a classy, low-pressure venue for local acoustic musicians. My goal was to encourage original music in particular by creating a concert venue where audience members listened intently without distractions from talking, drinking, eating, playing foosball, etc.

The series was originally held at Signs of Life Bookstore in downtown Lawrence until moving to the Lawrence Arts Center in the fall of 2010. In appreciation to the LAC for supporting local musicians, we do two fund raiser events a year for the Lawrence Arts Center, Bob Dylan Fest and, starting 2021, John Prine Fest (formerly Ukulele Fest).

As always, my thanks to Clay and staff at Signs of Life , the staff at the Lawrence Arts Center, JJ and staff at Beautiful Music Violin Shop, Scott at Mandolin Cafe, and Jim and staff at Mass Street Music for SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSICIANS!

About the Host
Larry Carter is a four-time champion in the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest between 1989 and 2010. In addition to solo performances, he leads chanting workshops at pagan, Hindu and Sufi retreats and festivals. As "Lawrence Old Guard Productions," he produces this series, the occasional Chanting by Lamplight series, and the annual Lawrence Bhakti Fest.


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