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Welcome to the 17th year of the Tuesday Concert Series. The Spring 2023 schedule will be somewhat shorter than usual due to some scheduling conflicts with events at the Lawrence Arts Center, so we are starting March 14th and continuing (with a couple of interruptions) until May 9th.

Here is the schedule.

1) March 14 _ Ambarita Sidabutar - Americana

2) March 21 - Acoustic Rooster - Classic Folk-Rock

3) March 28 - Coreopsis - Old-time Music

4) April 4 - Megan Luttrell - Originals

5) April 11 - Mire Pral - Gypsy Jazz

April 18 - Lawrence Arts Center not available

6) April 25 – J.P. Coffin - Originals

May 2 - Lawrence Arts Center not available

7) May 9 - Spencer & Rains - Old-time Music


Larry (Tal) Carter
Lawrence Old Guard Productions

Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire
7:00 SHARP - 8:15ish, Free (tip jar)

See our "Tuesday Concert" page on Facebook for updates & details.

Art by Howard Rains of Spencer & Rains

March 14 - Ambarita Sidabutar - Americana

The 17th year of the Tuesday Concert Series at the Lawrence Arts starts with a concert by Lawrence musician Ambarita Sidabutar. He is well known from his frequent performances at a variety of Lawrence venues, but this is his first appearance in our series. His interpretations of familiar folk and folk-rock and Americana standards are powerful and expressive.

March 21- Acoustic Rooster - Classic folk rock

Acoustic Rooster is Dave (guitar) and Candee Wright (bass), plus John Lomas (electric guitar), Greg Pelligreen (harmonica) and Barry Barnes (percussion). They play sweet and sassy versions of familiar songs from the 1960s & 70s - blues, Americana and a touch of country.

March 28 - Coreopsis - Old-time music

Coreopsis is a favorite band for contra dancers (barn dances) in this area. Their lively mix of old-time tunes with Celtic and other sources is engaging and energizing. If your feet aren't moving, your toes will at least be tapping to the music of Lauralyn Bodle (fiddle), Whitney Baker (accordion), and Noah Musser (guitar).

April 4 - Megan Luttrell - Originals & Americana

For those of us who were disappointed when Megan had to cancel her fall performance in our series - she's back! Megan is a singer/songwriter/producer who has had a significant impact on this area's music scene in a remarkably short period of time. Aside of her busy performance schedule, she won first place in Best of Lawrence's Best Solo Musician category in 2020, hosts the Women’s Songwriter Showcase, serves on the executive board of Lawrence’s Americana Music Academy, and is Program Director for the live music series at the Lumberyard Arts Center in Baldwin City. WFHB Radio (Bloomington, IN), describes her sound as, "a big country, Americana, blues-style voice.

April 11 - Mire Pral - Gypsy jazz

Mire Pral (My Brother) plays gypsy jazz music in the 1930s and 1940s style of Django Reinardt and Stephane Grappelli. The group consists of four of Lawrence's finest acoustic musicians - Mike Horan and Eric Mardis (manouche guitars), Paul Schmidt (acoustic bass) and Scott Tichenor (mandolin). Their jazz-stye approach to improvisations as each takes a turn soloing will astound you.

The Lawrence Arts Center is not available April 18th

April 25 - J.P Coffin - Originals and Americana

Singer/songwriter J.P. Coffin has been performing music for most of his life, including having been inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame for his work as lead guitarist with the 1970s band "The Wizards of Kansas." He has performed in this series with his current band, The Coffintones, but this time he wanted to perform as a solo singer/songwriter. His songs are known for their carefully constructed lyrics and biting humor, often focusing on an anti-war message.

The Lawrence Arts Center is not available May 2nd

May 9th - Spencer & Rains - Oldtime Fiddles, Americana & Originals

Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains are perhaps best known for their knowledge and presentation of old-time fiddle tunes. However, they are also multi-instrumentalists (guitars) and vocalists with a repertoire that ranges from Texas fiddle styles to American folk. Their high energy performances are always one of the highlights of the season. Howard is also an artist, including the guitarist portrait that graces the top of this page.

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Mission Statement
“None of us succeeds alone, and there’s room enough for all of us out there. You don’t have to love each other’s music. But if you respect each other’s hard work and dedication to the craft, lend a hand and support one another... Come together and help one another succeed!” Anonymous

About FREE Admission

Yes, admission is free. THowever, performers are working just for the tip jar. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors in covering my advertising, 100% of the tip jar goes directly to the evening's artists. As you are able, your generous donation will encourage them to continue making excellent music.

History of the Tuesday Concert Series

This is NOT an official Lawrence Arts Center event. Rather, they have generously allowed me to use their lobby as a guest production. As Lawrence Old Guard Productions I created the Tuesday Concert Series in 2005 to provide a classy, low-pressure venue for local acoustic musicians. My goal was to encourage original music in particular by creating a concert venue where audience members listened intently without distractions from talking, drinking, eating, playing foosball, etc.

The series was originally held at Signs of Life Bookstore in downtown Lawrence until moving to the Lawrence Arts Center in the fall of 2010. In appreciation to the LAC for supporting local musicians, we do two fund raiser events a year for the Lawrence Arts Center, Bob Dylan Fest and, starting 2021, John Prine Fest (formerly Ukulele Fest).

As always, my thanks to Clay and staff at Signs of Life , the staff at the Lawrence Arts Center, JJ and staff at Beautiful Music Violin Shop, Scott at Mandolin Cafe, and Jim and staff at Mass Street Music for SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSICIANS!

About the Host
Larry Carter is a four-time champion in the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest between 1989 and 2010. In addition to solo performances, he leads chanting workshops at pagan, Hindu and Sufi retreats and festivals. As "Lawrence Old Guard Productions," he produces this series, the occasional Chanting by Lamplight series, and the annual Lawrence Bhakti Fest.


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