Scots on the Kaw
Lawrence Scots Celebrate the
250th Birthday of Robert Burns

2010 concert documentary of
Lawrence Scottish Fest

Lawrence Scots celebrate the 250th birthday
of Scottish poet Robert Burns

Special Guests:
Connie Dover & Mason Brown

Video Director/Producer/Editor:
Mark von Schlemmer

Executive Producer/Concert Producer:
Larry Carter

Connie Dover

"To No Come Again"

I might be biased, but I think this DVD is not only the best concert video Connie has ever made, it is the only opportunity I am aware of to watch a live "lilting" performance by her.

Uncle Dirtytoes

"Piper of Dundee" / "Rights of Man"

Uncle Dirtytoes (Maria Anthony, Megan Hurt, Darrell Lea, Mark Von Schlemmer, Roger Holden, Barry Barnes, Mike Fitzgerald) rocks the house every other year at Lawrence Scottish Fest.

Other songs performed on the DVD by Uncle Dirtytoes include "A Man's A Man for A' That" (Robert Burns) and "We're A' Noddin'" (Robert Burns)

Forest Green

"Jean Wallace" /
"The Dance of the Mountain Maid"

Forest Green (Larry Carter & Cordelia Brown with Clark Jamison and John Bunch) present these original songs about a Scottish Seer, from "The Roaring River Suite" by Larry Carter. Jean Wallace, the great-great-?-grandaughter of the famous Scottish patriot William Wallace, built a cabin in the Ozarks in 1892 at a place we now call Roaring River State Park in Southwest Missouri. She had the gift of Second Sight, the ability to see into a person's future, and there are many stories of how she used that gift to help others. Click HERE for a brief summary of her life, including pictures and stories.

Other songs on the DVD performed by Forest Green include "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" (Robert Burns), "Wild Mountain Thyme" (traditional) and "A Man's a Man for A' That" (Robert Burns).

Maria Anthony and Megan Hurt

"The Braes of Killiecrankie"

As Maria explains, this song refers to the battle at Killiecrankie in 1689 during the first Jacobite uprising.

Maria and Megan also perform "Jock O'Hazeldean" (by Sir Walter Scott) and a medley of traditional Scottish tunes - on sitar and violin.

Rev Douglas Phenix - Heritage

Why remember Robert Burns?

So - why are we honoring Robert Burns with this celebration on the 250th anniversary of his birth? Rev Phenix gives the clearest explanation you may ever hear, going back to the battle of Bannockburn to show how Scottish pride was in a desperate place by the time Burns was born in the mid-1700s. Burns Suppers throughout the world would benefit from showing this clip.

Rev Phenix also leads the "Address to a Haggis" ceremony on the DVD and sings a verse of 'Auld Lang Syne."

Robert Burns and
the founding of Lawrence

Lawrence Scots history from 1854

Those of us who are interested in the early history of Lawrence, Kansas should be aware of this fascinating connection between Robert Burns and our founders. "Auld Lang Syne" will never seem the same!

Larry Carter is the Producer and Master of Ceremonies of Lawrence Scottish Fest and performs each year with his band "Forest Green."

Additional clips from "Scots on the Kaw"

"Scots on the Kaw" trailer
- Lawrence Scots Celebrate the 250th Birthday of Robert Burns

Opening Ritual

Uncle Dirtytoes
Forest Green

Maria & Megan
Connie Dover and Mason Brown

Tom Averill
Tom Averill & Dana Morris, Lawrence Scottish Fest 2007
Photo by Rachel Seymour, Lawrence Journal World
History of our celebration
16 years!

Photos from 2011 Lawrence Scottish Fest
Special guest Ashley Davis, Forest Green, Uncle Dirtytoes, Rev Phenix

Photos from 2010 Lawrence Scottish Fest
Special guests: Kansas City band "Kelly" with Forest Green, Maria & Megan, Rev Phenix

Photos from 2009 Lawrence Scottish Fest
Forest Green, Uncle Dirty Toes, Rev Phenix

Photos from 2008 Lawrence Scottish Fest
Special guests Connie Dover & Mason Brown, Forest Green, Maria & Megan, Rev Phenix

Photos from 2007 Lawrence Scottish Fest
Uncle Dirtytoes, Forest Green, Rev Phenix

Photos from 2006 LSF
Special guest Connie Dover, Forest Green, Maria & Megan, Rev Phenix

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