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Concert series showcasing Lawrence Acoustic Musicians

7:00-8:15ish - FREE (tip jar)

Friends - the 18th year of the Tuesday Concert Series looks terrific. It kicks off the Tuesday before St Patrick's Day with - what else - Celtic music. Branoc is a new band, but most of the members are familiar to those of us who are fans of Boys of the Prairie.

I'm trying something new this season, splitting some of the concerts between two singers/songwriters. I'm wanting to give more encouragement to the amazing songwriters and solo musicians we have in Lawrence. (Separating two names with "and" means they are splitting the bill, whereas separating two names with "&" means they are a duo.) Such exciting possibilities! Check back soon for more details about each act.

12th - Branoc - Celtic Music
19th - Lila - Original New World Music
26th - Ashley Davis - Songs I Was Raised On

2nd - Mary Conn Trio - Jazz
9th - Status Crow - Folk Rock Originals & Americana
16th - Greg Pelligreen and Jenna Rae - Originals & Americana

7th – Melvin Litton & Dan Hermreck - Originals & Americana
28th – Ellie LeBar and Bob Freeman - Originals & Americana

Tal (Larry) Carter

I've started using my longtime nickname, Tal (rhymes with pal).
However, calling me Larry is also fine.

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This series has never been a Lawrence Arts Center event.
Rather, they are showing their support for local musicians
by generously letting me use their lobby for free.
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Tuesday Concert is Number 5

OK, that might not sound like much - unless you know this is from the

"Reasons We Love Kansas"

list in the Fall 2014 edition of
Kansas! Magazine

Maybe I'll make t-shirts.

Mission Statement
“None of us succeeds alone, and there’s room enough for all of us out there. You don’t have to love each other’s music. But if you respect each other’s hard work and dedication to the craft, lend a hand and support one another... Come together and help one another succeed!” Anonymous

About FREE Admission

Yes, admission is free. THowever, performers are working just for the tip jar. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors in covering my advertising, 100% of the tip jar goes directly to the evening's artists. As you are able, your generous donation will encourage them to continue making excellent music.

History of the Tuesday Concert Series

This is NOT an official Lawrence Arts Center event. Rather, they have generously allowed me to use their lobby as a guest production. As Lawrence Old Guard Productions I created the Tuesday Concert Series in 2005 to provide a classy, low-pressure venue for local acoustic musicians. My goal was to encourage original music in particular by creating a concert venue where audience members listened intently without distractions from talking, drinking, eating, playing foosball, etc.

The series was originally held at Signs of Life Bookstore in downtown Lawrence until moving to the Lawrence Arts Center in the fall of 2010. In appreciation to the LAC for supporting local musicians, we do a fundraiser concert every year. Past fundraiser concerts included Bob Dylan Night, John Prine Night, and Ukulele Night. The current annual fundraiser is Woman Songwriter Night where musicians perform a few of their favorite songs written by a woman songwriter.

As always, my thanks to Lisa Purdon and the staff at the Lawrence Arts Center, JJ and staff at Beautiful Music Violin Shop, Scott at Mandolin Cafe, and Jim and staff at Mass Street Music for SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSICIANS!

About the Host and Producer
Tal (Larry) Carter is a four-time champion in the Open Division of the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest between 1989 and 2010, playing a 10-string Cittern-Guitar that he designed. In addition to solo performances on piano, he plays banjo and guitar in the duo "Jeannie & Tal." As "Lawrence Old Guard Productions," he has produced a wide variety of events since the mid-1980s, including Lawrence Scottish Fest, Lawrence Bhakti Fest, the Chanting By Lamplight series, and, of course, this Tuesday Concert Series.
PS - I've started going by my longtime nickname Tal (rhymes with pal), but "Larry" is fine also.

Lawrence Acoustic Musicians!

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